Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Lately it has paid to be a dog (or cat) in the Bailey household!! Please take a look at the spoiled rotten little critters we have created.

There are no words for this--at all. She just loves to watch the water go round

I caught Sonny and Sullivan playing tug of war, after they ripped up the weed mat from the flower bed.

The curtains have tails

5 more minutes???

Sonny sleeping on the floor even though he has a mat, bed, and blanket.

I found Brownie on top of the old mattress. Wonder how she got up there? I fear it involves claws.
My favorite pic of Brownie---ever

Stella sleeping on Labor Day

How many sleeping critters can you find?

I sleep in the middle of the king size bed, thank you very much

A happy boy!

I found these rascals on the bed the other day. Ruffles is clearly unamused.

PLEASE let me stay!!

Helping me clean out the closet

Cleaning out Forrest's drawers

Enjoying a nice day outside

Sonny and Libby playing in a mud puddle after Tropical Storm Lee

Sullivan joined in the fun


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