Monday, September 19, 2011

North Texas

What a fun weekend we had! It seemed like it zoomed by! Friday night we went with our Young Marrieds group at church to the Wills Creek Winery. 5 couples came and we could not have had a better time! If you have not been out to the winery and you are in the Gadsden area (or anywhere close--it is worth it) you should definitely make time to do so. Our group got to sit outside for our tasting which was lovely because the weather was perfect, as was the view! We ordered a cheese, cracker, and meat tray and then began our tasting. The owner was so sweet to do the tasting for us himself and gave us facts on the different wines and how they were made. We tasted at least 15 different kinds! We all ended up buying at least one bottle before leaving. Forrest and I bought the "ROAR", which is a cranberry merlot (I think). ROAR is one of the wines that they sell to benefit the Tigers for Tomorrow program which is just a few miles up the road. I liked that aspect about it AND because it tasted "Christmasy" to me!

Our group with winery owner, Jahn Coppey
After our tasting we went to Garcias, a Mexican restaurant in Sardis (where I am the judge). We had SO much fun laughing, talking about football, and just having a great time! We pretty much had to make ourselves leave because the restaurant was closing around us. We had ridden with our new friends the LeBlancs so after dinner we hung out at their new house for a little while before heading home. We had packing for Tuscaloosa to do!!!

On Saturday we got up way too early and headed down to Tuscaloosa with my parents. Can you tell that someone is excited to be headed to their first game of the year???

In the morning she refused to get out of bed and we had to drag her to go outside. Then when she realized that we were going somewhere she refused to go back in the house, lest she get left behind. She stood right next to our bags so we would remember her. Silly girl!
We had the greatest time in Ttown, as we always do. We ate our traditional pregame Taco Casa, watched the other games during the day, and spent time with our "football friends". We went to the Stadium Club for dinner---yummy Mexican lasagna, among LOTS of other things. (I have got to find a recipe for that---it was SO good!). Then, it was up to our seats for our first home game of the season. ROLL TIDE!! What a great win over North Texas!!
Since the game was so late, we stayed the night at my sister's house and went to church in Ttown the next day. Coach Saban and his wife and Coach Cochran (the strength and conditioning coach--the one that is always jumping up and down and screaming) were there. To me, not only is it pretty cool to see them at church, I think it sets a great example for the players and fans that the coaches make it a point to go to church each Sunday, even though they are probably exhausted and have lots to do to prepare for the upcoming game. After church we went to FIG for their Sunday lunch buffet. I hadn't been since the Sunday before I took the bar exam but it was as delicious as I remembered. I just didn't remember how expensive it was. Oops!!
Once we got home, Forrest and I decided we needed to get some exercise so we took a jog around the neighborhood and then a good nap! We finished up the night at my parents' house for dinner.
We have a fun week ahead so stay tuned!!!


  1. I do not know if the recipe is like the one you have, but I use one of the Tables of Content Cookbook that is always a hit for Mexican Lasagna type stuff. It has vegetables and meat so I always "feel better" about eating the massive portions I eat of it. If you want, I can scan it for you.


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