Monday, June 13, 2011

2nd Anniversary

My, time flies when you are having fun! Before we knew it, we have been married for 2 years! I know, in the grand scheme that isn't a lot, but it doesn't seem like 2 whole years! Where does the time go??? To celebrate, I left as soon as I got out of court on Thursday afternoon and picked Forrest up in Birmingham and we headed down to my grandparents' condo in Orange Beach. Forrest has been looking forward to the beach for weeks. I kept having to give him the countdown of how many more weeks we had and what things we were doing before we got to leave. To us, the beach is total relaxation and that is exactly what we did! On Friday, we slept late, watched the Price in Right in bed (the lady won BOTH showcases--how rare!) and ate frozen pizza before we headed out to the beach. The weather was PERFECTION! There was a cool breeze and the water still was a little cool so we never got too hot. We enjoyed a full day of laying on the beach, reading, listening to music, and just doing NOTHING!

Enjoying the weather and my sweet husband!
We ate another pizza (very healthy day for us) for dinner and rented Blue Valentine, which was pretty sad so I don't recommend it, even though I love Ryan Gosling! On Saturday, it was more of the same! I finished the end of one book, another whole book, and then half of a 3rd in my 2 days on the beach. Again, we just laid around enjoying the weather and being with each other. When the run finally sank behind the condo, leaving us in total shade, we took it as a sign that we needed to head back in. For our anniversary dinner, we went to our favorite Italian seafood restaurant, Cafe Grazie. Delicious!! We went all out for our celebration: shrimp and artichoke soup, salads with their amazing balsamic dressing (which we got a huge go-cup full of), and of course, their awesome Italian bread with fresh roasted garlic, oil, and cheese! For my meal, I had lobster ravioli, which was not only one of the best things I have ever eaten there, but it also LOOKED pretty cool too!

Well, it is 1/2 eaten, but isn't the striped ravioli cook?
We even sprung for dessert (we are currently not eating sweets except on special occasions--wish us luck): the chocolate lover's dream: white chocolate chip cookie topped with enormous chocolate fudge brownie with whip cream and ice cream! Ahhh-heaven!

We were sad to pack up and leave yesterday, on our real anniversary, but alas, work calls! We did have a chance to get unpacked and to put the house back in order (we have been out of town the past 4 weekend and trust me, the house shows it) and get some errands run before going to have dinner with my parents. On the way home, we got a text from my cousin Sara saying they got a new puppy!! (Sadly, they had to put their beloved Golden Retriever, Chip, to sleep last week because he had cancer and it had spread to his lungs. We will always miss Chip, as he is the reason we got Sonny!) We immediately had to rush over to see the newest addition to the McCord family. Mac is the most precious cuddly little thing! He is 8 weeks old and is a very light golden retriever. He was pretty unsure of his surroundings at first but Forrest got him up and sniffing about. I can't wait to see him playing at the lake with Sonny this summer!

Isn't he so adorable!?
We also had the excitement of finding a snake on their porch!! Ahhh! You know I don't do snakes! Forrest spotted it lounging on the back of one of Aunt Sue's outside chairs. Finally, Uncle John beat it with a cushion and swept it off the porch (it was a good snake so he didn't want to kill it but no one wanted it hanging around the porch), but I hear it came back during the night! Gross!!!
While we may not have had the most flamboyant and extravagant anniversary, it was exactly what we wanted: time together, just us!!

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