Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Weekend

This was kind of a whirlwind weekend. We were super busy, but also, in the forefront of our minds, was the devastation around our state due to the tornadoes. I was pretty shaken up about it, even though we had no damage and all of our family was safe. I was just so scared about my sister and cousins being so close to it (2 blocks) and I just couldn't get over it! I did get a little pick me up when I got home Friday afternoon--2 packages and BOTH for me! One was an 18 cup Pyrex measuring cup that cost me .60 cents! Yes, .60 cents! I hit a good online sale and got $5 cash back. I have been wanting a mixing bowl that I could microwave and this is even better since I can also measure in it! While perhaps it is lame to get excited over a mixing bow/measuring cup, I was even more excited about the 2nd package--my new kindle cover! Isn't it adorable???

Kate Spade leather cover in snapdragon pink with black polka dots inside--is this not the most adorable thing ever?? 
On Friday night I was SUPER excited to go to Regency, a dance club in Gadsden. A few months ago I got a call at work from one of the Regency board members saying that Forrest and I had been selected as new members for this year. I was THRILLED!!! As a Regency member, you get to wear a tiara to the ball. Lame? Maybe. Awesome? Totally, especially if you are me and if you love a good tiara! Another fun aspect of Regency is that it is a black and white ball, and I knew I already had the perfect dress in my closet. Hooray!! The dance also happened to be on the day of the Royal Wedding (no I didn't get up at 5 am to watch it, but I did DVR the entire thing) so it was "royally" themed! Since I was going to be wearing a tiara, I got my hair done that day too. I kind of felt like I was going to prom all over again!! How fun!! When Forrest and I arrived at the Country Club, there was a carriage outside! The board members thought it would be cute for the new members to get in the carriage for pictures, and you know I was game. I think Catherine Larkin and I (another new member and fellow book club girl) sat in the carriage for over an hour, smiling for the camera and waving to the guests as they walked in. I am sure we were a sight to be seen!

Me, Catherine, and Ramona, 3 of the new members

Princess Catherine? I could totally get used to this!
Forrest finally made me get out of the carriage and come inside since the dance was starting. It isn't as "happening" of a dance as some of the other clubs we have been too but there were so many people we knew there and we had a blast! Several of the "book club girls" and their husbands were there, so we all sort of hung around together all night.

Some of my sweet sweet book club girls!
Frances, Catherine, Farrah, me, and Kelly

Rocking our black and white

Aren't we super cute!

Posing with Prince William and Princess Catherine with the Banks, the Hayes, and the Carrs
The club was decorated "royally", complete with white centerpieces, a mini wedding cake, and even a screen showing highlights of the wedding!

This was my MOST favorite part of the decor!
At 9, it was time for the lead out of new members. All of the ladies in the group line up making a path for the new members to walk down. We lined up with the other new members alphabetically, and of course we were first. Well, the announcer didn't call us! Oh well, he skipped us, we thought. Nope, the next name wasn't us either! Turns out the announcer totally skipped us. What were were going to do? Forrest decided we would just "lead" ourselves out, which is what we did! All of the members realized what had happened since we were just standing there in line looking lost, so when they saw us come out on our own a huge cheer went up! So funny!!! It was also pretty cheesy (but cute), but the announcer would say that "The members would like to welcome Mrs. Catherine Bailey, being escorted by her prince Forrest". Hahaha we laughed about Prince Forrest all night! (Although, I think he is pretty "princely". I mean, he is tall, dark and handsome!) After lead out, instead of serving heavy snacks or dinner, they served an "English Breakfast". Yummy yummy! While I don't think that cheese grits and biscuits with sawmill gravy are necessarily traditionally "English", the breakfast did not disappoint!!! I am starting to think more of the dance clubs should have breakfast food at the end!!
While we were parading around like royalty at Regency, my sister was modeling in Birmingham Fashion Week! She was selected out of 60 girls to be one of the models. I hated I had to miss it, but she sure looked amazing!

After such a fun night, we I slept in on Saturday. When I finally got up, Forrest was headed out the door to take some dental supplies out to Ohatchee, which had gotten ravaged by the tornado. I stayed home so I could get things (and myself) ready for Justin and Farrah's His and Hers shower that we were helping to host at my parents' house that night. After a while I realized Forrest had been gone for a REALLY long time, much longer than it takes to get to Ohatchee and back. When I called him to make sure he wasn't hurt, he said that the people at the Ohatchee drop off station asked him to stay and help clean up, so he was going to spend the afternoon doing debris removal. I was so proud of him and happy that our family was able to help in some small way. He said it looked like a war zone out there--terrible!!
While he was out saving the world, I had to quickly get everything ready for the party. I managed to get everything delivered to mom, make it to Mass, and then get back to my parents' right on time, despite all of the cooking and running around I had to do to even get to that point! When I got there I immediately started putting together the hostess gift/centerpiece, designed to look like the invitation. Isn't it adorable???

Overall, Justin and Farrah got some WONDERFUL gifts, gifts that I hope I get to share since they will be living down the street from me! :) It just goes to show that they have wonderful family and friends that care so much about them, and I know they realize that too!

Bride and Groom excited to open presents!

Me, Farrah, and Denise
On Sunday, ooh goodness did I sleep late. While I was lazing around, Forrest was out riding his bike. He loves that thing! He did some mountain biking that morning and right when I got up he called to say he was going to Duck Springs to ride his road bike some more. I had my own little afternoon planned, so that sounded ok to me. First, I stopped at Cracker Barrell to see my college roomie, Molly. Molly had been in Tuscaloosa, right in the path of the storm. The roof of her house was torn off, with her inside! Luckily she was ok, although scared to death! She was home to regroup for the weekend but was heading back down to Ttown to get back to work and to help in the relief effort. She was at CB meeting people for donations to take with her--what a doll! I just wanted to be able to see her and hug her and know she was ok!! After hugging Mols, I went to my parents' and had lunch with my sister and my mom. Afterwards, I went to see Lauren and Joseph and new little Hudson, who had all been displaced by the tornado. They live in Huntsville, and while a tornado didn't come too close to them, they had no power, and that was just not working for little Hudson!! I couldn't believe how much he'd changed in just over a week! I can't wait to watch him grow up (although not too fast!). After a quick shoppin trip, I got back home right as Forrest was pulling in. We spent the rest of the afternoon resting and just hanging out together, before going back up to my parents' for dinner. They sure did feed me a lot that day! :)
That night, right before I went to bed, I saw on tv where US forces had killed Osama Bin Laden. I couldn't believe it! We'd been looking for that guy for years!! I am not sure what the future holds regarding terrorism, but I do know that the world is safer without him running wild.
Anyway, that was our weekend! A tornado, wedding, tiara, fashion show, couples shower, bike ride, baby, and a terrorist. Who would have thought??

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