Friday, July 15, 2011

Reviewmba of our new Roomba

I honestly do not know how I have made it through 27 years of my life without this magnificent piece of machinery!! I am pretty sure that it has and will impact my life in the same way that my other favorite household gadgets have; namely my DVR and my delayed start washing machine. REVOLUTIONIZED is probably the better word to use here. Forrest and I have been "in the market" for a Roomba for like, ever, but they were always out of our price range and I just wasn't sure that it would be worth all the money (I mean, after doing the math I could have just paid my housekeeper to come every week instead of every other week for a year and I would still have money left over--I think.) Anyway, the other night Forrest saw that the daily deal on was in fact an iRobot Roomba 440 for like 1/3 of the cost!!!! With no hesitation we ordered it an it arrived yesterday!!! However, so did my sweet housekeeper (maybe I should add her to the list of things that have revolutionized my life too) so my floors were dust and dirt free, so I decided to try it out in the basement--dun dun duuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!! (Insert scary movie type scream here). Our basement is unfinished but is honestly one of the best features of our house. We can put SO much down there! It has a concrete floor and the heating and cooling runs down there as well for optimum storage climate. We store just about everything down there from Forrest's outside yard stuff to ski clothes to our exercise equipment. However, I also do my laundry down there and the cats have their stuff down there so there is a fair amount of fur and lint and then of course dirt from the outside. We never bring people down there and because of that it gets cleaned the least often (I mean, why would you, right???). Needless to say, it was a big job and I figured I might as well figuratively throw Roomba (I refer to him by his proper name, just like I do kindle) into the deep end and see what he could do. He totally passed the test! He cleaned until his little battery died and that was like 2 hours and I didn't even charge him all the way (I was much to excited to wait on something like that).  I think I am going to start setting him each day before I go to work and let him clean while we are gone. How nice will that be!!!
Now for some bulleted review notes:
1. Roomba is SUPER easy to put together. I did it all by myself before Forrest got home and really all that needed to be done was to snap in the batter and plug him in! I also cleaned him out mid-basement cleaning and that part was easy too! I took out the filter, lint tray (which is pretty big and held a LOT) and the brushes and they just snapped right back into place. This is a HUGE plus! He also comes with a cleaning brush that is plastic but works like a charm. These Roomba people have thought of everything!!
2. Design: it looks pretty sharp if you ask me, but I take off a tenth of a point for the fact that while it is charging the big light on it is orange, making it orange and blue and of course that color combination is unacceptable in our house. It does turn green when it is fully charges so hopefully I can ignore the offensive orange every now and then. Otherwise, it looks super cool and space-age-y if you ask me.
3. Function: holy crap this thing can clean. Forrest even mentioned that it looks eager to clean! Haha. It goes under tables, sofas, beds, everything and it refuses to get stuck!  I know there are end tables that I have never vacuumed under because a regular vacuum won't fit and moving the bed and the sofa is pretty impossible for me on my own, so already Roomba is doing way more than I ever could/would. If it finds itself in a jam, it just rotates around and goes the other way!! Now, I doubt it will go under my kitchen chairs, but if I move them out it should get all around the legs of the kitchen table. I would much rather move chairs than vacuum any day! ALSO it has this little side sweeping brush that cleans corners and under cabinets and down baseboard to ensure that no dirt is missed! Hurrah!!
4. Durability: I watched it bump into everything in the basement from a kayak to the washing machine to an open bag of dog food and there isn't a scratch on it. It even sucked up a curtain cord and I just knew it was ruined but it shut itself off and I unraveled the cord and it was back on the job! Obviously, we are going to have to pick up anything that it shouldn't suck up and Roomba-proof any cords or wires but that is pretty easy.
5. Biggest fear: One of Forrest's friends put on his facebook one day that his dog had an accident and the Roomba "found it" and smeared it all throughout the house. Now, my animals are not known for accidents of this nature but oh the horrors if something like this was to happen!! Surely I can do a quick accident check before I start it and things should be fine.
6. Coolest feature: the virtual walls! I actually haven't used them yet but I will when I use it upstairs. These allow you to confine Roomba to a smaller area so he cleans better. It says it can do 2 full rooms on 1 charge, but of course it just bounces to where ever it feels like going so it is better to confine it to get maximum cleaning results.
7. Neat side effect: the cats are enthralled by it!!! Sonny did lick it but found it less than appealing but Brownie and Stella couldn't take their eyes off of it! I am pretty sure that Forrest secretly would like for them to be able to ride on it but I doubt that is going to happen.
I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone, especially anyone who has pets and little time to vacuum every day! Anyone out there thinking that they might get one too???
Three of the adorable reasons I need Roomba!!


  1. Thanks for the review! I wondered how it was after you talked about it on fb(?). One question though, is it loud or does it make any noise? I'm afraid if I set it to go when we went out that it would freak our dog out if it's loud. Otherwise, I think it would be such a great investment! Our cleaning lady comes every other week too and with (soon to be) two kids our floors are dirty almost as soon as she leaves!

  2. Ah I forgot to mention the sound. It is definitely less noise than a regular vacuum but it does make a whirling sound. It was kind of like having a ceramic heater or something on. I could definitely sleep through it!

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