Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras

This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to Mardi Gras in Mobile. Neither of us had ever been before so we were pumped! Forrest's fraternity brother Frankie is a member of the Mystics of Time group and their ball was scheduled for this weekend. Since Frankie and Becka live in DC, Frankie decided to make the trip to AL not only for Mardi Gras, but for his bachelor party as well! To that end, Forrest made plans with Jay and Bradley to go to Mobile so the guys could celebrate Frankie's singleness for one last time. HOWEVER, us girls were not about to be left at home and miss a good time, plus the guys didn't want to go to the ball alone, so we worked out what I think was a great plan, since it included us as well! After a LONG municipal judges' seminar on Friday, Forrest picked me up and we headed to Ttown to pick up Jay and Claire. Forrest didn't have school that day (of all the days not to have school, UAB picks the one day that I cannot leave early to get out of town--boo!) so he made plans with Farrah's mom, Mrs. Holmes, to visit the K-5 at Southside and talk about dental health. He had a great time speaking and giving out toothbrushes, especially because one of the little girls called him "handsome"! Once we got together with Jay and Claire we immediately headed south since it was so late. We had a GREAT time in the car! Jay is a car singer, like myself, and so Forrest played ipod DJ while we sang away the miles. I think our best performances were either the Celine Dion medley or Build Me Up Buttercup. When we got to Mobile it was almost 10pm and the guys had a bachelor party to get to, so they dropped Claire and I off at our hotel and went to meet the guys for a fun night out on the town. NOTE: I have no idea what they did or what happened, except that they ended up losing Bradley for a while. There are no pictures I can post as evidence and no stories were shared. I am not sure what this says about their night, but they all made it back in once piece and no one went to jail so I would call that a success. Claire and I were too scared to stay in our rooms alone so we stayed together watching Say Yes to the Dress until we fell asleep. On Saturday we woke up to rain--boo! The noon parade ended up being canceled so we went to Frankie and Bradley's hotel to meet up with everyone and go to lunch. Their hotel was one of those that has doors that opens to the outside and looked like it was built in the 60's. However, it was New Orleans style and everyone had decorated it for Mardi Gras so it quickly became the party hotel! People were hanging out outside, throwing beads and generally having a great time. It was a wonderful atmosphere! We ended up walking to Wintzell's for lunch and minus the fact we waited over an hour for our food, we had a wonderful time catching up! I was excited to get to quiz Laurie and Becka on their wedding plans and to hear about their upcoming honeymoons!

After lunch we walked back to the hotel and made it just before the bottom dropped out. We soon got the news that the MOT parade was canceled as well and I was heartbroken!! I wanted to see a real Mardi Gras parade and catch all of the cool swag they throw, despite the fact that everyone told me that it hurts when you get hit with beads and stuff. I just wanted the experience!! Since we had nothing better to do, we all piled in the hotel room to relax and pass the time. We ended up mostly falling asleep, which I am sure was a funny sight. Forrest fell asleep in a recliner for over and hour, and I was sleeping 3 girls deep in a king sized bed with Jay at the foot snoozing away! After a while the guys left and went to Frankie's parents' room to get ready and snack, leaving us girls to the 2+ hour Sex and the City marathon we watched! Finally, it was time to get ready. The guys stayed upstairs and all the girls got dressed together. It was SO much fun! I haven't had a girl roommate in so long and it was great to have people to check my hair, share make up with, and generally have a good time with during the getting ready process! The hilarious thing was that all 4 of us brought a purple dress to wear! We looked so cute!!

Claire, Me, Becka, and Laurie
Frankie and Becka had to leave us early since they are members of the group and had to be present for "call outs". We got to the ball and I was amazed--it took up a whole arena! I had no idea how big it was or how many members were a part of MOT. We got in line for drinks and headed upstairs to find the best seats in the house. Luckily, we got front row, center seats for the call outs! I had no idea what to expect but the room looked amazing, kind of like a bigger, better prom. Check it out!!

Waiting for Call outs

The queen and her court
After all of the members did the call outs, there was an actual FLASH MOB!!! I couldn't believe it was witnessing one!
After call outs, I didn't think it could get any better, but the whole night was absolutely fantastic! We immediately went to meet Frankie and Becka and they took us to the queen's "room" for food and drinks.

One of the cool rooms
Frankie, Father Time (Frankie's uncle and the queen's dad), and Forrest in the Queen's room
The girls and Frankie. Check out that mask!
Lambda Chi brothers
Our fantastic group
After that, we danced the night away! There were several different "band rooms", including Country, 60's, and "Funk". The main room had the most fun band, so we parked ourselves there. By the end of the night, we were all dancing on stage and having the time of our lives!! We even got to see the queen of Mardi Gras come to meet the queen of MOT. It was so neat! We also ran into several people we know from college, law school, dental school, and even Gadsden! It was a great night!

"Prom" Pics on stage
In the Queen's chair
What a great night!
At about 1 we called it a night and went back to the hotel. It was such a fabulous weekend and I am so glad that we got to experience it! Thank you Frankie and Becka for including us!!

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