Friday, May 27, 2011

Bailey Dailies, Year 1

I have officially been a blogger for a year now and I have to say that I love it! I originally started the blog to serve as a scrapbook for our family and I have really enjoyed having it! Sometimes I will just read back through it when I get bored, but really I love knowing that one day when we won't remember all of this stuff, we will have the blog to look back on! My friend Kelly told me that my blog was very "thorough" and that is what I was hoping for. I know it might not be necessary for me to write about going to the grocery store or cooking dinner, but one day, who knows what my days will be like and now I will be able to remember what I did back in the day! I have started turning the posts from 2010 into a book, and I am nearly finished. I can't wait to see it in hardback and print! I just wanted to thank all of my faithful readers for finding our little life interesting and for dropping in from time to time to check on us! We really appreciate it!!!Please don't forget us, as some really fun things are about to come up for us and we want you to be a part of them!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Week!

I know I just got the weekend post up but I felt like I needed to do one about the week, since it has been pretty fun so far (well, for me at least. Poor Forrest has been taking finals--boo!)
Tuesday I had a dermatologist appointment and was able to meet Jennifer and Ellen for lunch before hand! I LOVE these girls and haven't seen them in so long and so it was super to be able to squeeze in time with them. Jennifer picked a cute little Italian restaurant in Pepper Place called Bettola and I was glad to try it out. I was psyched because they had gnocchi but disappointed in the tiny portion size. It also kind of tasted like the gnocchi that I make with pre-made gnocchi and canned sauce. However, Ellen had a delicious lamb and goat cheese sandwich that she let me try so I will definitely be going here again and trying something different, or at least getting that sandwich! I am in both of the girls' weddings (and they were both in mine) so we had lots of wedding gossip to catch up on!
After lunch I had my appointment and then to reward myself for being so brave I swung by Yogurt Mountain (the dr had to stick an electronic needle in my face to kill a broken blood vessel and I am pretty sure that deserves a treat). I try not to go nuts at places like that and I maintained control, but then I was totally disappointed that I did because I had allowed myself only a tiny dollop of red velvet yogurt and it turned out to be amazing!!! I know they won't have it next time I go so I have to admit I am very sad about that! I also let myself run into Whole Foods to pick up a random ingredient I need for a new dessert I plan on trying this summer. I can't linger in that store or I will go nuts, so my self control was welcomed in there, at least by my wallet!
That night I whipped up some balsamic chicken before heading over to Hannah Murray's house to prep her for her Tiger Ambassador interview at her middle school. We had fun doing practice questions and picking our her outfit. I was especially excited when she pulled out a pair of houndstooth shoes with a red ribbon on them that she said she had outgrown and that I could have if they fit. Well for once my tiny feel came in handy--they fit perfectly! I left feeling sassy in my new shoes and confident that Hannah would made the ambassadors. *She just found out today that she did make it, AND 2 of the 3 questions she was asked were things we practiced!*
Yesterday was a fun day at work because we got to attend Judge Wayne Owen's retirement party at the courthouse. He wanted hotdogs at his party so my dad cooked them all morning. I am the treasurer of the Bar so for the past few weeks I have been writing checks like crazy for this party and I was kind of glad it was all over it so we could enjoy what I'd been paying for! The reception was lovely and I really enjoyed my afternoon cake and hotdog! I had planned on going to the grocery store and other mundane things like that after work but on my way back to work from the reception Forrest called and said he got to leave early and wanted to see if I wanted to go to the movies. Of course I did! We had a lovely impromptu date night and went to see Bridesmaids which was a scream! When we got home we caught up on some of our favorite shows on the DVR that we had been neglecting since Forrest has had these awful tests. We also played outside with Sonny and Ruffles until way too late (we have a perfectly positioned street light that lets us stay outside even when it is totally dark). Unfortunately, this proved to be a problem because Sonny wound up getting really hot and drank too much water too late at night and ended up having 2 accidents! Luckily it woke me up but I was not a happy camper while cleaning at 1am!! Poor thing, it wasn't his fault though!
I know that doesn't sound like any kind of an amazing week, but it is the little things that make the world go round! Hope your week is going well too!!

