Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress

Do any of you watch that show?? Clearly I am revealing my love of reality tv by admitting that I have it dvr'd. But, have any of you ever been on that show??? I HAVE!!! Yesterday I spent my day here:

With these lovely girls:

Ellen, Hannah, me, Katy, Christine, Lauren, Crystal the consultant, Kara, Kate Downing, Paige, Caitlyn, Emily, Nicole
To find a bridesmaids dress for THIS beautiful bride's wedding:

Are you excited? I am!!! We owe it all to Claire for signing us up and for doing such a great interview that we got picked! We spent the entire day filming yesterday in ATL and had the greatest time. I don't want to go into too much detail because truth be told I didn't really retain any of the clauses in the release we signed so I might not be able to say too much, but I will give a full review once the show airs, IF it airs. Just because we were filmed doesn't mean we will actually be on tv, so cross your fingers that "the dirty dozen" will air next season!!!
Here are a few highlights:
-My pledge sister Kelsey was one of the assistants on the show! How cool!

-We didn't meet Lori or Monty, as they are primarily on the "Brides" show, but we did meet the consultants, Crystal, Courtney, and Brandon (shown below)

-We did "say yes" to the dress but I won't spoil it!
-I am NOT heavily featured--no interviews with me or anything like that. I didn't act like a cuckoo just to get on TV and no one else really did either.
-We did have to take a couple of "retakes" when they needed a shot from a different angle or when one of the girls (me!) did something they liked, but over all it was probably as close to "reality" as you could get under the circumstances!
-I give the whole experience an A! I mean hello, I got filmed for tv!!!
-Favorite line from the day comes from Paige: "I am using this as a stepping stone to get on Toddlers and Tiaras. I can't wait to spray tan my baby!" Cross your fingers that they air that, as it was hilarious!!

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