Monday, July 25, 2011

Pillows, Thai, and Girlfriends

Last week my friend Deborah was going to be in Alabama so we of course had to make plans to get together. We decided since she would be in Birmingham that Randi and I would each drive in and meet her for dinner, since we are each just an hour away. I had a dermatologist appointment that day so I was there early and had some time to kill. I did a few necessary errands and then with my left over time, decided to head into Steinmart since they were having a clearance. I usually can find some cute shoes there during the clearance sale, but this time, it was the home department that drew me to it. I had been looking for some throw pillows for the guest room for a while but just couldn't decide which direction to take the design. I had added a deep purple throw to the gold and brown bedding and really liked the way it looked, but it just wasn't tied together very well. THEN, I found these really cool elephant pics and hung them a few weeks ago.

I thought these were so funky and cute, and you know I love elephants.
Forrest is less than impressed with these guys.
It gave the room kind of an "Indian" feel especially with the jewel tone colors, but it still wasn't tied together all that well. Luckily, I found some amazing deals on throw pillows and I think now the room looks like a Moroccan oasis (or something like that). What do you think??

Aren't these so awesome??? See why I had to have time? The back brown one was the only one I had before I found the new ones.

Brownie thinks it looks great!!
ALSO, I found this little guy and I there was NO WAY I could leave him behind, so I managed to find him a home in the living room.

Deborah's birthday was in June and I hadn't seen her since then, so I had her birthday present in the car with me to take to dinner. However, I also managed to find a pillow for her that I knew she would love, and she did!!!

Snuggles on a pillow!!!
We had a great time catching up at Surin 280 with Deb, Randi, Deb's college friend Katrina, Deb's sister Carla, who was in from Dallas, and Carla's friend Elizabeth. It really means a lot to me that we are all able to make time to get together, even though we all live a few hours away from each other. Love you girlies!!!

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