Weeks' Wedding Weekend

This weekend we were so glad to be a part of Bradley and Laurie's wedding!!! Bradley Weeks was one of Forrest's pledge brothers and was a groomsman in our wedding and Forrest was honored to be asked to be a part of Bradley and Laurie's special day this past Saturday.

Bradley and Forrest at our wedding
To kick the weekend off, I spent Friday with the class I volunteer with on their end of the year field trip to the McWane Center in Birmingham. It actually worked out perfectly because they let me ride the bus so Forrest was able to pick me up after we were finished and drive us to Ttown for the weekend and we didn't have an extra car to worry about. With gas as high as it is, this was very exciting to me! I was not sure what to expect about this field trip experience but it was really fun and definitely different than anything I do on a daily basis. The kids were SO excited and it was fun to watch them light up! The first thing we did was watch an IMAX movie on tornadoes. Let's just say that this was not the best timing on that movie. However, I barely watched any of it because it made me motion sick! I just sat there with my eyes closed, which was fine since I didn't want to see tornado destruction any more than I had to.

3 of my little group about to watch the movie
Next, the kids got to run around and play for a while before lunch, and then they had a little lesson on magnets, gravity and forces. They got to put on these plastic "floor skates" and slide around on the carpet to see what it feels like without friction. Oh, this was so much fun for them!!  After their class they got to run around and play again before heading home. I don't think they really grasped the concept that they were supposed to be "getting something" out of all the playing they were doing, but they had fun anyway so I guess it doesn't matter! Forrest picked me up about 1:30 and by that time I was EXHAUSTED! Chasing 6 year olds wears me out. At least I know that I chose the right profession since I get to work with adults and any chasing that is involved occurs over the phone!! I did have a great day though and I am so glad to have been invited!

Playing in the tornado maker

Touching sharks and stingrays! This was a HUGE hit!

Mrs. Weaver's 1st grade class
Although it was nice to be able to sit and relax while on the car ride down (and nice to actually see Forrest in the middle of a weekday) I was dreading going to Tuscaloosa. I just did NOT want to see all of the destruction for the tornado. Any article I read or picture I saw made me cry and get scared all over again for my sister. Yes, maybe that is a tad dramatic since she was fine but I just haven't been able to shake that last little bit of lingering fear. I did think, though, though, that seeing it with my own eyes might make it a little more manageable for me, so even though I was dreading it I was determined to take it all in. Forrest and I were definitely NOT prepared for what all we saw. You can tell exactly where it crossed over the interstate and so we followed its devastating path. An entire block of housing projects is completely gone, as are entire neighborhoods. We couldn't really drive up and down the streets in the neighborhoods but the main roads were open. At one point we had no idea where we were--turns out we were at the curve where Hackberry becomes Hargrove. Normally, you would know exactly where you were when you got to this curve, but none of the buildings look the same (or are even there any more) so we were really confused. It was so sad to see the site of our 2nd hometown cut in two. We tried to find the houses of friends that we used to visit and have parties in while we were in college, but they either weren't there or we simply couldn't find them because there aren't any land marks to guide us. We also drove through the area known as Alberta City, which was totally unrecognizable. I used to tutor Hispanic children at Alberta Elementary in college, and now the school is totally destroyed. It was right in the path of the tornado and basically only the front wall is still standing. I remember that being the most beautiful school I have ever been in, and now it is gone. I of course had been crying through our entire drive, but when I saw the school I just lost it! After a quick drive down 15th street, we decided we'd had enough and went to my sister's to get ready for the rehearsal. Even though I was really torn up about everything, I did feel better. It was nice to see that because the tornado angled so much, my sister was a lot further away from it then it seemed at first. Also, the slight by visible progress being made and cleaning everything up was comforting. I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but it did make me feel better. However, as my college roommate Molly said (who was there when it happened) "There is just too much sky". You can see for way too far because there are no trees or houses to block your view. Tuscaloosa will never look the same and therefore it will not be easy to forget what happened, which is both good and bad.
Ok, let's switch gears from depressing to wedding fun!
One of the greatest things about the wedding was getting to see so many of our college friends all at once. Several of the boys live out of town, and even out of state, and they were all back to celebrate Weeks' wedding. Since Frankie and Becka's plane was delayed, they made it to town just in time for Frankie to pick up Forrest and head to the rehearsal. Becka stayed with me and we got ready together. It was fun to help each other pick out outfits, jewelry, and share purses! We made it to the church right as the rehearsal was ending, so we basically turned ourselves right back around and headed with the group to a non-smoking bar in ttown. Amazing! I hate going to smokey places and this was a welcome change in ttown! After a quick stop, it was time for the rehearsal dinner at one of my favorite Tuscaloosa restaurants, Cypress Inn!! I had my all time favorite meal--their chicken with white bbq sauce, and their delicious rolls and muffins! Mmm mmm mmm! I Love going to rehearsal dinners, almost as much as weddings. You really get to see the closeness of the families and they love they have for the married couple. Of course, we have fun eating and hanging out with our friends too!

