Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Young Marrieds"

For the past several months Forrest and I have been discussing how we felt that we needed a "Young Marrieds" group at church, or basically, a way for us to meet other young married couples in the parish. We talked and talked and one day we decided to do something about it! I met with Father Bean and told him our idea and he loved it! Since we came up with it he let me take charge and so I decided that the best way to start was to have a social event to get to know all of the young couples first. We set April 2nd as our date and then started our "PR" campaign. I had an "info" sheet in the bulletin, and last weekend Forrest and I spoke at the end of all 3 Masses, inviting all of the young married couples to attend the cookout at our house. I was OVERWHELMED at the response, not just from young couples, but from everyone in the parish. I had so many people come up to me at church, or even out and about, and say what a great idea it was and that they wished us well. I was also thrilled with the number of young married couples that were interested in being a part of YM's! We worked the whole week to get the house ready. I cleaned and scrubbed and went to the grocery store about 10 times and Forrest worked in the yard. We even steam cleaned our couches and carpets. Even though it was hard work, we laughed about how we need to have a party each spring to make us do our spring cleaning! My mom was very sweet to make some potato salad for me and Mrs. Beryl, Rachel's mom, made baked beans and her world famous Jerome bars. My Aunt Fran sent me lots of decorations and my uncle sent me the cutest plates to use. I know I couldn't have done it without everyone's help!
On Friday night, we took a break from our preparations to have dinner with my mom, dad, and my brother, who came home from ATL for the weekend. Also at dinner was one of my mom's "AP Chemistry" buddies. She was in town to speak at an AP seminar and we really had a great time meeting her! After dinner, Roy begged to come hang out with us and I made him promise if he came over he would help us get ready, and he did! :) He helped Forrest organize the office and best of all, he helped give Ruffles a bath!! :)

Brownie taking a break from the cleaning frenzy!
We spent Saturday getting the finishing touches completed and before we knew it, it was time for everyone to arrive! Luckily Rachel came over early  to help me!! I was a little nervous that everyone would stand us up, but that was SO silly! We had 8 couples (including us) and 2 that wanted to come but who had family plans. It was GREAT fun to get to know everyone, learn about each other, and to just sit and laugh! Forrest cooked some great hot dogs and burgers and everyone loved them (especially Sonny, who stole a few hotdogs when we weren't looking)! We talked about everything: kids, pets, jobs, college, sports, EVERYTHING! Isn't it fun to make new friends?? I really hope that the group continues to meet and hang out, as I know it will be a great opportunity for us all! I am thinking about a bowling party for next time---sound fun???

I had all of the desserts on the buffet. I loved my Easter eggs!!

The spread, pre-meat

Outside drink station

Simple candle centerpiece. I had 2 dips out there for the guys!

SO good!

I tried to have a few healthy options too!
This was a GREAT surprise. I got a message from the Frozen Slushie Company thanking me for talking up their product on my blog and offering me 2 free mixes of my choice! I picked the Frozen Vino and the Frozen Chocolate Martini mix. I used the Frozen Vino on Saturday and it was GONE!! Everyone loved it. Thank you Frozen Slushie Company for making all of my parties so tasty!! I can't wait to use the chocolate martini!!

Ruffles willing the food to fall off of the table so she can sneak some!
The next day went we went to Mass, it was nice to see a lot of the people from the cookout and be able to smile and wave at them and actually know who they were and some things about them! After church we had a pretty quick turn around. Forrest was participating in the Ride For Red Cross mountain bike ride with Davis and Jay and I was going to Jenny's baby shower. I have NO pics from either event---so sorry! The shower was SO sweet and Jenny got lots and lots of precious baby girl presents. My favorite were the ruffly bathing suits! They were teeny tiny but absolutely adorable!! Miss Emily is going to be quite the sassy baby!!
After the shower, I sent home and slept off the wonderful weekend before we headed to mom and dad's for dinner with Roy. Dad cooked some MASSIVE porkchops--seriously, I have never seen any as big! I was really glad that we got to spend so much time with my brother, since he hardly ever comes home! I hope we can get to ATL soon!
If that wasn't enough for the weekend, last night we went to my mom and dad's for my dad's annual NCAA Finals party. I went early and ate dinner with Mom (and Davis, who came early) and we watched Dancing with the Stars while the guys watched the first 1/2 of the game. I ended up watching the 2nd half. The funny part was that everyone bet on the final total score of the game. Forrest and I picked 137 and most people picked higher than that. Well, it turns out that the game was the lowest scoring since the 1940's, and so the person with the lowest pick, DAVIS, won!!!
Tonight, I am co-hosting book club at my house with Farrah. I'm so excited to see everyone!!! Hope you all have a great week!
One worn out dog after a long weekend!!!


  1. I think your young married group sounds like a fabulous idea! I grew up protestant and converted shortly before marrying my husband. I find our Catholic church to be lacking many social opportunities for me to meet other people in the same place in life. You have me interested. I would love to hear more about how it continues after this first meet-up.

  2. That is exactly why we started it! I grew up in this church and still felt like we knew no one! We found that we were not the only ones who felt this way and therefore it seemed like the group was just what people wanted. I'm already planning our get together for next month!

  3. That is a great idea. Really enjoyed this post.


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