Monday, August 29, 2011

The Little Red Book of Wisdom

My latest Booksneeze book was The Little Red Book of Wisdom, by Mark DeMoss. What a surprise, it actually is a little red book! DeMoss is the head of a PR firm that manages some large accounts, such as the Promise Keepers, yet they do so in their own way and do not compromise their values. The book is divided into chapters that each teach a different lesson, everything from honesty to not drinking. The book was very interesting and was a very quick read. I finished it all in one night, actually. From a PR standpoint, the book is fantastic and I would recommend it to any company, especially in marketing, to suggest or require their employees to read. On a personal level, however, it was a little harder to relate to. Don’t get me wrong, each of DeMoss’s lessons can be practiced by the individual. However, he gives examples of how he practices the lessons in he business life and not as much in his personal life, which makes it more difficult to access. It was nice to read all about why he was as successful as he was in business, but for me, I really would rather have read about how he used the lessons on a more personal level. He did that some, but definitely not enough for my taste. I’m glad that he was successful, but how do I relate that to my own personal life, or even my business life? Even though I’m not in PR, I feel that half of my job as an attorney is marketing myself and my client, and because of that, the book was helpful to me. However, if you were in a different profession, you might not find his strategies relatable. This may have been the point of his book all along, but when marketed as “the little red book of wisdom”, without any more detail as to “wisdom for what or whom”, then many readers may not get into this book very well. Overall, it was an interesting book to read and very informative for the right audience.

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