Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Model Citizen

My life has been put in rather harsh perspective lately: my little sister has started modeling! I'm not talking like Kate Moss modeling or anything, but lately she has done a few "gigs" and I am really really proud of her (although I might secretly hate her, just a little bit, for her ridiculously long legs and the 4+ inches in the height department that she has over me)! I wanted to share some of her images with you below. These were taken by Leslee Mitchell a workshop she held in Nashville. Isn't she talented? I hope she doesn't mind me showing off some of her work (which I swipe off of MMM's facebook page). Again, let me reiterate that I did NOT take these pics. Far be it from the lawyer sister to infringe on someone's copyright! Actually, MMM tells me that Leslee was a lawyer! How neat!


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