Friday, April 22, 2011

Hudson Thomas Puckett

On Wednesday we were HONORED to be able to visit our friends Lauren and Joseph and their brand new baby, Hudson Thomas Puckett!! I graduated high school with Lauren and Forrest graduated with Joseph, and then the guys were pledge brothers in Lambda Chi, so we feel like we have known the Pucketts forever. We were also both in their wedding in 2006! In the fall, we met Lauren and Joseph in Tuscaloosa for the first football game and Forrest jokingly asked, "So when are you guys going to have a baby?". Neither of them said anything and they just smiled. Then, about a month later, we were in the car in North Carolina when both of our phones beeped with texts: a text of a sonogram!! Baby Puckett was on the way! Little did we know that Lauren knew she was pregnant when we asked them at the game, but she kept it a secret!

Since then, we have been anxiously awaiting baby Hudson. This really is the first baby in our close group of high school and college friends so we have been extra excited. To that end, I have been stalking both of the Puckett's facebook pages and Lauren's blog so that I would know immediately when she went into labor. I thought I had it all figured out. On Tuesday, Lauren said that the doctor had decided to induce her on Thursday morning. Well, when I checked facebook early on Wednesday, it turns out that the doctor called back and said to come a day early!! Game on!!! I got to leave work a little early and I ran and grabbed a few things for the new family. I wasn't sure what to get, but I figured, if I had just had a baby, I would want cupcakes and chocolate, so I baked some cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and made an Easter basket for the new family. I appreciate Hudson coming at Easter, because everything is pastel and baby colors right now! :)

Easter Basket full of things for Mommy, Daddy, and Hudson
I met Jay after he got off work and we went to meet Forrest at UAB before heading to St. Vincent's to meet Hudson. Claire was able to come from Tuscaloosa as well!! When we got to Lauren's room, we immediately saw the sweet little man--how precious! I was so proud of Lauren--there she was, up and smiling, right after giving birth. She is my hero!!! We were able to spend several hours with Lauren and Joseph and Hudson, just talking, laughing, and welcoming the little man to the world! Congrats Pucketts!! We are so happy for you!!
Forrest checking out the little guy

Three Lambda Chi's and a future one too!

Sweet precious baby (or the little burrito, as the boys kept calling him)

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