Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chinese Pork Chops

I got this recipe from one of those "recipe swap" emails, which I actually was excited about but I only got back a few recipes! This one actually came from Kacie, one of the assistants in our office. Forrest really loved this and it was very easy to make, especially since I had some pork chops in the freezer from the last time I make a chop recipe! I served it over brown rice and also got some egg rolls from the store.

4-8 pork chops, any cut (I only had 3 and it worked fine)
1 cup soy sauce (I used the low sodium kind)
1 onion, cut into rings (I used half an onion for 3 chops)
bamboo shoots (optional)
water chestnuts (optional)

Brown pork chops in skillet. Then add soy sauce, onions, and enough water to cover the chops and onion. When it begins to boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for about an hour.
Once cooked, remove pork chops to casserole dish. Make a mixture of cornstarch and water and slowly add to sauce until slightly thickened (just have to guess here!). If you are adding bamboo shoots or water chestnuts, add them now. Bring to a bowl, reduce heat, and simmer for a few minutes. Serve pork chops over rice and top with sauce.

It is a little difficult to see the chop under all of that yummy-ness but it is there!

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  1. Now you just need a fortune cookie. Looks delicious.


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