Monday, September 26, 2011

Arkansas Weekend

Yes, I know I have been titling my posts after Bama's weekend opponent, but that is how we measure our time now. "Was that before the Florida game?" "No, I think we bought that before Arkansas but after North Texas." So see, if I didn't title my posts this way, my mental time line would be way off.
As for this weekend, again, fun to the nines!!! (I don't think that is a complete sentence but I am pretty sure the drift has been gotten.) Forrest and I went to the GCHS game on Friday night--something I like to do at least once a season. Our city combined its three high schools about 5 or 6 years ago and now our alma mater doesn't exist any more; therefore, the Titans are our team (as any home team should be!). I try to get to a game at least once a season to see my cousin dance with the dance line and my aunt suggested I come this weekend because they were playing a big rival---Hoover. Yep, that team from 2 a Days on MTV. I was able to talk Forrest into coming with me and we really did have a great time!! The band did a Beatles show and it was really cute. The team also looked pretty good until the end and sadly they ended up losing. BOO!!! We were also happy that our friends Paige and Susan came to hang out at the game with us. They are in dental school with Forrest but they have been my friends FOREVER and I have been missing them so much! After the game we went to them to get frozen yogurt (even though I made a strong push for hot chocolate--it was chilly outside). Mmm mmm mmm!!! The inventor of the self serve frozen yogurt chain deserves his millions. I absolutely love those kinds of places and Friday did not disappoint! Praline and white chocolate yogurt mixed with toppings? I think YES!!!

I am not looking my best in this pic but Sara looks amazing!
On Saturday we picked up Justin and headed down to Ttown for the game. I was a little nervous because this was our first SEC game and Arkansas was supposed to be tough. Well, obviously not TOO TOUGH for the TIDE!!! We slaughtered them and it was awesome! We just looked so dominant! I didn't even care that we were in the sun roasting the entire time because the game was so intense! The fans were so loud and into which always makes it more fun! Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to scream and yell and not be thought crazy???
After the game we hung around with our game day pals reliving the win and celebrating our victory before heading back home. We listened to sports talk radio most of the way home and enjoyed hearing all of the callers sing praises about our team. Can you tell we were a little excited?? We started to get hungry and Forrest saw a sign for pizza and commented on how we haven't had a delivery pizza in ages and wouldn't that be good. Well, enter the smart phone and hungry girl in the back seat. I called a Papa John's about 15 miles ahead of us, ordered a large meat lovers pizza, and we picked it up 15 minutes later, right as it came out of the oven. Talk about fast food! We ate it all the way home---what a good idea!!

Randi and I about to head out to the game.

On Sunday Forrest did yard work and took a long bike ride with Davis, something he has been missing since he had to start studying for the boards. I took my mom to see Les Miserables for her birthday! We saw it over 9 years ago in New York after I graduated high school and I fell in love. I remember after the show I felt like there was no way that I could leave the theater--I didn't want the magic to be broken. I mean really--who would have thought you could take a French classic about the Revolution, add music, kill nearly everyone, and still make people like it? Add music to anything and my mom and I will watch it and cry and love it. I remember her making me watch musicals when I was little so I could appreciate them when I was older, and I definitely do appreciate them now. It was only appropriate for me to surprise her with tickets to the show when I found out it was going to be in Birmingham the weekend before her birthday. We had a WONDERFUL time and I have been singing the songs in my head all day long. After we got home we had a delicious tenderloin that Dad made for us and called it a night. So much emotion in one weekend makes us very very tired!!

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