Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Spring!

Despite the number the spring pollen does to my allergies, I just LOVE when all the flowers start blooming and everything starts turning green again! Here are just a few pics of what the spring has brought to the Bailey home!
Actually this is at my parents' house, but I just LOVE this tulip tree!

We have tons of redbuds blooming in the back yard. I will probably have lots of clippings in the house soon!

Wisteria vine! Yes, I know that wisteria can do damage to trees and even homes, but how can you not just love this look?

Perhaps not exciting yet, but these are my hydrangeas, which thankfully are coming back, despite a dry summer last year! Can't WAIT for them to bloom!

The front flower bed---really coming together! Look at all the new green shoots on the bushes!

One of the 4 white dogwoods we have. This is the furthest along, but when they are all in bloom the yard looks pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself!


  1. I too understand the love/hate relationship with spring flowers. It makes me feel all excited about all the bright colors everywhere, but I am sick for months from all the pollen!
    I love the smell and the visual appeal of wisteria, but I would not miss it! Wisteria has taken over a few trees in my yard ... including a beautiful pear tree that it killed!

    My husband bought me two replacement nico blue hydrangea! He killed them last year ...long story! He found them at Fred's! I am so excited to plant them this weekend!

    We also have a few dogwoods. The white ones are blooming. The pink ones are not there yet, even on the tree where the white and pink are grafted together!

  2. Lovely!!! I enjoyed reading about your trip to Scott's. We went there last year and got lots of fun ideas! Good to hear from you!


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