Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Weekend

What a fun week/weekend we had! I just love that it has been so warm lately (excluding today, which is FREEZING) and we have been trying to take advantage of it! On Wednesday after dinner we hung around outside just enjoying the weather. By the end of the evening we ended up with 4 dogs (ours plus 2 friends) romping in our yard. It was crazy but so much fun! Ruffles was running in circles around the big dogs and they were wrestling and chasing sticks and tennis balls. We were thrilled to be the cool dog hang out on our street! :)

Sullivan, Libby, and Sonny

On Thursday night we had the Etowah County University of Alabama Alumni Scholarship Banquet. I was assigned to help with the sponsors reception before the banquet, which was great because I got to meet the guest speakers, Baron Huber and Corey Reamer and get pictures with them!
Corey Reamer

Baron Huber

Friday was a CRAZY day for me at work in the morning, but in the afternoon I got to go to Flowers by Rita to meet Greg McElroy, UA's quarterback for the past 2 years! Dad was stuck in court so I got to take his VIP pass. I didn't really know what that meant but I thought I got to go in early and break line to get a pic and his autograph. That was true, but what I didn't know was that I got to hang around all afternoon! Now, I was wasn't hanging with Greg all afternoon, (I actually wound up helping Rita answer the phone since it was pretty wild in there) but there was a cool reception for the VIP's and once everyone left we got to have more pics and get more things signed. They also had Greg a bday party! I got a really cool picture autographed for Forrest of Greg hopping down the sidelines during the SEC Championship game against Florida, and some pics.

My first meeting with Greg

Mom and Greg

By this time we were bff (haha, yeah right)
Happy Birthday to Greg! There was a cake there to celebrate!

If that wasn't enough fun for a Friday, I got a text from Farrah asking if we wanted to go eat with them in Oxford at Outback, our favorite road trip chain restaurant. Um, yes please! As soon as Forrest got home we met up with them and headed down to Oxford. We drove through an area that had been hit by the tornado and it was oh so sad. I had seen pics but they don't compare to seeing it with your own eyes. It was so weird to be able to see exactly where it went. The trees were all snapped and twisted and it kind of looked like my vision was slanted because everything was leaning in the same direction. Please keep praying for all of those affected by the storms---they are still dealing with the aftermath and will be for some time!
Dinner, as usual, was fun and yummy. Farrah and I had sangria (my favorite Outback treat) and I had some really great fish and Forrest had a steak sandwich that was to die for! Even though it was probably not the case, I felt like I hadn't talked to Farrah and Justin in forever so it was nice to sit down and catch up with them, especially about their new house and wedding plans! Plus, it was nice to have a relaxing and casual night out after we had both had pretty crazy weeks!
I was so reluctant to get out of bed Saturday morning. I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep!!! However, I am blessed with a go-get'em type husband who makes me get over my laziness and get moving! After a little breakfast we decided to take the dogs on a walk since it was so nice out. On the next street over we found an estate sale and we really wanted to check it out so we took the dogs with us and decided that Forrest would hold them both and I would take a quick run through the house and see if there were things we would be interested in. Well, I only made it inside the screened porch before I had to stop. Ruffles had wiggled out of her collar and was chasing me into the house! Crazy girl! I didn't figure these people would want my dog in their house so we ended up having to leave. I thought the excitement was over, but I was wrong. Not too long after we left the sale, I looked down and saw a dead baby snake on the road. I said "Hey look! A dead---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Ruffles stepped on the dead snake who turned out to be not so dead after all!! I picked up Ruffles and we high tailed it away from that snake. Now, he was probably no bigger than a few inches but I am NO fan! We had to make sure Sonny stayed away too because we knew he would want to play with it. Forrest determined that it wasn't poisonous anyway but still, I did not want us hanging around that slithering thing at all!! Thinking about it gives me the creeps still!! Luckily, the rest of the walk was pretty uneventful!

It looked like this but earthworm sized.
After church on Saturday night we went out to Duck Springs to send off Forrest's cousin Logan on his cross country road trip. How much fun!! We had a great time hanging with the Bruce Bailey's and their friends, and eating their yummy food!! After dinner, we decided to go bowling with Justin and Farrah. We were supposed to go with our Young Marrieds group at church but everyone was busy. Forrest and I had gotten all excited about bowling so we decided to go anyway and were glad Justin and Farrah were game too. OMG it was so much fun! I haven't bowling in seriously years but I managed a few strikes here and there (even 2 in a row!). Forrest was actually really good! On the 2nd game we raised the stakes--the winning couple would be treated to Saturday morning biscuits by the losing couple. I was sure I was going to make us lose because I kept getting gutter balls, but Forrest pulled it out in the end and we won by 2 points! Over all, it was super fun, although my wrist was sore all the next day!
On Sunday Forrest made pancakes and I ate mine in bed and was so lazy right up until the exact moment that I absolutely had to start getting ready. I am the president of the Etowah County Panhellenic chapter and we were having our annual recruitment information meeting with senior high school girls. I always love that meeting not only because I like to see the excitement on the faces of all of the girls, but because it reminds me of the fun I had during rush, oh so long ago!! Forrest had his own plans that day--working at Cahaba Valley Health Care clinic, a ministry that reaches out to members of the community that can't afford health care. He of course was in the dental department and had a great time serving the community and the Lord with his talents! Since the clinic was in Birmingham he made the decision to spend the night with my grandmother so he could save a little driving time. I went to my mom and dad's for dinner early so I could spend some extra time with them and so I didn't have to stay home all evening alone. On the way, I noticed Ruffles was acting kind of weird in the car and breathing really heavy, but I figured she was just thirsty and turned up the air because she likes to hold her face right up to the air vent (crazy, yes). Well she kind of climbed up into my lap (while driving, mind you) and laid down. Just when I was thinking how sweet she was she threw up all down my thigh and into the seat. If you know me at all you probably already know that I was not handling this well. I called my mom screaming and said I was going to the office (I was downtown) to clean up but she said that she had better cleaning stuff and to just suck it up and get to her house. Oh, how the extra 2 minutes killed me. Luckily she met me in the drive way with paper towels and carpet cleaner and we were able to get my car cleaned and in no time I was in side, wearing her pj pants, drinking a cup of hot tea. Thanks mom! By this time Ruffles was back to her old self--how lovely. I know that I probably could have left that part of the day out, but looking back it was pretty funny although totally disgusting. I am sure you moms out there are thinking "Ha, that is nothing" and it probably is, but to me, it was something!! Luckily, that was the end of the excitement for the weekend and I was able to enjoy dinner with my parents and get back home with no major medical emergencies or excitement.
Hope you all had a fun weekend too (maybe with a little less "excitement")
Sonny was worn out after such a fun weekend!

Sweet Stella taking a snooze. Ruffles is in the background. Aren't they precious!


  1. what a fun weekend!! I love your toile skirt! I actually saw Greg at the cc for lunch on Friday, and even though I am an Auburn girl, it was still exciting! haha.

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