I was freezing at the restaurant so Becka and I shared her pashmina--yes, seriously

About to get our dinner on!
Becka and I discovered another thing we have in common (just one of the many---I'm so glad we have gotten to know each other!)-----a love for the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous! We were doing lines from the movie in mid-western accents all night long! Hilarious!! Bradley honored his groomsmen with Vineyard Vines elephant ties from the Shirt Shop. How appropriate! I honestly think that those were the best groomsmen gifts I have ever seen. Way to go Bradley!!!

The guys and Bradley. This picture is highly appropriate
In return, to honor Bradley, all of the groomsmen and other friends went to Bradley's favorite college bar, the Houndstooth, to celebrate Bradley's last day as a single guy. It was a perfect night to sit outside and reminisce about all of those crazy college times!
On Saturday morning Forrest got up early and went biking through the state park with Jay. I chose a more lazy approach to the day and stayed in bed until time for lunch with Randi and Becka. We went to Mugshots, another one of my favorite ttown places. We introduced Becka to her first fried dill pickle and really just had a delightful time! I got a frantic call from Forrest saying that it was 9 minutes until he had to be a the church and Frankie wasn't there and he didn't have his tux yet--panic! Luckily they had moved the picture time back so they were fine, but I volunteered the girls and myself to pick up the tux to save time. When we got there, I thought it was closed and ran through the street, planning to break in if I had to so we could get that tux! Luckily it was opened and my sprint was apparently seen by everyone in the store, who were laughing hysterically at me when I came flying and panting into the store. Oh well, at least I put my all into it, right?
I must say that the wedding was LOVELY. It was at the First Methodist Church downtown, which I had never been in before. Laurie looked BEAUTIFUL in her lace gown and Bradley looked so sweet as he smilingly watched her walk down the aisle towards him. Awww--don't you just love a wedding! The reception was at Smith Hall, where they have a museum on campus. It was a fantastic space! It was just the right size, complete with grand double staircase from which the new couple was introduced, and a huge dinosaur skeleton suspended over the entire room. Forrest was so jealous that they had fossils at their wedding and we didn't!

The food was great, the music was fun, and overall it was a great night, including the Catherine Bailey/Jay Hedgspeth medley of songs from Grease, complete with lyrics and dance moves!!! Congrats Bradley and Laurie! We love you and wish you all the best!!!

With the bride and groom

Wishing them a fond farewell!

