Monday, October 31, 2011

Save the Hooters

I was very excited to participate in the UAB School of Dentistry Cake Off for a Cure this year. I think it is a great cause, and on top of that, my grandmother had breast cancer so I like to support causes like this when possible, and this one is especially fun! You pay $10 to enter your cake and then after judging they sell the slices for $1 a piece and all of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. This year I made "hooter" cupcakes--owls!! I had seen the idea on pinterest and while my cupcakes didn't look nearly as cute as the picture, I thought they were precious. Forrest actually saved the day with some awesome frosting skills. I didn't win but I had so much fun participating. The following pics are terrible but hopefully you get the gist!

3 simple ingredients: Oreos, M&Ms, and candy corn!

Forrest added the ears and feathers. My frosting skills are severely lacking.
I had the cupcakes diplayed on this cake board that I made.

A Year of Weddings, in Review

This has been the year of the wedding for the Baileys! Basically, since May, we have had something to do every weeekend, and most of those somethings included weddings or football games. I love nothing more than a good wedding. The presents, flowers, dresses, everything!! I really don't understand how you couldn't like a good wedding, myself. Anyway, my sister was asking me how many weddings we had been to this year and if you count the 1 in December 2010, we went to a grand total of 11! Also, we had to miss 2 (sorry Chris and Tammy and Gus and Amy--we love yall!), so that would have brought our total to 13. If you are keeping track, we already have 3 on the agenda for next year!! Here is a recap of our best friends' weddings!

Kendall and Chris. I thought she looked so beautiful!!! The country club has never looked better and her "Christmas in a Glass" dish was a huge hit (with me, anyway!)

Mr. and Mrs. Wills with our law school girlfriends Shelley and Jennifer. Sarah looked stunning!!
Laurie and Bradley, Forrest's fraternity brother. We loved their reception venue--Smith Hall in Ttown!
Me and Becka the lovely bride. We loved going to PA for Frankie and Becka's big day!
2nd Lambda Chi wedding of the year.
Brittany and Jess, another Lambda Chi! They had an awesome fireworks show and we partied it up, college style to Azz Izz!
Isn't my sorority sister Amelia's dress stunning? This is my favorite pic from her wedding day, even if it is of her back side!
Dental School friends Strud and Allison. They gave out toothbrushes as favors--too cute!
Road Trip buddies Farrah and Justin's big day!! When the got back from their honeymoon, they moved in down the street from us!
All the AOII"s at Ashley and Cliff's wedding. They had some pretty amazing lobster macaroni and cheese that I never want to forget!
Another law school wedding for my sweet sweet friend Jennifer, the new Mrs. Dean! I was so honored to be a bridesmaid on her big day!
Last but not least, Zach and Kelly--the last Lambda Chi wedding of the year (or at least, that we are attending)
We were so honored to be a part of our friends' special days!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for each of you!

Zach's Wedding Weekend

Although no one had been looking forward to this past weekend more than Kelley, Forrest and I had also been anxiously awaiting Zach and Kelley's wedding. On Friday I rode down to Montgomery with Jay and Claire (Forrest was reading in the wedding so he left from school early to get to the rehearsal on time) to the rehearsal dinner at the Governor's Mansion. Yep, you read that correctly--the actual Governor's Mansion! Zach and Kelley both work for Governor Bentley and he was gracious enough to host the dinner in the mansion. I was a little disappointed that the only rooms we were able to see were the dining room and the bathroom, but I supposed for matters of security, they couldn't let us run wild around the house. We feasted on a wonderful bbq dinner and afterwards Zach and Kelley's close friends gave told funny and sweet stories that had me in tears. Afterwards, we went to Wes and Taylor's apartment for the "after party". They live in a building that used to be the department store where Rosa Parks worked and the bus stop that she began her journey on was right outside. The history of the building was lost on the group, however, as it party was reminiscent of a Lambda Chi party back in the day, just with cocktail attire! It was so much fun to see old friends and as usual the girls were left alone while the guys talked "guy stuff" or whatever they do. It is a good thing that all of us "Lambda Chi girls" like each other!

Powder room in the Governor's Mansion. I felt it warranted it a photo!

