Monday, June 20, 2011

Jess and Brittany's Wedding

Yes, that's right! This weekend we were at another wedding. I don't want to sound like we don't enjoy them, because there may be nothing I love more than a wedding, especially a wedding of one of our greatest friends! This weekend we celebrated the wedding of Jess Mann, one of Forrest's little brothers in the fraternity who also is in dental school, a couple of classes below Forrest, and his beautiful bride Brittany Breeding (how about that for some alliteration?). On Friday we enjoyed an amazing rehearsal dinner at the loft above Flower Stems, catered by Chef Bob. Holy Moses, the food was to die for! Kelley C and I made sure we were the first in line to load our plates up with some of everything on the buffet. There were salads, tons of different cheeses, the most amazing creamed corn I have ever had, roasted turkey and pork tenderloin with a bbq sauce that was out of this world, along with so much more! For dessert, well I had both options: blueberry cobbler with ice cream and the most amazing fudge pie! I was STUFFED but oh so happy about it!

Yes, I ate all of this!
Not only did we have great food at the dinner, but it was also nice to catch up with several of Forrest's fraternity friends that we don't see very often. We decided that we must start meeting more often, and hopefully we can start going to dinner together in Birmingham soon! We also saw a sweet slide show of Jess and Brittany and heard speeches from several of their friends. It was such a sweet night!
The next day I slept in while Forrest, Davis, and Denise went for a LONG bike ride into Georgia! They amaze me every time they ride!! When I finally got up, I did a bunch of house work I had been putting off, baked a cake for father's day, and got ready to head back to Birmingham for the wedding. Since Forrest was a groomsman, I had to drop him off at the church early and then had some time to kill before I had to be back for the ceremony. I stopped by Our Lady of Sorrows Church (the church where all of my Birmingham family goes) to see my Aunt Fran who was volunteering in the "Trash and Treasure", the rummage sale they host on the 4th of July weekend. I was able to snag some bargains before the sale started. Also, Justin and Farrah happened to be in town, so I got them to stop by to see if they found anything that they might need for their new house. They had great luck and lucked into some awesome deals on some Christmas decor! After my bargain hunting I went to my grandparents house to relax and to get ready for the wedding. I was able to eat a big snack and finish my book before I had to start getting ready--this is what I consider a successful day!!!
The wedding ceremony was at Trinity Methodist and it was very nice. Brittany's bridesmaids wore red dresses which looked great in the sanctuary. The real fun was at the reception at The Club. We got there about 6:30 and even though it was VERY hot we got to enjoy the outside terace overlooking the city of Birmingham while we sipped our cocktails in an effort to keep cool. Again, Kelley and I had to start the food line (we have decided we are always attending weddings together from now on, since neither of us are shy about being the first ones to eat) but I am so glad that we did. The food was quite tasty and included sushi, crab cakes, carved beef sandwiches, and my favorite, mini turkey and cheese sandwiches on a stick! Just when I thought I couldn't eat any more, they cut the beautiful wedding cakes from Olexa's. Never being the type to turn down cake, Forrest and I decided we'd each get a piece of the groom's cake and we would share the wedding cake. Delicious!!!


After we ate, it was time for the dancing to begin, which was a perfect way for me to attempt to burn off all of the calories I had just consumed. The band was Az Izz, which is a band that the Lambda Chi's had frequently while Forrest was in college. However, they "clean up" and also do weddings and I have to say they were totally awesome! For the first hour, they played some great motown hits, and then after that, they mixed it up with some newer, hipper songs. For example, they played "Shout" , followed by Nelly. It was a great mix that kept us dancing all night. It was actually just like being at a band party in college, except much cleaner!! I would definitely say that the highlight of the evening was the fireworks show! All of the guests gathered outside on the patio to watch the 10 minute extravaganza. Just when we thought it was over, it kept going! It was so beautiful and romantic!! We were having so much fun all night long that I hardly took any pictures, but here are the few that I did manage to remember to snap.

They had choreographed a first dance number

Smiling with the happy couple

Over looking the city with my sweet hubby

One of the lovely arrangements. I loved the flowers that were down in the vase

All the Lambda Chi's. They were screaming some fraternity chat. It was total chaos!
Sunday was Father's Day, so after church we went straight to the Bailey's for a steak lunch prepared by Davis. I presented my Gooey Nutella Cake, a recipe Aunt Fran found in the paper and mailed to me. I have to admit it was a HUGE success! I will definitely be making this in the future! The weather was great so we spent part of the afternoon just sitting on the Bailey's patio, watching Sonny run through the yard.

Sonny loves Davis, so much so that he tried to climb up in his lap while we were eating lunch!
Next, it was home for a much needed nap for me while Forrest kept himself busy in the yard. Then, as usual, we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner, where Daddy had to cook his own father's day meal of boiled shrimp and steak kabobs. Yummy yummy! We definitely were fed well over the weekend!! After dinner I stayed late to watch the Miss USA Pageant with my mom. We decided we needed to get ourselves pageant savvy since my sister has started competing in them. If you have been a faithful reader of my blog, you remember that my sister was 3rd runner up to Miss Alabama USA, and if she had won, we would have been watching her last night!
I hope you all had a great Father's day and I hope our father's and grandfather's know how much we love them! Thank you all for everything!!! Have a great week!

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