They gave out shakers that said " Bradley and Laurie, May 21 2010". I am going to use mine as my new lucky shaker!
Also please notice Ben in the background. You can't have a pic without been doing something weird in it!
On Sunday morning we went to early Mass and much to my surprise, sat next to Scott Cochran, the strength and conditioning coach for the Tide, and his wife. (He's the one screaming and jumping up and down on the sidelines throughout the whole game.) Also, Coach Saban and his wife sat 2 rows in front of us! At one point during Mass Coach Cochran turned to me and asked to borrow my pen. I gave him a pink and white polka dot one and when he gave it back he said "You're awesome!". I'm pretty sure he meant in life and not just because I happened to have a pen so his wife could fill out her check for the collection! He also shook our hands during the sign of peace AND I got to hold his hand during the Lord's Prayer. I am pretty sure I am now little more powerful now!!!
After Mass we had breakfast at the Waysider, something we always used to do after church in the spring. We LOVE a good breakfast and the Waysider never disappoints! I had the special, sausage and cheese omelet and Forrest had pancakes, and of course we polished off some of their world famous biscuits!!!
On the way home, we stopped at my grandmother's to pick up my sister's car (she left it there went she flew to Italy a few weeks ago). Forrest stayed in town and worked with Cahaba Valley Health Care to do dental screenings at St. Peters in Hoover. I took MMM"s car and went straight home for a "Sip and See" for my friend Amy Gladden and her new baby, Thomas. Thomas was such a sweet little guy and just slept through the whole thing. Congrats Gladdens!!!

Me and Kendall, some of the few "non-moms" at the party
That night we ate dinner at my parents' but had to scurry home quickly after because Forrest has finals. Please please pray for him this week and next week as he has so many tests!!!
Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Weekend

What a fun week/weekend we had! I just love that it has been so warm lately (excluding today, which is FREEZING) and we have been trying to take advantage of it! On Wednesday after dinner we hung around outside just enjoying the weather. By the end of the evening we ended up with 4 dogs (ours plus 2 friends) romping in our yard. It was crazy but so much fun! Ruffles was running in circles around the big dogs and they were wrestling and chasing sticks and tennis balls. We were thrilled to be the cool dog hang out on our street! :)

Sullivan, Libby, and Sonny

On Thursday night we had the Etowah County University of Alabama Alumni Scholarship Banquet. I was assigned to help with the sponsors reception before the banquet, which was great because I got to meet the guest speakers, Baron Huber and Corey Reamer and get pictures with them!
Corey Reamer

Baron Huber

Friday was a CRAZY day for me at work in the morning, but in the afternoon I got to go to Flowers by Rita to meet Greg McElroy, UA's quarterback for the past 2 years! Dad was stuck in court so I got to take his VIP pass. I didn't really know what that meant but I thought I got to go in early and break line to get a pic and his autograph. That was true, but what I didn't know was that I got to hang around all afternoon! Now, I was wasn't hanging with Greg all afternoon, (I actually wound up helping Rita answer the phone since it was pretty wild in there) but there was a cool reception for the VIP's and once everyone left we got to have more pics and get more things signed. They also had Greg a bday party! I got a really cool picture autographed for Forrest of Greg hopping down the sidelines during the SEC Championship game against Florida, and some pics.

My first meeting with Greg

Mom and Greg

By this time we were bff (haha, yeah right)
Happy Birthday to Greg! There was a cake there to celebrate!

If that wasn't enough fun for a Friday, I got a text from Farrah asking if we wanted to go eat with them in Oxford at Outback, our favorite road trip chain restaurant. Um, yes please! As soon as Forrest got home we met up with them and headed down to Oxford. We drove through an area that had been hit by the tornado and it was oh so sad. I had seen pics but they don't compare to seeing it with your own eyes. It was so weird to be able to see exactly where it went. The trees were all snapped and twisted and it kind of looked like my vision was slanted because everything was leaning in the same direction. Please keep praying for all of those affected by the storms---they are still dealing with the aftermath and will be for some time!
Dinner, as usual, was fun and yummy. Farrah and I had sangria (my favorite Outback treat) and I had some really great fish and Forrest had a steak sandwich that was to die for! Even though it was probably not the case, I felt like I hadn't talked to Farrah and Justin in forever so it was nice to sit down and catch up with them, especially about their new house and wedding plans! Plus, it was nice to have a relaxing and casual night out after we had both had pretty crazy weeks!
I was so reluctant to get out of bed Saturday morning. I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep!!! However, I am blessed with a go-get'em type husband who makes me get over my laziness and get moving! After a little breakfast we decided to take the dogs on a walk since it was so nice out. On the next street over we found an estate sale and we really wanted to check it out so we took the dogs with us and decided that Forrest would hold them both and I would take a quick run through the house and see if there were things we would be interested in. Well, I only made it inside the screened porch before I had to stop. Ruffles had wiggled out of her collar and was chasing me into the house! Crazy girl! I didn't figure these people would want my dog in their house so we ended up having to leave. I thought the excitement was over, but I was wrong. Not too long after we left the sale, I looked down and saw a dead baby snake on the road. I said "Hey look! A dead---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Ruffles stepped on the dead snake who turned out to be not so dead after all!! I picked up Ruffles and we high tailed it away from that snake. Now, he was probably no bigger than a few inches but I am NO fan! We had to make sure Sonny stayed away too because we knew he would want to play with it. Forrest determined that it wasn't poisonous anyway but still, I did not want us hanging around that slithering thing at all!! Thinking about it gives me the creeps still!! Luckily, the rest of the walk was pretty uneventful!

