Monday, July 18, 2011

Justin and Farrah's Wedding

WOW we have been waiting for this weekend for a LONG time! It doesn't really seem like it was that that long ago that I was giving Justin ring tips and waiting by the phone anxiously awaiting a call from Farrah' saying that he'd proposed!!! The fun began on Friday afternoon at Gina Coggin's home for the bridesmaids luncheon. I was not a bridesmaid in the wedding, but I was Farrah's "logistical engineer", meaning that I was in charge of all of her "stuff" on the day and most importantly I was in charge of her car and getting her presents to her house. Gina hosted a LOVELY party all by herself and it was the perfect way to have a little girl time before the big day!

The lovely place settings! In the boxes were chocolate covered nuts and candies. However, I didn't realize that there were chocolate covered cocoa beans and ended up eating tons of them, and was NOT able to sleep at all Friday night!

Lovely invitation

Me and the bride!
My brother was coming in from ATL for the wedding so we went out to dinner with him and my parents on Friday night. He and Forrest made fun of my newly "shellacked" nails that I had done earlier that day, but other than that we had a lovely evening! On Saturday we got to laze around until it was time to get ready for the wedding. While I was putting on make up I noticed some red lights out of the window. When I looked out there was a car picking up Justin from his house! I ran to Forrest screaming "I see the GROOM" and he was like, "uh, you mean our friend Justin??" Clearly I was very excited for them! We went to Mass before heading to First United Methodist Church of Gadsden for the wedding. Since I was picking up the bride's stuff I got to have a sneak peek before the ceremony. I literally SCREAMED when I saw Farrah! She looked so lovely and happy!! The ceremony was so sweet and before you knew it, they were married! Hooray! Then we dashed to the reception for some yummy reception food, cake, and dancing!!! We had a great night and couldn't be happier for our sweet friends and neighbors!!! We love yall!!

Pre-aisle picture

The beautiful cake!! It was DELICIOUS!!!

Cutting the grooms cake

Massively beautiful arrangement

Me, Laura and Kelly. I think this is such an adorable picture of us!

It's hard to believe that had our wedding reception here over 2 years ago!

I LOVE this pic of us!! You will probably find it framed in my house soon!!!
Jonathan, Denise, Farrah, Justin, Me, Forrest

Dancing the night away to 2nd Coming Band, who also played at our big day!

We love yall! Can't wait to be actual neighbors!!

Sweet Sweet Sweet

We can't wait to be a part of Jay and Claire's big day next year!!!!
On Sunday, Forrest had tons of work to do in order to get ready to start back to school today. It is his LAST first day---how exciting!!! While he stayed busy I went to see Harry Potter with my mom, sister, Matt, Matt's mom, and Davis. Then I stocked up on some goodies at the Belk Registry Completion Sale (I got a Shark steam mop for a ridiculously low price--I am clearly all about cleaning right now) and made my grocery run before going to dinner at Mom and Dad's. Cornish hens=awesomeness!!!
I hope everyone's weekend was fabulous too!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for posting this, Catherine! I wasn't able to travel to the wedding since I'm an enormous pregnant whale at the moment, but Jason had a blast. I love seeing all of the pictures. Hope to see y'all this fall for some football games.


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