Monday, June 27, 2011

Hodge Podge

This weekend was a veritable hodge podge of activities for the Baileys but it kept us on our toes! On Friday night we actually were excited to have basically nothing to do, considering the craziness of the past few weekends. My brother was in town so we did end up going to the Fish Market with him and my dad and sister (my mom had a migraine). Other than that, we just laid around all evening watching the Cosby Show. I ordered the first season over a week ago just for fun and we have really gotten into it! I forgot how funny and touching it was!
On Saturday, Forrest took part in the Barbarian Challenge. What is that, you may ask? Well it is sort of like an obstacle course race that was held at Noccalula Falls. It was Forrest's first time to participate and he was very excited--me, not so much. I tried to know as little as possible about the course so I wouldn't be scared for him. He and Jonathan and Denise were in the 11am heat and they did great and had a blast! Forrest got 3rd place in his heat (about 100 people) and we think 10th overall (out of about 600). He was covered in mud and hurt his toe but he pretty much came out unscathed, which is great, considering the crazy obstacles, like the smoke house filled with barbed wire and the electric shock tunnel!! Thank goodness I was NOT there to watch!!!
Forrest and Alex, one of J and D's friends from law school (these pics are taken from Denise's camera)

My barbarian friends!

The guys showing off their medals

Forrest's number, covered in mud!!! So were his shoes and clothes, and him!!!

Close up of his medal, which he proudly wore to Serendipity that night

Well where was I instead of cheering on my barbarian husband? I was at the wedding of my sorority sister, Amelia and one of Forrest's dental school classmates, Josh. It was unfortunate that Forrest had to miss but I had a great time nevertheless. Amelia looked beautiful in her lace gown and and I was thrilled to be able to see some of my sorority sisters that I never get to see! The reception was at a beautiful farm house situated on a lovely pond. They had a bluegrass band playing under a big white tent. It was so picturesque (except I didn't take a pic). Here are a few pics from Amelia and Josh's big day! We wish you guys all the best!!

Amelia's beautiful cake!

Groom's cake, with a replica "Josh" on top!

With Ashley and Erin, 2 of my sorority sisters who were bridesmaids

I had to include this, even though it is crooked--a RANCH fountain!

Cutting the cake!
After the wedding I rushed home so we could turn around and head to 4pm Mass. Poor Forrest was so tired but he sucked it up like any good barbarian and got ready too. After Mass we had another quick turn around (if you are counting that is 3 costume changes for the day) for a pre-Serendipity party at Jonathan and Denise's. Serendipity is another dance club in Gadsden and they honor several "Serendipity Singles" each year at the dance. Forrest and I were both "Serendipity Singles" the summers after we graduated college. At J and D's it was great fun to hear them talk about their stories from the challenge, especially since Alex, their friend from Law School, got first place in his age group, and therefore was showing off his prize--the barbarian helmet!! After drinks and munchies we headed to the Club for the dance. Forrest and I were new members this year so we got to participate in the lead out, which is always fun. We got lots of cheers from our "fans"! The air conditioning wasn't working well so it was really too hot to dance, which is a shame because I was looking forward to a fun night of dancing with the girls, but we had fun anyway, just hanging out and chatting with our Gadsden pals!

Forrest rocking his medal and J and D's

About to leave for the dance. This was my rehearsal dinner dress and I was so excited to get to wear it again! When we got out of the car some kids walking by asked if we had just gotten married. How sweet!
The next morning we were ridiculously lazy and I didn't get out of bed until it was time to meet my college roomie Molly for lunch. Davis and Forrest came along to the Flip Side Cafe with us as we tried to solve the world's problems over our sandwiches and sweet potato fries. Have I mentioned I love love love Molly and wish that she would move back to Gadsden?????? I got all of my grocery shopping done on the way home  and we did a quick clean up of the house because we were having an impromptu "puppy party" at 3. My sister wanted to bring her puppy Maggie over to play so we called Sara and Aunt Sue to bring Mac. My goodness at all the dogs, not only did we have the 2 pups and our 2 dogs, but Sullivan and Libby, 2 dogs from the neighborhood, ended up coming over for the fun too! It was hilarious to see them all running, chasing, and wrestling with each other!!! A storm popped up quickly so we brought the little dogs inside for some more fun. Ruffles was a little unhappy with all the hoopla but Mac and Maggie got along great and were wrestling and playing up a storm!!! I was so sad when they all had to leave!!!

Dog pile!

Mac and Maggie wrestling while Ruffles looks on disapprovingly
After the puppy party Forrest and I opened all the windows (it was still drizzling) and turned off the lights and started watching Hook, a movie that came out when we were young (20 years ago--eewwww-that makes me sound old). We both napped during it but oh it was one of those amazing rain naps that is just marvelous!!! We had to make ourselves wake up to go to dinner at my parents' house!! After the past few busy weekend that we have had lately and the random assortment of things we did this weekend, we definitely needed the rest!!! Have a great week!!!

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