Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Elephants

Last year Forrest and I put got on the Red Elephant Club (REC) waiting list and this year we were accepted to the group! It is basically a group of Bama football fans that get together for speakers and such. This past weekend was our first event--a scrimmage in Bryant Denny Stadium!! On Friday night (after a great dinner and lots of fun at the Bailey's) we could hardly sleep from excitement--it felt just like the night before a real game! We headed down to T-Town (this was my 2nd trip in 2 days--me and Mom went on Thursday to watch the skit at the AOII house and had dinner with Randi) dressed in our game day finery. We met the group (I would say about 200 men and a few women--women have only been allowed as members for about 2 years) in the North Zone for game day lunch and to watch the scrimmage. I was so impressed with the Zone! It was like the Stadium Club that we go to except that you can actually see into the game from the windows. How nice!

Me and Mal Moore, the Athletic Director, in the Zone
We ate quickly and set out to watch the game in the BOILING heat! I snuck down to the bottom row of the end zone and snapped a few pics before joining Forrest, Uncle John, and some friends between the uprights. We got SO hot we had to move around the stadium to the shade, but it was SUCH a fun time! It was kind of like A-Day but of course with less people. It was VERY quite, almost eeriely so, in the stadium. I thought that was pretty cool though because we could actually hear Coach Saban hollering out orders to the team and you could hear the pads crunching and the feet pumping on the field. SO NEAT!! Forrest and I wandered down to the field level to stand at the fence--as close as you could get to the action! It was so much fun to have that view--we usually are watching from the upper deck!!

After the practice we went back into the Zone and got to hear Coach Saban speak. He was really funny and jovial and laughed a lot, which is not how we are used to seeing him! He had some exciting things to say about the team and he really fired us up about the season, if the day hadn't sufficiently done that already!!

After the scrimmage we had to run to my sister's house (who was asleep--it was bid day!) to change for our next event: Chaz's engagement party! Chaz and Forrest have been dental school classmates and he is such a fun guy! We wish him and Audrey the best!!! The party was in Birmingham and it was so nice to spend time with Forrest's school friends. I really only get to see them when there is an event so we had lots to catch up on! The party was in the home of an avid hunter, like, of African animals. I know that some people are really into that but it is just not my cup of tea (call me soft and que the Sarah Mclachlan music). Despite the stuffed kingdom (and Auburn pics--haha) we had a lovely time celebrating the couple with Forrest's classmates. I can't believe that they are about to finish school! On one hand it seems like Forrest will never be done with school but on the other, it seems like he just started! I guess that is how time goes though!

After such a fun Saturday, a restful Sunday was a must! Forrest studied and I did errands and slept most of the afternoon. We did have time for a nice walk and dinner at my mom and dad's. Please think of Forrest this week, as he will be studying like crazy! His boards are upon us and I know he would appreciate your support and prayers!!!

ALSO--fun for us, we got a new bed on Friday, and it is a KING size!! Yipee!! Now I am on the hunt for a cute duvet cover and I would love any suggestions! We have chocolate curtains so I would love to be able to find something to match them so I don't have to redo the entire room. Thanks for your help!!
Does this mean I get to sleep in the bed now??

This doesn't mean Sonny gets to sleep in the bed now, does it?


  1. I love "que the Sarah McLachlan music." I'm right there with you. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

  2. This is the one I have and I LOVE it! that one could be nice with brown

    This would also work with brown

    There are ton's more though


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