Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruffles' Anniversary

This weekend we celebrated one year with our little Ruffles!! I know that sounds kind of silly but honestly I couldn't believe we only have had for for one year--it seems like she has been a part of our little family forever! I'm sure I was much more "in" to the fact that it was her anniversary than anyone else but I will celebrate the anniversary of just about anything, so I was very excited to celebrate this "momentous" occasion! Before the "celebration" started on Saturday, we spent Friday night in Birmingham with Davis, Jonathan, and Denise. Forrest had gotten us all tickets to go see David Sedaris, a humorous writer that we all enjoy. Forrest gave me my first David Sedaris book for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was laughing out loud! He is very straight forward and oftentimes irreverent which makes for a hilarious read! His books are pretty short and are short stories, so even if you are not a big reader, you should fly through them. Despite the storms, we left Gadsden right after work so we could get there early enough to eat. We chose Rojo, and despite the rain, sat outside to enjoy our meal. I had fish tacos and Forrest had the chicken fajitas. We really had a fun time and dinner and before we knew it, we had to hustle to make to to the show on time at the Alys Stevens center. I wasn't sure what to expect of the event, but I was pleasantly surprised. David read some of his stories and even from his journal. At the end, he took questions and mentioned some jokes that people told him while on tour, which I can't really repeat but they were funny nonetheless! He was really funny and had great timing and delivery. Now I will have to read the rest of his books!
I didn't have the greatest nights' sleep on Friday night and was trying to squeeze out my last few minutes of sleep before the alarm went off when Forrest came and woke me up. I had on my eye mask and I tried to ignore him (yes, I am NOT a morning person and I know this makes me terrible) but then he put something smooth and rectangular into my hand. I was thinking "Why in the world is he giving me a bar of candy? He knows I can't eat candy until Easter" but when I opened my eyes it was not an enormous candy bar but an Amazon kindle!!! Hooray!! What a surprise!!! I had been talking about getting a kindle since I hosted book club the last time. Farrah had gotten one and some of the other girls had nooks and they all said how awesome they were and that as a big reader, I would definitely enjoy one. I decided that I would ask for one for Christmas, but still, I had been talking about them pretty incessantly. Little did I know that Forrest had immediately ordered one for me! What a doll! The BEST part is that I was able to register mine under Farrah's account so now we each get the books that the other purchases! How perfect, since we share regular books anyway! I haven't had that much time to get in to it too much but I can't wait to learn all about it and most importantly, order a cute cover for it!! :) Thank you thank you thank you Forrest!!!
After such an exciting wake up call I had to throw myself into getting ready mode, because Justin and Farrah were coming to meet us so we could ride to A-Day together. We did the same trip one year ago and were excited to go again, especially since the weather was going to be so nice. Now, I do not really get into the whole "Spring Game" thing. I mean, we play ourselves, how much can you actually tell from that? (Well, I can't tell anything but I know other people can.) Anyway, I see A-Day as a fun way to get some game day atmosphere to hold me over until fall (138 days til kick off--woohoo!) and as a way to see our "football friends". We had our Bama magnet on the car, the Hayes brought us our traditional pre-game breakfast of Jack's biscuits, and we were all set to go! It will be even easier when the Hayes move onto our street in 2 months AND when they finish building the Jack's on Rainbow Drive! :)
When we got to Ttown, we met my sister at her house. We were even more excited that my brother had come in from ATL with some friends to hang with us at the game! That NEVER happens!! Also, Randi came to join us--hooray! We were able to have our monthly catch up lunch right there in Ttown!

Reliving our old college days in the AOII house
Our whole group went to the AOII house for some bbq before we went to the "game". It was really fun to be back in the stadium and see all those fans! 92,000+ people were there for the "fake" game. I think we have the best fans in the world! We only stayed until half time but we did have a fun time catching up and discussing our defense, which they say looked good.

First game day pic of the year

Hahaha-happy feet!

"F-bomb" pic

Game day girls
When we left the stadium we went straight over to Coach Saban's new statue. All week long I was thinking that when we left at 1/2 time, no one would be crowded around it like they would be when they unveiled it before the game, so we can have a clear shot at it. No siree! As Don Rhea would say, my idea was not original to me. It was PACKED and I was so disappointed. BUT, never you fear, Farrah grabbed me and we slinked and snaked our way right up to the front and even got a security guard to take our pic with the giant Nick Saban!! She has that on her camera, but here is a preview of just how big that guy really is!

Enormous feet! Look at the real foot beside it (which was no small foot either)

Oh yeah!
Once we got back to town, we changed and headed back out to the Humane Society Auction, the event at which I found Ruffles, one year ago! LUCKILY, they only had 2 dogs there this time, one that belonged to one of the workers and one that was for auction! I had a great time talking to Ruffles' other mom and to Vicki, the director of the Humane Society. Forrest, as usual, scanned the silent auction like a hawk. He loves nothing more than a good silent auction!! This year his victories included a blood pressure cuff (which he has to use at school on his patients and his old one, purchased at a previous auction, has turned up missing) and a dry cleaning gift certificate for me! He really loves buying things at auctions because not only does he get good deals, but he is helping out organizations we love! At our table were Justin and Farrah, my mom and dad, Harriet and Mrs. Logan, and we knew so many other people at the event, making it a great night! During dinner, they had a live auction. One of the first things they did was to choose an auctioneer from each table to auction of their centerpieces. Forrest was voted as ours and he did a great job, auctioning it off to Harriet for $5!

In the middle of the auction, Vicki thanked everyone for being there and for their continuing support of the Humane Society. They started to introduce Baloo, a dog rescued by the HS and who has now been adopted, but first she asked me to stand. I was so shocked I leaped out of my seat and almost kicked it over! She said that I was celebrating the anniversary of getting Ruffles on that very night and that next year, Ruffles would be the featured dog!! I was SO excited!! She will get to come to the party and have her story told and a slide show! Of course I am already starting to think of the pictures I will use and I really need to find her a cute bow or tiara or something to wear to her big night (Forrest says I have clearly lost my mind). I couldn't wait to get home and tell her. Do you think she was surprised???

On Sunday we went to Palm Sunday Mass and were even asked to take up the gifts. Then, Forrest went to ride bikes with Davis and me and the dogs met my dad and went up to the lake for the day. Dad wanted to fish and I wanted to get some sun and read a while. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had such a relaxing time. Forrest came after his bike ride and spent the rest of the afternoon with us. Sonny of course swam like a little fish, and Ruffles even took a dip (Forrest put her in the water--it was not her own idea, but she did a good job). Ruff even shocked us by sneaking one of Dad's peanuts, cracking it open with her teeth, and only eating the peanuts out of the middle. What a smart girl!!! We had to pack up a little bit early so dad could go home and get our dinner ready (thanks Dad). In the interim, Forrest and I took the dogs on a quick walk, trying to squeeze the last bits of daylight out of a gorgeous day. For dinner, we had filets, mashed potatoes, lima beans (Dad almost always has some sort of pea or bean), grilled asparagus, garlic bread, and salad. Scrumptious! Mom and Dad are so sweet to treat us each Sunday!!
This week we are looking forward to eating dinner with the Bailey's tonight in honor of a visit from their cousin, Jeff, who lives in CO, Sardis Court, and getting ready for Easter!! Hope you all have a great week too!!

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