Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

What a happy Easter we had, full of fun, friends, family, and food! It all started on Friday night. I left work a little early and picked up Denise to go shopping for the hostess gift for Justin and Farrah's shower next weekend. We got several things and I know they will be a hit! Check out pics next week! After shopping til we dropped, I headed home and attempted to be domestic. I folded all the week's laundry, cleaned the house, put up dishes, you know, fun stuff that I had been putting off for days. In the mean time, Forrest and Davis were on a 15+ mile bike ride out in Duck Springs. I just don't know how they do it! That seems so far to me!! When Forrest finally got home, it was just in time to catch me about to run out the door. Farrah and I had plans with our book club girls to see Water for Elephants, a movie made about one of the books we have read in book club. This was one of our favorites and I have been counting down the months until it came out! (The boys went to Blackstone while we went to the movie). What a fun fun fun time we had at the movies! Lara Murray handled our tickets and we were treated as VIPs! We all got popcorn and drinks and made a night on the town of it. The movie was great, although they did leave out a few of the more intense parts. It was the first time we had all gone out together like that and we had so much fun, we are already planning our next outing!! When Forrest and I got home, there was a bright blue Easter basket on the kitchen counter from Forrest's mom to me! Hooray!!! It was stocked with lotion, hand sanitizer (which I never leave home without) and some really cute pool shoes, among other things. I was so surprised!!

On Saturday I had big plans: make my snacks for Easter, clean out my closet (and arrange it so the "after Easter" clothes were easier to reach), organize the basement, put pictures in frames, among various other things. I managed to do the first one and that was it! I slept late, laid around, ate lunch, and was then tempted to take a little nap by Forrest and Ruffles. I blame them entirely, as they made it look so nice! Once I woke back up I figured I should at least make an attempt at productivity. I began making my "Snuggles" for Easter, however, I modified the orignal recipe. Instead of Hugs I used plain chocolate Kisses and instead of regular M&M's I used peanut butter ones that looked like Easter eggs. They turned out really cute---almost like little bird's nests. Once I made the first batch I decided I needed some more, so I made a quick grocery run for some more supplies before jumping right back in to candy making mode.

I made 6 trays of these!! Craziness!
Forrest had gotten motivated himself--after his power nap, he mowed the yard and cleaned out the gutters! We both got finished with our tasks right in time to head to dinner at my parents'. Dad was grilling bone-in sirloins--yum yum yum!!! It was such a great night that we all sat outside snacking before dinner was ready. Mom and Dad had gotten some new patio furniture and tiki torches they were anxious to try out and we were happy to help! :) Dinner was great, and the company was even greater. My whole family was there, as well as Davis, my sister's boyfriend Matt, and my brother's friend Laura. After a yummy dinner I had a surprise for the group--we were going to dye eggs!!! I had picked up an egg dying kit last weekend and was so anxious to use it. I hadn't dyed eggs in years and Forrest said he had only dyed them once or twice (how sad is that!!) and I felt like it would be more fun if it was a group activity. Everyone seemed reluctant at first, but then they really got into it!! Everyone was trying to make "better" eggs than the others---too funny! Forrest was particularly artistic, making a multi stripe egg as well as one with a face on it.

Forrest, Roy, Laura, and Davis, hard at work!

Finished product

Forrest's masterpieces
After all the fun (and the mess!) we decided to head back home. Roy and Laura came and hung out with us while we waited for 12:01 am--the time when Lent officially ended and we could eat sweets again!! We had been preparing for this for weeks. I had stocked up on ice cream and other goodies and we had even been freezing treats that were served but we couldn't eat during Lent. When the clock struck 12, we were ready!!! I was expecting this joyful reunion with sweets, but really, it was kind of a let down. My ice cream wasn't as good as I remembered and I didn't feel the urge to eat until I threw up or anything like that. Oh well, I figured I was just tired and would have a better time on Easter.
On Easter Sunday, we met Mom and Roy and MMM at church. I was really excited to wear my new Easter dress and to see the church full of flowers. I also love the Easter songs: Jesus Christ is risen today!!! Aaaaaaaaaa-lleluia! Our triumphant Holy day!! Aaaaaaaaaa-lleluia!

Easter pic
After Mass, the real craziness began. We had to run home, change, load the car, and head to Birmingham for lunch. Despite the crazy rush we are always in, we never seem to be the last ones there, even though we drive an hour! This time we had so many people with us we needed 2 cars! Matt was coming with MMM and we had invited Davis to go since the Bailey's had gone to Selma. It was his first Italian holiday---my wasn't he in for a treat!! We treat Easter just like Thanksgiving or Christmas--tons and tons of food! Usually on Easter though, we have doubled up on the sweets, since usually most of us have given up sweets for Lent. This was NO exception! We had 2 trifles, 2 cakes, my Snuggles, pies, brownies with Oreos baked inside, and much much more! We basically rushed through lunch so we could indulge in all of the delicious desserts. Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm! That's more like it! I tried to stick to little scoops of everything, but it was so hard to have self control when there was so much!!

Can you tell why I am still sick today?
Stuffed, we decided we needed a little activity. Therefore, we all (yes, nearly all of us) went to my Aunt Dawn's house to see the 10 puppies they have been caring for! How adorable!! I could have cuddled those little snuggly babies all afternoon! They are 5 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes next week. If you are interested in getting one, let me know!

Once we got home, the sugar coma hit us. Ugh---we both felt terrible!!! I took a little nap and then laid on the couch and watched tv for hours, and Forrest actually slept for about 3 hours. Obviously, our systems were not used to all of that sugar!! Even today, the thought of eating something sweet makes me want to gag!!! Forrest and my mom are re-giving up sweets until June 3, and although I didn't go so far as to ban myself from them for good, I may be laying off of them as well, especially after the way I feel today!! This should be a relatively calm week so hopefully I can start to feel better and maybe even get some things crossed off of my to do list at home. One can only hope!!! :) Hope you all had a great Easter as well!


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