Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baileys Daily

So it seems that all of my posts are recaps of our weekend or the fun things we do during the week. That was pretty much my intention when I started the blog: to keep a scrapbook of all the moments we want to remember. While we are lucky to be always on the go, I wanted to write a little about what we do "daily". Actually, our days right now are very different from our days when Forrest is in class. It really has been nice to have him home so much more! He is very sweet to help me around the house, to start dinner when I ask him to, and to complete little tasks for me that I don't really think I can do myself (like today he is fixing the overhead light in our bedroom--I can't reach it, let alone fix it). We are trying to enjoy these days as much as we can because when he is in school we have a lot less quality time together.
Generally, however, when Forrest is in school, our routine is mostly the same. He gets up at a ridiculously early time (I won't let him tell me what time his alarm goes off because if I know I will do that whole "I only have 1 more hour of sleep" mind game) and heads off to UAB for a full day of school. He has a couple of classes a day (although I think that changes this year so he'll have less) and then sees patients or is on different rotations. He likes working with his patients the best and I enjoy getting to see how dedicated he is to them. He takes pride in what he does and wants to be the best dentist he can be!
While he is dentist-ing, I go on to work. I get up and leave at a different time each day, depending on what all is going on. Sometimes I have court all day, other days I see clients, and on some days I do both, with paperwork and phone calls (and blogging) squeezed in. That is one of the best parts of my job--I never have the same schedule twice! Since Forrest is an hour away I also handle all of the errands and other tasks that need to be done--picking up dry cleaning, paying bills, etc.
After work, I usually go straight home (although there might be a quick grocery stop for meat, which I like to buy fresh at Johnsons on the day I am going to cook it) and get dinner started. While I'm cooking I try to squeeze in as many other tasks as possible, like sorting the mail, feed the animals, and attempting to straighten up the house before Forrest gets home. I also generally make him a lunch for the next day (adorably sweet, I know). Usually he gets home just in time for dinner or if he is "early" he goes and plays outside with Sonny. This is great for 2 reasons: one, it helps relieve the inevitable stress that comes from driving through traffic on the way home and two, it tires Sonny out, something that MUST be done each day! A little game of fetch is usually just what they both need!
Dinner time to me is sacred. I like for us to sit at the table, no tv, say our blessing together, and discuss our days, no matter what is going on with us and even if I cook a frozen pizza. This is usually my favorite part of our days, especially when he is really busy with school work. However, I have a great husband who gets to school early so that he can get his work done there instead of having loads of it when he gets home. After dinner, if the weather is nice (not too hot, not too cold--just right) we take the dogs on a long walk around the neighborhood. This is another time that I love the most--just us, chatting away, with no interruptions or distractions. Once we get home Forrest will usually finish up any lingering work he may have while I watch some trash I have DVR'd (I have very bad taste in TV, I admit) and usually by that time it is getting to be bed time. Most of the time we each read for a while before we actually go to sleep and I almost always stay up longer, since I don't have to get up as early.
Yes, none of that was very exciting, and I'm sure you are saying "Thank goodness she doesn't write about random Tuesdays". I just wanted to get out the basic framework of our lives right now, because we really only have 1 more year of this schedule and then who knows! I want to be able to look back and remember what a day in our lives during our 3rd year of marriage was like, 20 years down the road. Of course, we have fun things added into our schedule all the time, like book club, or one of Forrest's bike rides, or an impromptu dinner with friends, but basically, this is our Bailey life, daily.

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