Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day, 2011

What a weekend and week! Clearly I have been busy, since I am just now getting around to posting on a Thursday! Hopefully after this week everything will slow down for the Bailey's! Forrest's last day of class was today---hooray! No more tests (for a while, at least)!! We have both been looking forward to his summer vacation over this past month especially. Now, he will be busy doing research and other things during the summer, so it won't really be a "break" but it will be a break from tests and hopefully stress!
As for Memorial day, we had a lovely weekend! On Friday evening Forrest went camping with some friends as sort of a bachelor party for Chris who is getting married on the day before our anniversary. They went to Tennessee and camped and rode mountain bikes and on Saturday they rafted the Ocoee. They had a great time and I am so glad Forrest has friends to do this sort of outdoorsy stuff with since it is not exactly my cup of tea! Instead, on Friday, I represented the Bailey's at our "out of town" Supper Club night. It was actually our turn to pick the restaurant and Forrest was so sad to miss, but he really wanted to hang with the guys and be there for Chris. So, off I went with the crew, solo. I didn't 'mind, especially since the food at Classics on Noble in Anniston was DELICIOUS! I had the Shrimp and Grits, which is on the list of 100 foods in Alabama to try before you die (or something like that) and I totally agree! It was SO good! I was sad Forrest wasn't there because he would have loved everything on the menu, but since he wasn't, we have a great excuse to go back soon!
Once I got back from dinner I loaded up Ruffles and we headed to the lake to spend the weekend with my family. I was really excited because my sister had just gotten home from Italy AND my brother was coming AND he was bringing his friend Laura who I love. I knew it would be a great weekend!
On Satruday we got up early (well, me, dad, Roy, Laura, and Matt did) and went to Trade Day in Collinsville. I was excited to see Laura's reaction to her first Trade Day experience and she couldn't have handled it any better! She actually got some great trade day purchases, and so did I! I found some tennis balls for Sonny, a colander, and some bag clips--total: $4! As usual the people watching was spectacular and we got to see all sorts of fun oddities. Forrest had to miss this trip too and boy was he upset about that. He LOVES trade day! :) Oh well--there is always the 4th of July!

Cat made out of shells--niiiiiiice!

I took this specifically for my friend Deborah. I thought it was darling!

Dad's new elephant for the back yard. He added the peanut himself.
We spent the rest of the day laying out on the pier and floating in the water before heading to the Condra's for dinner.

Forrest and Jay acting tough on the water

Sonny was sad he couldn't ride the jetski
On Sunday, after going back home for church, it was more of the same! Rest and relaxation!!!

Buddy taking a mid-day siesta

Forrest thought this would be a good idea

Ruffles did not agree (although she was much happier being so much cooler)
Dad made ribs for dinner and I convinced everyone to play charades, which was actually hilarious!! On Monday, it was time to head back home and get ready to go back to life as usual, but you just can't beat a 4 day week!
This week has been pretty fun, despite a crazy court schedule for me and finals for Forrest. On Tuesday we had the annual Inns of Court cook out at Judge Millican's lake house, but before I went to that I stopped by to see Jenny and her new precious baby, Emily Catherine! Emily was the perfect baby. She laid in my arms for a whole hour and didn't make a peep! I loved looking at all of her cute girly baby stuff. Congrats Adam, Jenny, and Sam on a great addition to the Sollie family!  Last night we went to Trussville to see The Hangover 2 with Justin and Farrah. So funny, but it was highly inappropriate, to say the least! HOpe you all are staying cool and busy too!

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  1. Please tell me you bought the shell cat.... No home would be complete with out it!


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