Monday, July 11, 2011

A Bachelorette Party, in pictures

 Last Thursday Farrah invited me to go on her Bachelorette party to Trussville for dinner and Sips n Strokes. We had a BLAST, and I think the evening can be summed up most metaphorically with my art work (term used loosely, of course).
 Arrive at Farrah's to meet up with group. Have a fun ride with Claire to Trussville, discussing her upcoming wedding and house purchase.
 Arrive at Olive Garden in Trussville. Wait for a table while discussing most people we know and some we don't.
 Kicking it up a notch, get seated and meet our waiter, a young looking guy who seems scared to be waiting on our group. He offers us a complimentary "sip" of some white wine which we accept. When he brings our drinks, he promptly spills 3 glasses of water down my legs. I am just glad it wasn't the peach sangria. Cold is one thing, cold and sticky is another.
 Panic when the OG takes their sweet time to serve us ANYTHING, despite repeated requests. We have a deadline, people! Finally get our food in time to scarf it down in 10 minutes so we can make it to our painting appointment.
 Arrive late to Sips n Strokes but luckily they haven't started yet. We have to sit in the very back. Clearly, we are "those girls".
 Have a very enjoyable time painting the "crazy shapes" picture, even if we are less than pleased with our own artistic abilities and even if some of us (meaning me) almost have a panic attack because we are much too "Type A" for all of this paint slinging and free handedness. Also learn that no art should be viewed close up, according to Claire, our fearless instructor.
 Enjoy a fun girls' night out with friends, celebrating Farrah's entry into the ranks of the married. Chill out and get a little crazy with the puff paint.

 The fact that this is fuzzy is highly appropriate for the evening!!

A great night out with some great girls!!! We love you Farrah!!!

(NOTE: my loving husband hung my picture up in our den as a sweet surprise. I can't imagine it will remain there long, but the more I look at it, the more I think I could totally do this for a living, should I be able to somehow transform into Type B. That has happened before, right???)

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