Forrest, Me, Jay, and Claire with the Governor
While the rest of the group spent the night in Montgomery in the Renaissance (where, coincidentally, the entire Auburn football team was staying before the game. I can only imagine how that went down with our die hard Bama group), Forrest and I drove to Selma to stay with his grandmother. We definitely don't get down there as much as we should, but this was the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with Nana Frith! Thanks to her, Saturday was one of the best days ever! I slept until about 9 when Forrest came in to tell me that he had picked up Jack's for breakfast. After eating and chatting for a while my head started to hurt so I decided to lay back down until the headache passed. Forrest had been up early so he wanted a quick cat nap as well. At 11:45, we woke up!! How lazy were we! Then Nana Frith treated us to lunch at Grumbles. Basically, by 1pm, all I had done was sleep and eat! What a fabulous day!
We got to the wedding a little early, which was wonderful because the neighborhood around the First Methodist Church was beautiful and historical! We love old houses so Forrest and I enjoyed driving around the neighborhood picking out the best aspects of each house. If we ever build a house, we will have a pretty detailed "must have" list!! The church itself was magnificent and the wedding ceremony was beautiful. Kelley wore and ivory lace tea length dress and mint green heels with one of those cute nets in her hair. She was stunning and her wedding outfit was so "her". She and Zach were both fighting back tears during their vows and you know I didn't handle that well! I'm such a sucker at weddings! After the wedding we made our way (after getting lost--ooops) to the Wynfield Estate for the reception. Apparently this is the only other home owned by the State and belonged to the Blount family. Now, don't quote me on that, because some one told me that story, but I wouldn't imagine anyone would make that up. The estate itself was lovely. I was freezing all night because the reception was mostly outdoors, but we had such a great time it was hard to worry about that. We love you Zach and Kelley and wish you all the best!! I am trying to find time in our schedule to go out with all of our Lambda Chi friends in Birmingham. Hopefully I can make that happen soon!!
Strawberry cupcakes! Yuummmm!

With the happy couple!

Fraternity friends

Monday, October 24, 2011

Third Weekend in October

You all know what that means: TN weekend! Hooray!!!
Let me back up first. This week was very stressful at the Bailey house because Forrest was preparing for his last round of boards. These were the "practical" boards, where he actually performed dental work on real teeth! To prepare, he stayed late at school practicing all week long, so I was alone a lot. I did get lots done on my own, including sending out the Service Guild Newsletter. I had to keep myself busy or I would have been too nervous thinking about his test! He left on Thursday and was in Nashville until Saturday. He should find out today if he passes: CROSS YOUR FINGERS!! I feel sure that he will pass, but the waiting is torture!
While he was in Nashville, I actually had lots of fun things planned. I feel a little bad that I was out and about and he was up there in test mode!! On Friday night I went to the Autumnal Ball at the Country Club. Forrest and I had been invited as new members this year and I hated not to go since we paid anyway. Plus, lots of our friends were new members this time as well, so I knew I would have lots of friends to hang out with. The best part of the night was the BREAKFAST! I love dances with breakfast at the end--I mean, who doesn't like breakfast foods? They also had a pancake and waffle station. I was really disappointed that Forrest was there to enjoy that.

Chaos trying to get all these girls to look at one camera!
Kelly, Holly, Jenny, Amy, Claire, Frances, Claire
Catherine, Me, Kelly, Alie
Yes, that is 2 Claires, 2 Kellys, and 2 Catherines!
On Saturday my parents picked me up at 9am for the ballgame, which wasn't until 6pm but we like to get there early! We stopped at Brunos and imagine my surprise when they had a Blue Bell truck handing out free cups of ice cream. 2? Don't mind if I do! We also celebrated the grand re-opening of the Taco Casa on 15th Street. This was one of the buildings that took a direct hit from the tornado. Luckily, everyone inside was ok, but the people in the surrounding buildings weren't so lucky. We eat Taco Casa every game day and the re-opening was kind of like a symbol of hope in Ttown, like, the rebuilding is going and everything is going to be ok. Maybe that sounds kind of silly, considering it is a fast food chain, but in situations like this, you gotta hold on to something, right??
I spent the afternoon hanging out with many many friends! Hooray!!!

Like my roomie for life, Molly

And the new Mrs. Dean!!! (Yes, she is a TN fan and yes I still love her)

And Randi and Deborah!! What a fun reunion!
The game was NOT so much fun during the 1st half, but after half time, it seemed like our team realized they were actually playing football, and kicked it up a notch! I have to admit, it always feels great to beat TN!! ROLL TIDE!!! Now we have to get ourselves psyched up for LSU. 1 v. 2. Duh duh dun!!!!!!! Oh I am already so nervous I can't stand it!

Surprise! I ran into Wendy at the game! Love her and miss her LOTS!

