Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Apparently Old Man Winter received the letter I wrote to him, because he has been cooperating so well! It was lovely yesterday and today I was actually HOT while I was riding in the car! Hooray--Spring is on the way!! In honor of the great weather we had a wonderful weekend, as usual! On Friday night we went to Jonathan and Denise's for dinner. I was MAJOR stressed because my dad had been in trial all week and I was helping him. Our jury was "out" and they decided to go home for the weekend and come back Monday (today). Needless to say we were all nervous about this, plus I got home really late and I was just in a frantic panic to get my salad made and my rolls prepared. I always like doing salads with lots of yummy toppings so I was wilding washing and chopping veggies like a mad woman. I also had decided to bake some "popovers". I was a little worried about my bread making skills but I figured that I may as well try, I mean, I could always buy some if I ruined them! I Got the batter ready but waiting until I got to J and D's to bake them so they would be warm. The fire for J's tenderloin didn't cooperate, so my popovers got ready a little early and we had to eat them cold, but I thought they were terrific! I will post the recipe asap! Dinner was really good and most importantly, so was the company! Justin and Farrah and Sarah Kathryn and Mark were there and I am pretty sure we laughed the majority of the time.
On Saturday I woke up feeling terrible! Boo! I took some medicine and stayed in bed until noon and started to feel a little perkier. It was a good thing because we had tons to do! We hit the road at about 2pm for Birmingham. With us we brought our old dryer to give to my Aunt Fran, whose dryer died on her a week or so ago. Luckily, as you know, we kept our dryer when our washer died even though we got a new dryer to match the new washer, so we were able to let Aunt Fran have ours! We dropped it off and then Forrest headed to school to get some work done while I headed to my grandmother's. She was hosting some relatives that were in town for a funeral that I had never met--they were on my grandmother's father's side. It was neat to get to meet all of them and hear their stories!

Cousin Mona and 4 Cousin Vicki's! (My grandmother is the one on the far right)
After chatting with the fam I had to get ready for Mass. Forrest and I also had plans to attend the "dental school prom" that night so I went to church in my cocktail dress. I must say I was the fanciest dressed at OLS that night! After church I picked Forrest back up from school and we met Strud and Allison, 2 of Forrest's classmates that are getting married this summer, at Nabeel's. We had a great time, even if the conversation was about teeth a lot of the time. I got to know Strud and Allison well last year when we all went to Costa Rica and it was so good to catch back up with them and hear how their wedding plans are coming along. We were lucky to get a table at Nabeel's, apparently, because it was Valentine's weekend and they were full of reservations. However, a table opened up and I guess the waitress felt sorry for us since we were so fancy and we got to sit right away! After dinner we went to the Redmont Hotel in downtown for the "prom". It was SO very pretty! They had lots of snacks and a dental supply company had supplied a larger bar tab, which caused the line to the bar to stay pretty long. We really had fun and I was glad to get to see my dental school friends, since I almost never get to see them! The party was inside but we were able to go up to the rooftop as well. It was freezing but the view was lovely!!!

FREEZING on top of the Redmont. Forrest's eyes would NOT cooperate!!
On Sunday we went to chuch in Duck Springs and afterwards attended their pot luck Valentine's lunch. We LOVE lunches in DS! There are always so many different dishes and we can go back for seconds and thirds and, well, you get the idea. It was good to hang with Forrest's family, especially his cousin Logan, who just got into Pharmacy school! Hooray!! Once we were satisfactorily full, we picked up the dogs (who we'd droped off at the Bailey's on the way to church) and headed to the LAKE!! First lake trip of the year!! It was still pretty cool because of the wind, but it was BEAUTIFUL and it really felt wonderful to sit outside and feel the sun on our faces! I wrapped up in a blanket and sat in my lounge chair, just like it was summer, willing the sun to stay hot! Sonny of course LOVED it and was leaping and swimming all over the place. He didn't seem to care that the water was freezing.

Um, Sonny, it is 55 degrees out and the water is freezing.

Clearly he didn't care, as he continued to jump off the pier all day!
Ruffles stayed under the blanket with me, and we had a lovely family afternoon! We even managed a nice little lake nap. I know this sounds silly, but naps at the lake house are the best naps ever!! When it started to get too cold, we packed up and headed back home.

Sweet snuggling dogs on the ride home
I got my shopping done before we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner. This week my dad decided to try out his new turkey cooker that is all electric. I must say for the first time he did a great job! The turkey was so tasty and very tender! I highly recommend!!!
Today is Valentine's Day and I just want to send an "I Love You" to all of my sweet family and friends! Thanks so much for being so wonderful to us! We really appreciate all that you do!!

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