Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jennifer's Wedding

This weekend was ridiculously fun for me!! Yes, only me, since Forrest was studying like crazy for his boards. Boo boo boo! They will be over soon so he will be able to make his re-entrance to society and the blog! Hooray!
My weekend started Thursday evening with dinner at El Tapatio with Rachel and Laura. Have I mentioned lately that I love them? Without a doubt, I laugh the most when I am with them. We have known each other since Rachel and I were 2 so we have lots of memories to look back on!

Friday officially kicked off Jennifer's wedding weekend. Jennifer and I were in law school together and she was a bridesmaid in her wedding and I was so honored to be one for her. All of the bridesmaids met at the Garden Cafe at the Birmingham Botanical Gardes for a luncheon Friday afternoon. It was Breakfast at Tiffany's themed!! How adorable!!
(From here on out, the wedding will be best described in pics, so sorry there are so many, but NOT sorry that they show just how much fun this wedding weekend was!!)

At our place settings there was a picture of us and pearls, sunglasses, a crown, and one of those cool smoking stick things along with a Tiffany's box of candy. SO adorable!

Don't we look fancy!!?? I didn't want to take off those gloves. They were so much fun!
After dress up, Jennifer gave us the sweetest gifts, including a monogrammed bag and an apron!

We had dinner at The Club. James Spann (yes, the weather man) made a special congratulatory video for Phillip, who is a huge weather buff!! Each table was decorated with pictures and mementos from trips the couple took together. Every detail was attended!!
Getting ready to walk down the aisle! Jennifer was so calm and collected! We had a great time getting ready together and laughing. Right before it was time, we each signed her shoes with a special message or memory. I wrote "I love you more than football", since the wedding was the same day as the Bama game. I would be there for Jennifer, no matter what day it was!

The cake by dreamcakes was magnificent AND the best bride's cake I have had this wedding season! I am typically a stickler for almond flavoring and buttercream frosting, but Jennifer's cake had lemon flavoring and OMG it was to die for!!

Phillip's cake was red velvet and also amazing, even though I am not a huge red velvet fan. It isn't that I don't like it, I just don't get all the fuss. This one, however was worth lots of fuss! The Fondant elephants may have helped that out a bit too!!

Bride's cake and her teddy bear. Barnaby has traveled everywhere with Jennifer, including our girls beach trip during law school and was the ring bearer in her wedding! He is currently accompanying her on her honeymoon!

I had to include a close up!

Our group of law school girlfriends!! (Lauren, me, Jennifer, Beth, Shelley) We had such a fun night eating, dancing, and catching up!! Jennifer and I are the only ones who are still in state so it was a great reunion!! Beth was an awesome date for the evening!!

Congrats Jennifer and Phillip! I was thrilled to be a part of you special day and wish you the best of luck! Love you guys!!

The rest of the weekend was very low key. While Forrest studied I watched movies, napped, and snacked for the better part of 2 days. I had planned to be productive, but the power went out on Monday (Labor Day) and so half of the things I wanted needed to do still remain on the to do list!! Hope your Labor Day was nice and relaxing as well!!!  Stay tuned!!


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