Since Forrest couldn't be there, MMM got to sit with us.
On Sunday Forrest and I decided we needed to take separate cars to church because we had planned to go eat lunch with his parents and then he and Davis were going biking and I had a baby shower. I left for church first and after about 20 minutes of sitting alone, I got pretty worried about the whereabouts of my husband. I text him and he said that the back tire of his bike fell of while he was driving down the mountain from our house--oh no! He looked for an hour and still couldn't find it. I decided to run home after church to see if I could help and on the way, I found the tire! It was right where I suggested it might be--in the yard of someone at the bottom of the hill. Thankfully they had found it and put it next to their mailbox, making it easy for me to spot! Hooray! I saved the day! Forrest was so relieved!
We had a great chili lunch at his parents' house and then the boys scurried off to ride and I had to head to Kate Tang's baby shower. Although it was Auburn themed (hehehehe) it was so beautiful! She got some gorgeous things for baby Xavier and I can't wait to meet him!
The rest of the day was kind of a wash--grocery store, a quick nap, and dinner at my parents before going to bed early. Forrest and I are both so tired and we still have not recovered from our respective weekends! I don't think there is much rest for the weary, as we have lots more on the horizon. Hope you all have a great week!!

Fun pic to leave you with: Sonny's Halloween costume! He is a banana split! He did not care for the banana hat!

*****UPDATE~Just heard from Forrest--he PASSED!!! Hooray! Thank you all for your support and prayers!!*******

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ole Miss Recipes

Here are the recipes I made this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Bama Caviar

2 cans black eye peas, drained
1 can white corn, drained
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
4-5 green onions, chopped with tops
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium green pepper, chopped
1 jalapeno pepper, chopped
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup fresh parsley
2 small cans sliced black olives
1 bottle Italian salad dressing

Mix together and cover to sit over night in the fridge. In the morning, drain and serve. I used little toasted bread but tortilla chips work nicely too!

Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel Brownies
(makes about 12 bars)
1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
2/3 cups chocolate chips (optional)
1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
1/3 powdered sugar
1 3/4 cups crushed pretzel pieces
6 tablespoons butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour an 8×8 baking dish and set aside.
Combine melted butter and pretzel crumbs in a bowl until moistened. With the back of a spoon, press pretzels into the 8×8 pan making a crust. If pretzels seem loose, drizzle some additional melted butter over top of hit with a quick shot of non-stick spray.
In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, then add vanilla. With the mixer on medium speed, add in cocoa, flour and salt, mixing until combined – about 2 to 3 minutes. Fold in chocolate chips. Using a spatula sprayed with non-stick spray, evenly spread brownies on top of pretzel crust. Set pan on a baking sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until brownies are baked through.
When brownies have about 3 minutes left baking, melt peanut butter (I melted mine in the microwave in 30 second increments then stirring) in a bowl. Once melted, stir in 1/3 cup powdered sugar and mix until no lumps remain. Pour over warm brownies and spread evenly. Refrigerate brownies for 1-2 hours, then cut into bars and serve.

Article printed from How Sweet It Is:

--check this page out for tips and pics!