It looked like this but earthworm sized.
After church on Saturday night we went out to Duck Springs to send off Forrest's cousin Logan on his cross country road trip. How much fun!! We had a great time hanging with the Bruce Bailey's and their friends, and eating their yummy food!! After dinner, we decided to go bowling with Justin and Farrah. We were supposed to go with our Young Marrieds group at church but everyone was busy. Forrest and I had gotten all excited about bowling so we decided to go anyway and were glad Justin and Farrah were game too. OMG it was so much fun! I haven't bowling in seriously years but I managed a few strikes here and there (even 2 in a row!). Forrest was actually really good! On the 2nd game we raised the stakes--the winning couple would be treated to Saturday morning biscuits by the losing couple. I was sure I was going to make us lose because I kept getting gutter balls, but Forrest pulled it out in the end and we won by 2 points! Over all, it was super fun, although my wrist was sore all the next day!
On Sunday Forrest made pancakes and I ate mine in bed and was so lazy right up until the exact moment that I absolutely had to start getting ready. I am the president of the Etowah County Panhellenic chapter and we were having our annual recruitment information meeting with senior high school girls. I always love that meeting not only because I like to see the excitement on the faces of all of the girls, but because it reminds me of the fun I had during rush, oh so long ago!! Forrest had his own plans that day--working at Cahaba Valley Health Care clinic, a ministry that reaches out to members of the community that can't afford health care. He of course was in the dental department and had a great time serving the community and the Lord with his talents! Since the clinic was in Birmingham he made the decision to spend the night with my grandmother so he could save a little driving time. I went to my mom and dad's for dinner early so I could spend some extra time with them and so I didn't have to stay home all evening alone. On the way, I noticed Ruffles was acting kind of weird in the car and breathing really heavy, but I figured she was just thirsty and turned up the air because she likes to hold her face right up to the air vent (crazy, yes). Well she kind of climbed up into my lap (while driving, mind you) and laid down. Just when I was thinking how sweet she was she threw up all down my thigh and into the seat. If you know me at all you probably already know that I was not handling this well. I called my mom screaming and said I was going to the office (I was downtown) to clean up but she said that she had better cleaning stuff and to just suck it up and get to her house. Oh, how the extra 2 minutes killed me. Luckily she met me in the drive way with paper towels and carpet cleaner and we were able to get my car cleaned and in no time I was in side, wearing her pj pants, drinking a cup of hot tea. Thanks mom! By this time Ruffles was back to her old self--how lovely. I know that I probably could have left that part of the day out, but looking back it was pretty funny although totally disgusting. I am sure you moms out there are thinking "Ha, that is nothing" and it probably is, but to me, it was something!! Luckily, that was the end of the excitement for the weekend and I was able to enjoy dinner with my parents and get back home with no major medical emergencies or excitement.
Hope you all had a fun weekend too (maybe with a little less "excitement")
Sonny was worn out after such a fun weekend!

Sweet Stella taking a snooze. Ruffles is in the background. Aren't they precious!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chicken Taquitos

MONTHS ago Forrest sent me a link to this recipe and I finally got around to making it last night. I must say it was SUPER yummy and pretty easy to throw together. Hope you enjoy!

