Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Week!

I know I just got the weekend post up but I felt like I needed to do one about the week, since it has been pretty fun so far (well, for me at least. Poor Forrest has been taking finals--boo!)
Tuesday I had a dermatologist appointment and was able to meet Jennifer and Ellen for lunch before hand! I LOVE these girls and haven't seen them in so long and so it was super to be able to squeeze in time with them. Jennifer picked a cute little Italian restaurant in Pepper Place called Bettola and I was glad to try it out. I was psyched because they had gnocchi but disappointed in the tiny portion size. It also kind of tasted like the gnocchi that I make with pre-made gnocchi and canned sauce. However, Ellen had a delicious lamb and goat cheese sandwich that she let me try so I will definitely be going here again and trying something different, or at least getting that sandwich! I am in both of the girls' weddings (and they were both in mine) so we had lots of wedding gossip to catch up on!
After lunch I had my appointment and then to reward myself for being so brave I swung by Yogurt Mountain (the dr had to stick an electronic needle in my face to kill a broken blood vessel and I am pretty sure that deserves a treat). I try not to go nuts at places like that and I maintained control, but then I was totally disappointed that I did because I had allowed myself only a tiny dollop of red velvet yogurt and it turned out to be amazing!!! I know they won't have it next time I go so I have to admit I am very sad about that! I also let myself run into Whole Foods to pick up a random ingredient I need for a new dessert I plan on trying this summer. I can't linger in that store or I will go nuts, so my self control was welcomed in there, at least by my wallet!
That night I whipped up some balsamic chicken before heading over to Hannah Murray's house to prep her for her Tiger Ambassador interview at her middle school. We had fun doing practice questions and picking our her outfit. I was especially excited when she pulled out a pair of houndstooth shoes with a red ribbon on them that she said she had outgrown and that I could have if they fit. Well for once my tiny feel came in handy--they fit perfectly! I left feeling sassy in my new shoes and confident that Hannah would made the ambassadors. *She just found out today that she did make it, AND 2 of the 3 questions she was asked were things we practiced!*
Yesterday was a fun day at work because we got to attend Judge Wayne Owen's retirement party at the courthouse. He wanted hotdogs at his party so my dad cooked them all morning. I am the treasurer of the Bar so for the past few weeks I have been writing checks like crazy for this party and I was kind of glad it was all over it so we could enjoy what I'd been paying for! The reception was lovely and I really enjoyed my afternoon cake and hotdog! I had planned on going to the grocery store and other mundane things like that after work but on my way back to work from the reception Forrest called and said he got to leave early and wanted to see if I wanted to go to the movies. Of course I did! We had a lovely impromptu date night and went to see Bridesmaids which was a scream! When we got home we caught up on some of our favorite shows on the DVR that we had been neglecting since Forrest has had these awful tests. We also played outside with Sonny and Ruffles until way too late (we have a perfectly positioned street light that lets us stay outside even when it is totally dark). Unfortunately, this proved to be a problem because Sonny wound up getting really hot and drank too much water too late at night and ended up having 2 accidents! Luckily it woke me up but I was not a happy camper while cleaning at 1am!! Poor thing, it wasn't his fault though!
I know that doesn't sound like any kind of an amazing week, but it is the little things that make the world go round! Hope your week is going well too!!


  1. Bridesmaids was one of the funniest movies I have seen in such a long time! No one else I talk to has seen it and I am so ready to drop quotes!

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