Ole Miss and Other Things

Happy Monday all! Hope you all had a great weekend like we did!! First, I need to telll you about our awesome Thursday night at the St. James School $10,000 Give Away. This was our second year to go and just like last year, the party did not disappoint. This year, however, our Young Marrieds group at church went together and we had a blast. The 10K is the school's largest yearly fundraiser and it really is a great party. Me, my brother, and sister all went through the school and my mom taught there for something like 12 years. Needless to say, it is a cause near and dear to my heart! The 10k is not only a reverse drawing for $10,000, but they also have a silent auction, bingo, and a raffle for a mini fridge stuffed with steaks and a wagon full of alcohol. There is also dinner AND an open bar! Who would not want to go to this party???? While we didn't win the big bucks (although our friends the Paynes got fairly close and Jay got in the last 12 tickets!) we did have an awesome time! Forrest was tearing up the silent auction, as per his usual. I swear he loves nothing more than a silent auction. He did stress me out by "uping the bids" on several items that I did NOT want him to win, including a PUPPY (can you believe my self control at not leaving with that dog??), but it all worked out in the end. He won a fancy pants wine bottle opener (much better than the crappy one we have from IKEA--although we LOVE Ikea!), a 3 month gym membership including free hydro-massage, AND, his most favorite score of the evening, a personal reserved parking spot at the church, with our name on it! Now we won't have to build extra time into our leaving for church routine for parking space hunting, which thrills him.
The next day I had to drop Ruffles off for her "spa day". She was in terrible need of a good bath, hair cut, and nail trim and since it is such drama when we try to do those things ourselves, we bit the bullet and made her an appointment. Now, you may remember that we had drama the last time we took her in for grooming because they SHAVED her, so I was very nervous that it would happen again. I did, however, take a picture of her after the shaving and told the groomer that under NO circumstances was I to return to a dog that looked like the one in the picture. I must say that they did a GREAT job on her and she looks perfect---still shaggy but much neater!
On Friday I also had a lot of cooking to do for the weekend. I had already made some "Cowboy Caviar" for us to take to the ball game the next day, but I still had some cupcakes to do AND I was bringing a dessert to dinner at the LeBlanc's that night.Thank goodness Forrest got home a little earlier than expected because I was flying around the kitchen like a crazy person and really needed a second set of hands to help witht the cupcakes. Of course, he shamed me by being a much better cupcake filler (I had bought the box mix of "Fun-da-middles" cupcakes that you fill with cream) and better cupcake icer than I could ever hope to be. Who knew he was so talented with sweets??? That night we had a wonderful time at the LeBlanc's. Shannon made some delicious shrimp and asparagus risotto and everyone LOVED my dessert. Forrest said it was one of the best desserts I had ever made, which made all that crazy running around worth it.
The next day we got up BRIGHT and EARLY to head over to Oxford, MS for the Bama game with the Hayes. We met Jay, Claire, Ellen, and Nelson, in Tupelo and caravaned the rest of the way. The 8 of us had planned a tailgate, which I had really been looking forward to and which was why I was cooking like crazy this week. While we weren't in the Grove, we did have a great parking spot and enjoyed the afternoon hanging out together.

Our super classy tailgate

Forrest's perfectly decorated cupcakes (I did the sprinkles)

Our tailgate group!

Before the game we did make it over to the Grove, which was totally crazy. It was SO packed with people which made me pretty nervous (crowds are not my favorite things) but I did enjoy seeing all of the amazingly decorated tents. These people are dedicated!!

The AOII's had a tent!
On the way into the stadium, we noticed that the security people were taking up the Bama fan's shakers---excuse me??? Apparently you can't take in shakers with "stick" handles, which was troubling because of course those are the BEST shakers and the only kind we had. Forrest smuggled ours in in his large jacket pockets (sorry Ole Miss, but there was NO way I was parting with my shakers, even though they cost like 50 cents) and all was right with the world. A little boy in the ticket line behind me was crying because he had to give up his shaker---poor little guy!! If you watched the game, you know that even though Old Miss got up on Bama 7-0 right at the beginning, it was a ridiculous beat down of 7-52. Forrest kept saying "52 unanswered points!!" That kind of domination made the game very exciting to see. I usually get bored at a blow out game but we just looked so powerful! The 3rd quarter was probably the most fun quarter of football I have watched in a long time. Despite the couple in front of us who felt the need to stand the majority of the game (I just don't get that---I mean, there is no need to stand if it isn't an exciting play--have some respect for everyone around you!) we had the BEST time!!

Can you read the score???


