Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Draining the Swamp, and other things

Did you think I had gone to the Swamp and been abducted?? Sorry for the hiatus but we have been SUPER busy lately!! Here is a quick run down of last week and then I will get in to our AMAZING weekend!

-Monday: This really deserves an entire post, but FORREST PASSED HIS BOARDS!!! He is now and ALMOST Dentist!! He only has one more round of tests and it is a practical test so it is much less stress, although just as important. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and congratulations!! We are so excited to see what the upcoming year will bring for him!! I am so happy that he can settle down (and that I don't have to run home twice a day to check the mail for his results!). ALSO on Monday we went with Mom and Dad to celebrate Mom's birthday, which was the following day. It was a great way to celebrate with her AND with Forrest!!
-Tuesday: Forrest had school and meetings and I had work and meetings! We had our first Gadsden Service Guild meeting of the year and I was so excited to start the year off. This year I am the PR girl and the Editor of the Newsletter. It was a fun meeting and we were excited to welcome the new members as well as spend time with our GSG friends!

2011/2012 Gadsden Service Guild
After that I got to go to the Red Elephant Club meeting and steak dinner. Yummy yummy!

Then on Friday the fun really began!! We loaded up the Hayes and drove to Gainesville for the Alabama v. Florida game. None of us had ever been and we were SUPER excited! Once we got there we attempted to eat at our usual pre-game chain restaurant, Outback, but ALAS---the wait was an hour and a half. I was determined to wait it out (call me superstitious, but every time we eat there BEFORE an away game, we win) but I was over ruled so we went to TGIFridays (our fave place to go with Lauren and Joseph, btw). We ended up having an GREAT time, thanks in part to our awesome waiter, Zach. He thought Farrah was pretty funny for calling us "Pajama Party of 4" and it all went from there. I will say that the 3 course combo meals that we all had were delicious and very well priced. Overall, 4 stars out of 4 for TGIFridays!!

We heart Zach
Saturday was GAME DAY!!! It wasn't until late so we had all day to roam the campus. It was SO big and I got a Jersey Shore vibe most of the day, but over all it was very nice. The Florida fans were very welcoming and didn't yell at us or anything. There were a few comments made about our "pom poms" (shakers), but they don't use them there so I am sure they are just jealous! :)  I was so glad to be able to check another big time stadium off our list! After lunch at Chipotle, we met up with Forrest's fraternity brother "Turtle" and then walked ALL the way across campus to meet another brother, Edward. We hung out inside of a fraternity house until the Arkansas/ Texas A&M game was over and then made the long trek back to the stadium. On our way we passed an OUTBACK tent giving away free bites of steak AND coupons for a free dinner. SCORE! We were able to eat Outback before the game after all!!!

Once we got back to campus we met up with the Hayes' friends, the Painters, at their RV. It was SUPER nice and they let us hang all afternoon and eat their delicious bbq. They even let me invite my parents, who flew in for the game that day. They instantly became my new bffs!! While relaxing at the RV, Farrah and I decided to help Edward find a ticket for the game since he wasn't having any luck.

Proof of WHY he wasn't having any luck. This Gator is Karen Hatfield (like the Hatfields and McCoys, she said) and she was a majorette for FLA years ago. She was fun, but less than helpful at ticket purchasing. Edward clearly agrees.
Well, we didn't find him a ticket, but we did find Paul Finebaum, sports talk radio extraordinaire!! We ALWAYS find a celebrity!!!

After watching the end of the AU game, we headed into the stadium (which was very Neyland Stadium-esque, if you ask me). We were surprised at how great our seats were--ROW 14!!! Now, most people would say they were horrible because they were in the corner of the end zone and you couldn't see the action unless you turned all the way to the right, AND they were next to the band, AND once the game got to the 50 you couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening so you had to watch it on the jumbotron. Me? I thought they were AWESOME!!! We were so close and I LOVED being next to the band AND the tunnel that the team ran out of. I cheered and danced the whole game and never sat down!! It was a wonderful atmosphere, but I was still nervous. Florida always has a great team and really fast running backs AND their coach is very well respected. On the first play of the game, they got a touchdown and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Forrest and I looked at each other like "Uh-oh--this is going to be a long game" and I was contemplating if it would just be better to go back to the car---I did NOT want to lose in that place! Fortunately, we had little to worry about, as our team stepped up and TOTALLY dominated those Gators!! It was such an impressive win and it was SO fun to be there cheering on our team!!! It ranks up there with the best games I have ever been to, including the UA v. FLA game of 2005. If you were there, you know. Anyway, we could not have had a better time and we were both so happy that we decided to go!!

We had a long ride a head of us on Sunday but with such a dominating performance by the Tide the night before, it was really hard to care! After Mass in this teeny little church in Stark, FLA, we made the long ride home (during which I slept nearly the entire time--I was exhausted from cheering on the Tide!).  We spent a relaxing night at home unpacking, putting the house back in order (being so busy the week before had thrown me off my housekeeping game) and getting rested for the week, which was a must because this week is just as busy as the last one!! More to come!! Hope you are all busy with fun stuff too!!! Happy nearly fall!!!

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