Friday, March 18, 2011

San Diego, Day 2

When planning our trip, I left Monday morning open so we decide what we wanted to do when we got there. We usually end up finding something we didn't know about and I wanted to make sure that we had ample time to do what we wanted. We decided that we should definitely see the San Diego Zoo, since it is one of the best zoos in the world. I am not a HUGE zoo fan but when I hear "San Diego" I think "zoo", so we decided to make a fun morning of it. We got there not too long after it opened and were lucky enough to find a volunteer guide who gave us the inside scoop on how to make it through the zoo in the most effective and efficient way. The zoo can best be described by pictures, so I will just let them tell the tale!


Brown bear. The bear next door was getting fed so he stood up at the doorway, waiting on his lunch!

Panda! He just ate and ate!

Love their skinny legs!

Polar bears! I was sad we didn't get to see them swimming in the pool. It had an underwater window!

Riding the skyfari across the park. This is the city and Balboa park!

Mete the tiger. We got to see the trainer feeding her. All of a sudden, she noticed a duck swimming the her pond and she tried to attack it! Luckily she missed!!! She was one mad and wet kitty after that!

Petting zoo! Notice my hot pink, "California" nails, which were the topic of conversation the whole trip.

Who doesn't LOVE a flamingo?

Riding the moving sidewalk--how handy!

We went to a talk on elephants and got to see Mary getting a pedicure!

Riding the open air bus that takes you all over the park. It was so nice to sit for a while!

I was totally obsessed with the meercats!

This jaguar was raised as a cub with a little puppy who was in the pen with him. They were best buddies!

Let me reiterate that we LOVED the zoo. It was impeccably clean and well maintained. The food was great and the prices were actually reasonable! I would definitely go there again and I hope I get the chance to do so!
After the zoo we headed to La Jolla (Hoya--I kept saying it wrong) for a Segeway tour. I was a little nervous to ride but it was actually very easy and fun! We rolled through some gorgeous neighborhoods and checked out some amazing houses that weren't that big but I bet had big price tags!! Again, this trip can best be described though pics!

Look at us go! Check out the helmets!

Children's pool, filled with seals!

These trees were Dr. Seuss' inspiration for the drawings in his books!

After the tour, we had some time before dinner so we walked down to the beach again. It was so beautiful at sunset!!

A wave drenched us after this pic!

I took hundreds of these pics.
We had dinner (via groupon, again) at Aloha Sushi and may I say it was the most delicious sushi I had ever had!!! We ordered so much that we couldn't even finish it!!

Delicious!!! The one on the left tasted like Cajun Crab dip---heaven!!!
 After dinner, we decided to ride up to Torrey Pines Golf Course, where Tiger, apparently, goes to play. It was dark so we didn't get to see much, but we did stop to take this pic!!
Just like Tiger!
Again, we were exhausted when the day was done, but what a wonderful day it was!!!

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