1/3 cup (3 oz) cream cheese (I used the 1/3 less fat kind)
1/4 cup enchilada sauce (or green salsa)
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice (I just squeezed one lime into it and it was fine)
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon granulated garlic (I used the minced kind in the jar)
3 tablespoons cilantro
3 tablespoons chopped green onions
2 cups shredded cooked chicken
1 cup grated pepperjack cheese (I used the "taco style" cheese)
10-12 corn tortillas
cooking spray

Preheat oven to 425. Line a baking sheet with foil and lightly coat with cooking spray. Heat cream cheese in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds so it's soft and easy to stir. Add green salsa, lime juice, cumin, onion powder, and garlic. Stir to combine and then add cilantro and green onions. Add chicken and cheese and combine well.

Heat tortillas in microwave between damp paper towels for 30 seconds or until they can roll without cracking. Fill each tortilla with chicken mixture and roll as tight as you can. Place on baking sheet seam down so they won't unroll.

Bake 15-20 minutes until ends get brown.

We topped with sour cream, salsa, and more cheese

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We just had one of those perfect weekends where we really did so much but it felt like we had nothing to do at all. I know that doesn't make much sense, but if you've had a weekend like that, you understand! Last week was CRAZY busy for the both of us. I had court all week (and all this week) and Forrest was on rotation in Talledega and in Tuscaloosa. We have also had several busy weekends in the past and when this weekend ended up being fairly "lite" in comparison, it was really wonderful! On Friday night we had plans to meet the Bailey's for dinner at the Courtyard and stay and listen to Jay's band play to celebrate Forrest's grandmother Frith's coming to Gadsden for a visit. I was SO tired that day and didn't feel good at all so I had gone home a little early to relax and take my time getting ready. Unfortunately, Forrest's grandmother was tired from her travels and didn't feel like going out. Since I wasn't feeling that great either, Forrest picked up a pizza on the way home from school and we just laid around and ate and watched tv. How nice! I had late night plans to see Something Borrowed with Farrah, Gina, and my sister, and luckily I felt well enough to meet them at the movie. It was super cute and I'm so glad I went!! I usually can get myself up for a good girly movie with bad reviews (usually, the worse the review, the better I like it!).
On Saturday I slept late and even Forrest laid around all morning. At about 11 we packed up and headed to the lake to enjoy the lovely weather! I LOVE going to the lake. Whenever I feel like I need to relax or take some time off, I always want to go to the lake, and this weekend was no exception. It takes very little time to get there and especially when we only go up for the day, it takes next to no time to pack and get ready. We got up there about lunch time and spent the whole day outside. The dogs really love going up there and Sonny especially loves swimming and chasing after his tennis ball. Ruffles usually just lays with me on the lounge chair while I read. This time, Forrest brought his road bike and got in a good 30 mile ride while I lounged on the pier talking to friends on the phone! We stayed until after 5, and would have stayed later except the wind picked up and made it a little bit chilly. Once we got home, Forrest did some odds and ends in the yard and I baked some brownies for Mother's day and cleaned up a bit around the house. We ate left overs for dinner on the couch and even rented a movie (Love and Other Drugs--pretty good although depressing). I know that doesn't sound like much of a night but to us it was fantastic!!
Sunday we went to Mass and then out to Duck Springs to celebrate Mother's Day with the Bailey's. Davis made some yummy grilled chicken and we used my brownies to make parfaits! It was also nice to spend time with Forrest's grandmother who lives in Selma. For Mother's day, Forrest and Davis got their mom a kindle! She really liked mine when I brought it out to show her and so the boys new it would be a big hit, and it definitely was! After we opened presents, Mrs. Bailey had a surprise for us: since we weren't together on Easter, she had an Easter egg hunt planned for us! The stakes were raised when she said that the eggs were filled with cash! Woohoo! The rules were that you could only find 4 eggs and then you had to stop. I still maintain that Forrest cheated by holding me back by the arm so I couldn't find eggs! However, I was a lackluster egg finder. I only found 2 on my own and Forrest had to help me find the 3rd (after he found 4). I couldn't even find my 4th one and by that time no one could remember where it was! Despite my bad hunting skills, I made $20 in the egg hunt! Hooray! Forrest made $35! Mrs. Bailey was so sweet to do that for us!
Next, we got started on our regular Sunday chores. Yard work and homework for Forrest, grocery shopping for me. Then it was time for Mother's Day at my parent's house. Dad, as usual, cooked a great dinner and we all sat outside enjoying the evening while we waited on it to cook. After dinner it was time for presents, and what did we get my mom? A kindle!! Again, after she saw mine she decided she couldn't live without it, so we ended up investing in 2 more! Anything for our moms!!
Before we left, I helped my sister pack for her study abroad in Italy (she leaves tomorrow and I am SO jealous!!) and Dad asked Forrest to help him set up his Pandora on the tv. What started out as an easy set up turned into an hour and a half singing and dancing extravaganza! We ended up starting 5 stations for dad and each had an opinion as to whether we liked the songs our not. We were having so much fun we didn't realize that we had stayed until after 10pm!! That is really late for us on a Sunday night!
As I close this post I want to give a big thank you to all the mom's out there. You are truly remarkable and I totally look up to you!
Finally, I want to leave everyone with a thought from church yesterday: God is in the small things. Yep, that's right, He's in the dishes, the laundry, the weed eating, the taking out the trash, etc. You may have to look for Him, but he is always there! That idea really spoke to me yesterday and I hope it might give you a little smile for the week!
Forrest and his mom at our wedding