Our last road trip of the season (excluding the bowl game, of course!!!)
After the game the traffic was a disaster (which was surprising because nearly all of the Ole Miss fans cleared out very early and only Bama fans were left) so we sat outside the cars in our tailgating chairs (me wrapped in a blanket--it had gotten COLD) for an hour telling college stories until the traffice died down. Then we went with the Hayes to IHOP before turning in at our hotel. On Sunday we got up early again to make it home in time for Farrah's dad's bday party and for us to make it to the Spanish Mass at our church. Afterwards, we went to pick up Ruffles from my parents' house and ended up staying and eating lunch with my mom. Then we went home and slept the afternoon away (despite good intentions of taking a walk and cleaning up the house). When I woke up I had 7 texts---what a surprise---our friends Jonathan and Denise had gotten engaged!!! We are SO excited for them and I am just busting to hear the details of their big day. That puts the Baileys up to 3 weddings so far next year! Bring them on!! You know we love nothing more than a good wedding! After settling down after the excitement we went back to mom and dad's for our regular Sunday dinner. Ribs and potato salad and baked beans? Yes please! We hung around watching the replay of the game for a while before heading home. Despite the long nap I was ready to rest and chill out. Can you blame me???
I hope you all have a fun week ahead! Please be praying for Forrest--he takes the last of his boards at the end of this week and he would really appreciate your support!! If he passes this, then he just has to graduate and he will be a dentist! Hooray!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was Homecoming weekend at UA, which means we get to see lots and lots of friends! Before we headed down to the game on Saturday, we had dinner with our friends Julie and Lance Smith Friday night at the Courtyard. Julie is a dentist and Lance is a lawyer so we have lots and lots to talk about with them! Our dinner was wonderful and we had the greatest time catching up with them and hearing all about their sweet baby Henry! On our way home we went by our friends Trey and Holly's new house to check it out. I was super impressed with their "man cave", as was Forrest. Whenever we move, a man cave is high on Forrest's "must have" list!
On Saturday morning Forrest informed me that we were NOT taking Ruffles with us to the game, and I was less than impressed with that decision! Ruffles stays in the house all day but we were going to be gone too long for her to do that, so he planned on leaving her in the fence with Sonny. WHAT!!?? Ruffles didn't take to this very well!! It was actually a great day weather wise I knew she would be ok, I just couldn't believe that Forrest was making her be a "real dog" for the day, since she usually comes to Ttown with us. Of course, while wandering around, we saw lots of people with their dogs, which made me sad we didn't have her with us! Our first stop was to the Lambda Chi house to hang out with Forrest's fraternity brothers. He was the President and I was the "Sweetheart" one year so I used to feel like I knew everyone at the house. Well, now I feel old because other than Forrest's friends, I knew no one! They were all so young!! Besides that, we had a great lunch and we did get to see lots of friends whom we haven't seen in ages! Next, we headed over to the AOII house to sniff out some sorority sisters. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone that I knew there either! Sad day!! I was so hoping to run into lots of girls but I must have been earlier than anyone. Oh well, maybe next home game!! Since we got done at AOII earlier than expected, we went back to my sister's house to chill out before the game. Some of my dad's fraternity brothers came by and were telling tales, so we were glad it worked out so that we could listen!! Then, it was on to the Stadium Club for dinner before the game. By this time I had definitely eaten more than necessary!! The game was awesome--of course. Our team is totally dominating this year and it makes for very exciting games! I hope we can continue it!!!

Happy Homecoming!!
After the game we hung around a little while before heading back home with Justin and Farrah. When we pulled in the drive way, the dogs started barking like crazy. Well, when Forrest let Ruffles out, she came FLYING to the door and whimpered and cried to be let inside! Poor thing, she hated being a real dog all day long!!
On Sunday, Forrest and had I one of the nicest "nothing" days that we have had in a long time. We slept in, went to the late service at church, got Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch (blueberry pancakes and a big breakfast make for 2 happy Baileys), took a LONG nap, watched TV, had dinner with my parents, and watched more tv before going to bed. Nothing too exciting, but relaxing and definitely worth it.
Thanks for checking in and I hope you all have a great week too!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the World Brooks!!!

Last night Forrest and I were honored to be able to meet our new cousin, Brooks Gardner Third! Forrest's cousin Leslie and her husband Kevin welcomed the precious little man on Saturday, October 1st. Leslie was in labor for something like 21 hours, God bless her!!! Since we were out of town we decided to wait until the Thirds were home and settled before we descended upon them. Armed with a Halloween basket full of baby goodies and a giant pan of stuffed shells, we headed to Alexandria to celebrate Brooks' arrival.
I have to say that he was the TINIEST baby I have ever seen!! He weighed less than 6 pounds and I promise you he looked like a baby doll--perfect! He let Forrest and I hold and feed him and he even "sat" in my lap and "watched" the replay of the Bama game. I'm pretty sure he will be a huge Bama fan!!

Hi little guy!

He really enjoyed sticking his tounge out at Forrest

Trying to make him smile

Brooks' big sister, Meowser. I felt like she needed a little extra attention since he is no longer the number 1 baby!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Draining the Swamp, and other things

Did you think I had gone to the Swamp and been abducted?? Sorry for the hiatus but we have been SUPER busy lately!! Here is a quick run down of last week and then I will get in to our AMAZING weekend!

-Monday: This really deserves an entire post, but FORREST PASSED HIS BOARDS!!! He is now and ALMOST Dentist!! He only has one more round of tests and it is a practical test so it is much less stress, although just as important. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and congratulations!! We are so excited to see what the upcoming year will bring for him!! I am so happy that he can settle down (and that I don't have to run home twice a day to check the mail for his results!). ALSO on Monday we went with Mom and Dad to celebrate Mom's birthday, which was the following day. It was a great way to celebrate with her AND with Forrest!!
-Tuesday: Forrest had school and meetings and I had work and meetings! We had our first Gadsden Service Guild meeting of the year and I was so excited to start the year off. This year I am the PR girl and the Editor of the Newsletter. It was a fun meeting and we were excited to welcome the new members as well as spend time with our GSG friends!

