Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was Homecoming weekend at UA, which means we get to see lots and lots of friends! Before we headed down to the game on Saturday, we had dinner with our friends Julie and Lance Smith Friday night at the Courtyard. Julie is a dentist and Lance is a lawyer so we have lots and lots to talk about with them! Our dinner was wonderful and we had the greatest time catching up with them and hearing all about their sweet baby Henry! On our way home we went by our friends Trey and Holly's new house to check it out. I was super impressed with their "man cave", as was Forrest. Whenever we move, a man cave is high on Forrest's "must have" list!
On Saturday morning Forrest informed me that we were NOT taking Ruffles with us to the game, and I was less than impressed with that decision! Ruffles stays in the house all day but we were going to be gone too long for her to do that, so he planned on leaving her in the fence with Sonny. WHAT!!?? Ruffles didn't take to this very well!! It was actually a great day weather wise I knew she would be ok, I just couldn't believe that Forrest was making her be a "real dog" for the day, since she usually comes to Ttown with us. Of course, while wandering around, we saw lots of people with their dogs, which made me sad we didn't have her with us! Our first stop was to the Lambda Chi house to hang out with Forrest's fraternity brothers. He was the President and I was the "Sweetheart" one year so I used to feel like I knew everyone at the house. Well, now I feel old because other than Forrest's friends, I knew no one! They were all so young!! Besides that, we had a great lunch and we did get to see lots of friends whom we haven't seen in ages! Next, we headed over to the AOII house to sniff out some sorority sisters. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone that I knew there either! Sad day!! I was so hoping to run into lots of girls but I must have been earlier than anyone. Oh well, maybe next home game!! Since we got done at AOII earlier than expected, we went back to my sister's house to chill out before the game. Some of my dad's fraternity brothers came by and were telling tales, so we were glad it worked out so that we could listen!! Then, it was on to the Stadium Club for dinner before the game. By this time I had definitely eaten more than necessary!! The game was awesome--of course. Our team is totally dominating this year and it makes for very exciting games! I hope we can continue it!!!

Happy Homecoming!!
After the game we hung around a little while before heading back home with Justin and Farrah. When we pulled in the drive way, the dogs started barking like crazy. Well, when Forrest let Ruffles out, she came FLYING to the door and whimpered and cried to be let inside! Poor thing, she hated being a real dog all day long!!
On Sunday, Forrest and had I one of the nicest "nothing" days that we have had in a long time. We slept in, went to the late service at church, got Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch (blueberry pancakes and a big breakfast make for 2 happy Baileys), took a LONG nap, watched TV, had dinner with my parents, and watched more tv before going to bed. Nothing too exciting, but relaxing and definitely worth it.
Thanks for checking in and I hope you all have a great week too!!

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