Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thoroughly Modern Weekend

Again as I sit here typing I feel as if I could fall asleep because of the busy weekend we had, but I am not saying that is a bad thing!! Last week was crazy busy at work for me and Forrest was into his 2nd week of school so we were SO ready for the weekend by Friday. Also on Friday I had to take Ruffles to the vet for her shots and to get her teeth cleaned. Poor little girl came to us with the worst looking teeth and with a almost-dental-professional in the house, that just wouldn't fly. We went back and forth between letting Forrest clean then and letting the vet do it and I finally determined that I would just roll it all into one visit when I took her for her annual shots. Well, that meant that she had to be put to sleep and for some reason this freaked me out beyond belief. I agonized over it ALL WEEK LONG and almost backed out at the last minute, but I managed to hold it together. Of course, Ruffles was delighted to take a car ride on Friday morning but not so delighted to be at the vet. She sniffed and sniffed for a while before deciding that this was NOT the place for her. I had to hold her because she was whining so much. Luckily, our sweet vet staff came out and pet her and just lifted her from my arms to take her back. She was such a good and brave little doggie! I was in court all morning so I didn't even have a chance to think about it until lunch, and when I called to check on her they said she was doing fine. I picked her up about 4:30 and she was a little sluggish (as was I) so we went right home and took a nap. Forrest woke us up when he made it home and by that time she was perked back up to normal!
While Ruffles enjoyed a feast of her favorite wet dog food, we went with our supper club to dinner at the Fisherman. Sarah Kathryn and Mark decided that since everyone had been having such crazy weeks that it would be nice to just stay in town for our "eating out month" and I for one thought it was a great idea too. The food was delicous and of course we enjoyed catching up with each other. The most interesting topic of the night was the fact that Denise's car had been stolen from in front of her house! Luckily it was found a few days later but was so disgusting she didn't even want it back!! Eeeewwww!
On Saturday we were busy little bees around the house. Forrest is preparing for his boards so he was a studying machine, but managed to squeeze in a little yard work as well. I had so much to do around the house but I was able to get lots of things accomplished, including inventorying the pantry and freezer and steam moping the floors with my new shark mop. I also had to get ready for Sunday (you'll read why soon), and get ready for the week (again, more to come) so it was all I could do to get everything finished. By the time I was finished I was exhausted, as you can imagine. I was sad to have to miss my friend Jennifer's fun girls sleep over in Birmingham, but with everything I was trying to coordinate, there was just no way I could handle it. Actually, at the last minute we decided to go see our friends Jay and Justin Rogers in the Theater of Gadsden's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. We came racing in on 2 wheels and I didn't even have time to fix my hair but it was nice to sit down for 3 whole hours AND the guys were totally hilarious as the Chinese brothers! Another great perk of the evening was one of my very very bff's, Molly, was there too!!!!

On Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn to go to early Mass. We never do that, but I had organized a trip to ATL to see the Braves game for our Young Marrieds group so it was necessary. Everyone met after mass and we all piled into the vans that the church rented us for the occasion and off we went! There was a delightful stop at Jack's for breakfast and before we knew it, we were at Turner Field. Now, I was super proud of myself for being so creative in planning this trip, but it didn't even dawn on my that it would be BOILING outside at 1:45 on July 31st. It just never occurred to me! OH MY GOSH it was ridiculously hot. I thought we were all going to melt from the heat. Now, we had a GREAT time and talked and laughed together the entire day, but we also sweated and sunburned together too! The Braves unfortunately lost the game but it was pretty fun nonetheless!
Once home we were able to get dinner with my parents and let them in on a little surprise we had for them (more on that next week!!!) before pouring ourselves into bed. The heat had drained us and all I could think about was getting into the cool sheets and falling asleep!!!

Jesse and Jenna Payne with Jenna's sister and bf

Adorable Connors family!

There are lots of fun things on the horizon this week so stay tuned!! I hopefully will have a great post coming Wednesday, so look out!! (just FYI this has nothing to do with babies, so stop thinking that please!!!) :)

***OK so clearly this post should have been before the previous one to make the last sentence make sense. Sorry. I was just too excited about being on TV!***


  1. I'm glad you said that about babies, cause that was totally my first thought ;)

  2. I have to admit that it was my first thought too!! :)


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