Monday, March 21, 2011

San Diego, Day 3

Let's go surfin' now, the Bailey's are learnin' how!!! (Lame, I know). On Tuesday we got up bright and early to take a surfing lesson!!! Yes, a surfing lesson!! This was of course another groupon find! We were one of 3 young couples taking the lesson. One of the guys was here for the dental conference too--what a small world! We started the lesson indoors by practicing our balance on "Indo Boards". This was totally hard but was a great indicator of how good we would do in the water. After a while, we all started to master our balance and the stance for surfing. Then it was onto upper arm strength, so we did some push-ups (ugh) to get us ready for the real surfing push up we had to do on the board. By the time all of the warm ups were over, I was already exhausted!! Next, we got into our wetsuits and the instructor handed us our boards, which were enormous!

About to hit the waves
I really had a difficult time carrying mine so I had to balance it on my head all the way to the beach. Once we got on the sand, I was totally skpetical. I mean, the waves looked huge and I knew the water was cold. The instructor didn't give us much time to dwell on it and ordered us in the water immediately. That first step was sheer torture!!! My feet were so cold they literally ached. I didn't want to be the baby of the group so I sucked it up, but I was VERY miserable, well, at least until I got so cold I quit being able to feel my feet! :) I was also afraid of the sharks that I just KNEW were lurking in the murky water, and everytime I got touched by some kelp (which was a lot of times), I just knew I was about to lose a limb. Despite my wariness, surfing was actually fun and not that hard! The instructor put me on the board and gave me a push and off I went!!! I got up a few times and I must say I think I did pretty well! You basically always have to fall off, so I got smacked with the board a lot, trapped under it, and of course, I swallowed a good amount of sea water, but over all, it was so much fun! Forrest, actually was a natural! He got up way more times than me and didn't need the teacher to help him. Granted, there was a fierce rip current that made it hard for me to move at all, but I think he was just better at it!

I cropped this so it won't let me turn it!
After the lesson, I felt like someone had beaten me with the surf board (for 2 days, I felt like this), which basically happened every time I fell, but over all, Forrest and I decided it was a great time and we were so glad we did it.

Lookin good!

Again, cropped, but aren't we cute!
We rewarded ourselves with a little In and Out Burger on the way home!! Delicious!!!

After a shower and a rest, we headed to Escondido to the Bernardo Winery, the longest operating winery in CA! We had not had great experiences with wineries in Napa so we were a little hesitant about this one, but I had a groupon, so we went with it. We couldn't have had a more wonderful time!! With our groupon we paid 8 dollars for 5 tastes each of any wine on the menu (so that is 10 tastes total). They filled our glasses nearly half full for each taste and we were able to walk around the grounds, snack, and shop in the middle of our tasting! We grabbed a fruit and cheese plate, our wine, and sat out on the patio while enjoyed the amazing weather!!!

Since we were so far North at the winery, we decided we would take the scenic route down the coast to San Diego. I'm so glad we did---it was lovely! We saw Encinitas, Del Mar, and lots of lovely coastal towns!

We stopped when we got to Old Town San Diego--the historical part of the city. It was neat to see all of the old buildings and shops!!

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

I felt like I was on Oregon Trail!

The 101!

Old Town Dentist office
For dinner, we ate at a Mexican restaurnt that made their own tortillas. These were SO tasty!!! They have won the best tortillas award since like 1977!! How could we not stop there??  Forrest also got the Mariachi band to come and play me a song: Besame Mucho! It was SO funny!!

This was our meal!! AMAZING!!
All in all, it was a great day and I really hated to have to leave the next morning!! I hope we get the chance to go back to San Diego in the future!!!

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