Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This weekend was a whirlwind of parties, and what could be bad about that???
On Friday night my sister and I threw a surprise 30th Anniversary party for our parents (our brother was unfortunately out of town--boo). I had been planning this party with my Aunt Fran, Aunt Sue, and Mimi since April and it was SO nice to see it come to fruition! I got lots of compliments on the food, cake, flowers, everything!! My parents were really excited and they had a great time, which made all of the planning and hard work worth it!! Farrah was my expert photographer and she still has the pictures, but I promise to post lots and lots when she gets them ready. Here is a sneak peak to keep you wanting more!!

I have to tell a funny story from Friday, the day of the party. I had taken the day off work because I knew we had SO much prep to do that there was no way I could do both. I stayed up late on Thursday night working on party stuff and my plan was to have Aunt Fran call and wake me up when she left Birmingham so I would have time to throw on a T-shirt, pick up the cake, and head to mom's house (yes, we threw her a surprise party in her own home) to prepare. Well, at 9am, Sleeping Beauty (me) was in fact awoken by a phone call, not from Aunt Fran, but from my office. OH HOLY CRAP--it is never good when you see the office on the caller ID. My sweet sweet assistant Rachel first of all asks me if I am in a good mood. "Um, no, considering I was asleep and now you are asking me if I am in a good mood which always means that I am about to be in a bad mood." She proceeds to tell me that my Uncle John is sick (another lawyer in the firm) and he has a hearing at 9am today and the Judge (a guest to the party, may I add) will not continue it for him and I have got to get to court to cover it. "Ok it is at 9am--what time is it now?" I ask. "9:03." Panic ensues!!!! Luckily I had all of my party supplies packed into the car the night before (being Type A really paid off in this situation) except for the food, so I threw all of that into the car (literally--if you were at the party and you noticed that the rolls were smushed, that is why). Then I proceeded to get ready. I have to admit that there is next to nothing that will provoke me to leave the house without washing my face and brushing my teeth, but I have no problem skipping hair and make up. I threw my make up in my purse, put sunglasses on my head, and was ready--minus an outfit. WHAT TO WEAR???? I have to pick out my clothes the night before or else I will stare into my closet forever trying to make an outfit appear. Well, obviously I had no outfit picked out so I was starring, which isn't useful when you are already late. What did I do? Yes, I turned around, saw yesterday's suit still lying on the bed, threw it on and rewarded myself mentally for only going to court in Cherokee County the day before so the only person who could know that I had done a wardrobe repeat would be Davis my brother in law and I wouldn't see him anyway! Haha,crisis averted!! I was at the office by 9:20 (where I dropped off the food AND Ruffles) and in court by 9:30. Mind you, I did run into Davis in the parking lot and he says to me "Hey, didn't you wear that yesterday?". NOT what I needed to hear, but I was in too much of a hurry to get too worked up about it (although I kind of am now that I am reliving it). No one else noticed that I had on day old clothes and someone actually complimented my hair! POINTS for me for having naturally crazy hair every day of the year!!!
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT normally wear dirty clothes (not that they were actually dirty) nor do I go to work without at least attempting a good hair and make up performance.

On Saturday, a MUCH less stressful day, I went to Anniston to help hostess a baby shower for Forrest's cousin (well, my cousin too) Leslie. OMG it was so super cute! Take a look for yourself!!

E-gads at the baby swag!

Me and the Mama to be
Once I got home I was exhausted from party over load so I laid down for a power nap. 3 hrs later I woke up! Luckily my super power charged nap got me ready for our next event of the night, the Tyn Tymes Reunion concert. The Tyn Tymes is a band from Gadsden that plays great "dancey" music from the 60's and 70's. We go every year and have a blast! This year Justin and Farrah and Jay and Claire came too! We always have 2 tables and every one brings food and drinks (I brought tons of party left overs!). I usually stay until the bitter end, but after such a long weekend, we ended up calling it a night early. Still, we had a great time dancing and snacking the night away with our friends!

Sunday was thankfully WAY more low key and I totally needed it. I spent most of the afternoon after church putting away my party paraphernalia and getting acquainted with our new Directv while Forrest studied for his boards. As a thank you for being such great helpers at the party on Friday, Justin and Farrah came to Mom and Dad's for dinner with us that night. After a feast of bbq pork chops, it was time to head back home for some much needed rest!!!

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