Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red White and Blue

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating our nation's birthday! After going to Philadelphia and seeing "where it all began", the 4th was a little extra special to us this year (although last year we were in LA watching fireworks in the Rose Bowl--doesn't get much better than that!!!). This weekend we had plans for a long weekend full of fun, sun, and relaxation at the lake, our traditional 4th of July venue. After a wonderful dinner at the Bailey's on Friday night (full of veggies picked right out of the Bailey's garden--yum!) we headed up to the lake. You could feel the stress and every day hustle and bustle of every day life melt away as we got closer and closer! When we got there my parents, sister, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins (and 2 dogs) were all sitting on the deck outside watching tv and telling tales. It felt great outside and so we all stayed up way too late just enjoying each other and the great weather!
The next morning we got up early for 4th of July weekend Trade Day, another McCord tradition. We had a huge group with us but we all stayed together as we walked up and down the aisles. We were so lucky to find this little gem, and Forrest was able to haggle the guy down from $3 to $2, so he had to buy it!! It was definitely the best Trade Day purchase of the whole group!!

That's right! We got this lovely potato dish for $2. :)
That afternoon, after taking a little nap with Mac, the "other" McCords new puppy, we hit the pier for some fun in the sun. It was WAY to hot, so we spent most of the afternoon floating or taking wave runner rides to the Condra's and the Murray's lake houses. It was Aunt Sue's birthday, so we celebrated with steaks for dinner and chocolate cake, made by my mom. YUM!!

Sonny's first boat ride! He was worried at first, but then he loved it!

Mac was a little scared so he just hung with me on the boat

Mac loved playing in the water, especially with Aunt Sue and Sara!

MMM was so sweet to throw Sonny's ball for him!

Yes, this happened. They went really slow and only down to the Condra's (4 houses down) but Sonny LOVED every minute of it! He is definitely a water dog!

This was pretty much how I was all weekend long
The next day, after going back into Gadsden for church, it was more of the same: lounging, floating, boating. Can you see why we were anxious to get up there for the weekend???
That night, we hosted our annual 4th of July celebration for all of our "lake" friends. Dad cooked chicken AND ribs and we had the usual sides: Harriet's Zeta Potatoes (hash brown casserole), Barbara's baked beans, and Joni's 7 layer salad. Mom made my favorite 4th of July desserts, blueberry sour cream pie and peach delight (which Mrs. Joy usually makes but she couldn't come this year). What a spread, right?? We were all so full and happy after dinner, but it wasn't over. It was fireworks time! Davis and Trey manned the fuses this year while the rest of us piled onto the pier to watch. We had a GREAT show this year (even if they were exploding a little close over our heads). Don't you just love fireworks? I love sitting out on the pier in the dark, watching them sparkle all down the lake. It is just magical, if you ask me!
On the actual 4th of July, we slept late and started the daunting task of cleaning up and packing up. I thought I might want to stay and get some more sun, but the thought of getting all sunscreened up again and sitting outside sweating for the whole day just didn't appeal to me any more, so after we ate lunch, we packed up and headed back home.

Mac was so sleepy too!!
Once we got there Forrest was in full "get stuff done" mode and I was in nap mode. I slept most of the afternoon and when I woke up it started to rain, so I ended up watching Father of the Bride (one of my all time favorites) on tv until time to go to Mom and Dad's for dinner (Italian Hamburgers--delish). We left kind of early because I was still so tired, but Forrest convinced me to ride up to the top of the mountain and check out the fireworks over the city. They were very nice so I am glad that I did!!
Now, we are back to the same old routine, but feeling a little better after such a relaxing weekend!!! Hope you all had a great 4th too!!

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