Me and my mom before I walked down the aisle.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Weekend

This was kind of a whirlwind weekend. We were super busy, but also, in the forefront of our minds, was the devastation around our state due to the tornadoes. I was pretty shaken up about it, even though we had no damage and all of our family was safe. I was just so scared about my sister and cousins being so close to it (2 blocks) and I just couldn't get over it! I did get a little pick me up when I got home Friday afternoon--2 packages and BOTH for me! One was an 18 cup Pyrex measuring cup that cost me .60 cents! Yes, .60 cents! I hit a good online sale and got $5 cash back. I have been wanting a mixing bowl that I could microwave and this is even better since I can also measure in it! While perhaps it is lame to get excited over a mixing bow/measuring cup, I was even more excited about the 2nd package--my new kindle cover! Isn't it adorable???

Kate Spade leather cover in snapdragon pink with black polka dots inside--is this not the most adorable thing ever?? 
On Friday night I was SUPER excited to go to Regency, a dance club in Gadsden. A few months ago I got a call at work from one of the Regency board members saying that Forrest and I had been selected as new members for this year. I was THRILLED!!! As a Regency member, you get to wear a tiara to the ball. Lame? Maybe. Awesome? Totally, especially if you are me and if you love a good tiara! Another fun aspect of Regency is that it is a black and white ball, and I knew I already had the perfect dress in my closet. Hooray!! The dance also happened to be on the day of the Royal Wedding (no I didn't get up at 5 am to watch it, but I did DVR the entire thing) so it was "royally" themed! Since I was going to be wearing a tiara, I got my hair done that day too. I kind of felt like I was going to prom all over again!! How fun!! When Forrest and I arrived at the Country Club, there was a carriage outside! The board members thought it would be cute for the new members to get in the carriage for pictures, and you know I was game. I think Catherine Larkin and I (another new member and fellow book club girl) sat in the carriage for over an hour, smiling for the camera and waving to the guests as they walked in. I am sure we were a sight to be seen!

Me, Catherine, and Ramona, 3 of the new members

Princess Catherine? I could totally get used to this!
Forrest finally made me get out of the carriage and come inside since the dance was starting. It isn't as "happening" of a dance as some of the other clubs we have been too but there were so many people we knew there and we had a blast! Several of the "book club girls" and their husbands were there, so we all sort of hung around together all night.

Some of my sweet sweet book club girls!
Frances, Catherine, Farrah, me, and Kelly

Rocking our black and white

Aren't we super cute!

Posing with Prince William and Princess Catherine with the Banks, the Hayes, and the Carrs
The club was decorated "royally", complete with white centerpieces, a mini wedding cake, and even a screen showing highlights of the wedding!