2011/2012 Gadsden Service Guild
After that I got to go to the Red Elephant Club meeting and steak dinner. Yummy yummy!

Then on Friday the fun really began!! We loaded up the Hayes and drove to Gainesville for the Alabama v. Florida game. None of us had ever been and we were SUPER excited! Once we got there we attempted to eat at our usual pre-game chain restaurant, Outback, but ALAS---the wait was an hour and a half. I was determined to wait it out (call me superstitious, but every time we eat there BEFORE an away game, we win) but I was over ruled so we went to TGIFridays (our fave place to go with Lauren and Joseph, btw). We ended up having an GREAT time, thanks in part to our awesome waiter, Zach. He thought Farrah was pretty funny for calling us "Pajama Party of 4" and it all went from there. I will say that the 3 course combo meals that we all had were delicious and very well priced. Overall, 4 stars out of 4 for TGIFridays!!

We heart Zach
Saturday was GAME DAY!!! It wasn't until late so we had all day to roam the campus. It was SO big and I got a Jersey Shore vibe most of the day, but over all it was very nice. The Florida fans were very welcoming and didn't yell at us or anything. There were a few comments made about our "pom poms" (shakers), but they don't use them there so I am sure they are just jealous! :)  I was so glad to be able to check another big time stadium off our list! After lunch at Chipotle, we met up with Forrest's fraternity brother "Turtle" and then walked ALL the way across campus to meet another brother, Edward. We hung out inside of a fraternity house until the Arkansas/ Texas A&M game was over and then made the long trek back to the stadium. On our way we passed an OUTBACK tent giving away free bites of steak AND coupons for a free dinner. SCORE! We were able to eat Outback before the game after all!!!

Once we got back to campus we met up with the Hayes' friends, the Painters, at their RV. It was SUPER nice and they let us hang all afternoon and eat their delicious bbq. They even let me invite my parents, who flew in for the game that day. They instantly became my new bffs!! While relaxing at the RV, Farrah and I decided to help Edward find a ticket for the game since he wasn't having any luck.

Proof of WHY he wasn't having any luck. This Gator is Karen Hatfield (like the Hatfields and McCoys, she said) and she was a majorette for FLA years ago. She was fun, but less than helpful at ticket purchasing. Edward clearly agrees.
Well, we didn't find him a ticket, but we did find Paul Finebaum, sports talk radio extraordinaire!! We ALWAYS find a celebrity!!!

After watching the end of the AU game, we headed into the stadium (which was very Neyland Stadium-esque, if you ask me). We were surprised at how great our seats were--ROW 14!!! Now, most people would say they were horrible because they were in the corner of the end zone and you couldn't see the action unless you turned all the way to the right, AND they were next to the band, AND once the game got to the 50 you couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening so you had to watch it on the jumbotron. Me? I thought they were AWESOME!!! We were so close and I LOVED being next to the band AND the tunnel that the team ran out of. I cheered and danced the whole game and never sat down!! It was a wonderful atmosphere, but I was still nervous. Florida always has a great team and really fast running backs AND their coach is very well respected. On the first play of the game, they got a touchdown and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Forrest and I looked at each other like "Uh-oh--this is going to be a long game" and I was contemplating if it would just be better to go back to the car---I did NOT want to lose in that place! Fortunately, we had little to worry about, as our team stepped up and TOTALLY dominated those Gators!! It was such an impressive win and it was SO fun to be there cheering on our team!!! It ranks up there with the best games I have ever been to, including the UA v. FLA game of 2005. If you were there, you know. Anyway, we could not have had a better time and we were both so happy that we decided to go!!

We had a long ride a head of us on Sunday but with such a dominating performance by the Tide the night before, it was really hard to care! After Mass in this teeny little church in Stark, FLA, we made the long ride home (during which I slept nearly the entire time--I was exhausted from cheering on the Tide!).  We spent a relaxing night at home unpacking, putting the house back in order (being so busy the week before had thrown me off my housekeeping game) and getting rested for the week, which was a must because this week is just as busy as the last one!! More to come!! Hope you are all busy with fun stuff too!!! Happy nearly fall!!!
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