Monday, April 4, 2011

Girlfriend Gala

I week or so ago was Gadsden's annual Girlfriend Gala, benefiting United Way and Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. I had never been to the event and had been wanting to go for years, so after last year, one of the lawyers on the committee put me on the "table decorating committee" so that I would be sure to have a spot! Back in the fall I went to the first meeting and was overwhelmed! There was so much interest to be a decorator and raise money for such a great cause! I was also a little intimidated because being a table decorator was a huge responsibility. Each table in convention hall is designed by a decorator and she does the whole thing herself. These aren't just any tables, but they are elaborate, over the top, extravagent tables! My first bit of good luck was that Barbara Condra was my "decorating leader" so I knew that she would give me lots of help. The first thing I did was decide my theme: Tinis and Tiaras! (I am pretty sure the meeting was on a Thursday and I had watched Toddlers in Tiaras the night before!) My second bit of luck was that Farrah offered to be my "co-decorator" so I didn't face the task of being a new decorator all alone. Hooray! Well, we planned our table for MONTHS and on March 24, the day finally arrived! I had been driving Gala stuff around in my trunk since January! We decorated on Tuesday and the Gala was Thursday. The over all theme was "Diva Las Vegas" and it really was over the top, extravagant! I was SO impressed! I had a great time and I know our girlfriends did too! Thanks for a great night and for helping out a worthy cause!! Can't wait til next year!!!

Some pics I stole from Farrah:
Me and Farrah with Benny Campbell, aka Elvis, and later that night, aka Cher!

Our table of girlfriends: Me, Mom, Mrs. Joy, Sarah Kathryn, Lisa, Catherine, Mrs. Holmes, and Farrah

The "young" girlfriends: Sarah Kathryn, Lisa, Catherine, Me, Farrah
Co-decorators and bffs!


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