This was my MOST favorite part of the decor!
At 9, it was time for the lead out of new members. All of the ladies in the group line up making a path for the new members to walk down. We lined up with the other new members alphabetically, and of course we were first. Well, the announcer didn't call us! Oh well, he skipped us, we thought. Nope, the next name wasn't us either! Turns out the announcer totally skipped us. What were were going to do? Forrest decided we would just "lead" ourselves out, which is what we did! All of the members realized what had happened since we were just standing there in line looking lost, so when they saw us come out on our own a huge cheer went up! So funny!!! It was also pretty cheesy (but cute), but the announcer would say that "The members would like to welcome Mrs. Catherine Bailey, being escorted by her prince Forrest". Hahaha we laughed about Prince Forrest all night! (Although, I think he is pretty "princely". I mean, he is tall, dark and handsome!) After lead out, instead of serving heavy snacks or dinner, they served an "English Breakfast". Yummy yummy! While I don't think that cheese grits and biscuits with sawmill gravy are necessarily traditionally "English", the breakfast did not disappoint!!! I am starting to think more of the dance clubs should have breakfast food at the end!!
While we were parading around like royalty at Regency, my sister was modeling in Birmingham Fashion Week! She was selected out of 60 girls to be one of the models. I hated I had to miss it, but she sure looked amazing!

After such a fun night, we I slept in on Saturday. When I finally got up, Forrest was headed out the door to take some dental supplies out to Ohatchee, which had gotten ravaged by the tornado. I stayed home so I could get things (and myself) ready for Justin and Farrah's His and Hers shower that we were helping to host at my parents' house that night. After a while I realized Forrest had been gone for a REALLY long time, much longer than it takes to get to Ohatchee and back. When I called him to make sure he wasn't hurt, he said that the people at the Ohatchee drop off station asked him to stay and help clean up, so he was going to spend the afternoon doing debris removal. I was so proud of him and happy that our family was able to help in some small way. He said it looked like a war zone out there--terrible!!
While he was out saving the world, I had to quickly get everything ready for the party. I managed to get everything delivered to mom, make it to Mass, and then get back to my parents' right on time, despite all of the cooking and running around I had to do to even get to that point! When I got there I immediately started putting together the hostess gift/centerpiece, designed to look like the invitation. Isn't it adorable???

Overall, Justin and Farrah got some WONDERFUL gifts, gifts that I hope I get to share since they will be living down the street from me! :) It just goes to show that they have wonderful family and friends that care so much about them, and I know they realize that too!

Bride and Groom excited to open presents!

Me, Farrah, and Denise
On Sunday, ooh goodness did I sleep late. While I was lazing around, Forrest was out riding his bike. He loves that thing! He did some mountain biking that morning and right when I got up he called to say he was going to Duck Springs to ride his road bike some more. I had my own little afternoon planned, so that sounded ok to me. First, I stopped at Cracker Barrell to see my college roomie, Molly. Molly had been in Tuscaloosa, right in the path of the storm. The roof of her house was torn off, with her inside! Luckily she was ok, although scared to death! She was home to regroup for the weekend but was heading back down to Ttown to get back to work and to help in the relief effort. She was at CB meeting people for donations to take with her--what a doll! I just wanted to be able to see her and hug her and know she was ok!! After hugging Mols, I went to my parents' and had lunch with my sister and my mom. Afterwards, I went to see Lauren and Joseph and new little Hudson, who had all been displaced by the tornado. They live in Huntsville, and while a tornado didn't come too close to them, they had no power, and that was just not working for little Hudson!! I couldn't believe how much he'd changed in just over a week! I can't wait to watch him grow up (although not too fast!). After a quick shoppin trip, I got back home right as Forrest was pulling in. We spent the rest of the afternoon resting and just hanging out together, before going back up to my parents' for dinner. They sure did feed me a lot that day! :)
That night, right before I went to bed, I saw on tv where US forces had killed Osama Bin Laden. I couldn't believe it! We'd been looking for that guy for years!! I am not sure what the future holds regarding terrorism, but I do know that the world is safer without him running wild.
Anyway, that was our weekend! A tornado, wedding, tiara, fashion show, couples shower, bike ride, baby, and a terrorist. Who would have thought??
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