Monday, October 17, 2011

Ole Miss and Other Things

Happy Monday all! Hope you all had a great weekend like we did!! First, I need to telll you about our awesome Thursday night at the St. James School $10,000 Give Away. This was our second year to go and just like last year, the party did not disappoint. This year, however, our Young Marrieds group at church went together and we had a blast. The 10K is the school's largest yearly fundraiser and it really is a great party. Me, my brother, and sister all went through the school and my mom taught there for something like 12 years. Needless to say, it is a cause near and dear to my heart! The 10k is not only a reverse drawing for $10,000, but they also have a silent auction, bingo, and a raffle for a mini fridge stuffed with steaks and a wagon full of alcohol. There is also dinner AND an open bar! Who would not want to go to this party???? While we didn't win the big bucks (although our friends the Paynes got fairly close and Jay got in the last 12 tickets!) we did have an awesome time! Forrest was tearing up the silent auction, as per his usual. I swear he loves nothing more than a silent auction. He did stress me out by "uping the bids" on several items that I did NOT want him to win, including a PUPPY (can you believe my self control at not leaving with that dog??), but it all worked out in the end. He won a fancy pants wine bottle opener (much better than the crappy one we have from IKEA--although we LOVE Ikea!), a 3 month gym membership including free hydro-massage, AND, his most favorite score of the evening, a personal reserved parking spot at the church, with our name on it! Now we won't have to build extra time into our leaving for church routine for parking space hunting, which thrills him.
The next day I had to drop Ruffles off for her "spa day". She was in terrible need of a good bath, hair cut, and nail trim and since it is such drama when we try to do those things ourselves, we bit the bullet and made her an appointment. Now, you may remember that we had drama the last time we took her in for grooming because they SHAVED her, so I was very nervous that it would happen again. I did, however, take a picture of her after the shaving and told the groomer that under NO circumstances was I to return to a dog that looked like the one in the picture. I must say that they did a GREAT job on her and she looks perfect---still shaggy but much neater!
On Friday I also had a lot of cooking to do for the weekend. I had already made some "Cowboy Caviar" for us to take to the ball game the next day, but I still had some cupcakes to do AND I was bringing a dessert to dinner at the LeBlanc's that night.Thank goodness Forrest got home a little earlier than expected because I was flying around the kitchen like a crazy person and really needed a second set of hands to help witht the cupcakes. Of course, he shamed me by being a much better cupcake filler (I had bought the box mix of "Fun-da-middles" cupcakes that you fill with cream) and better cupcake icer than I could ever hope to be. Who knew he was so talented with sweets??? That night we had a wonderful time at the LeBlanc's. Shannon made some delicious shrimp and asparagus risotto and everyone LOVED my dessert. Forrest said it was one of the best desserts I had ever made, which made all that crazy running around worth it.
The next day we got up BRIGHT and EARLY to head over to Oxford, MS for the Bama game with the Hayes. We met Jay, Claire, Ellen, and Nelson, in Tupelo and caravaned the rest of the way. The 8 of us had planned a tailgate, which I had really been looking forward to and which was why I was cooking like crazy this week. While we weren't in the Grove, we did have a great parking spot and enjoyed the afternoon hanging out together.

Our super classy tailgate

Forrest's perfectly decorated cupcakes (I did the sprinkles)

Our tailgate group!

Before the game we did make it over to the Grove, which was totally crazy. It was SO packed with people which made me pretty nervous (crowds are not my favorite things) but I did enjoy seeing all of the amazingly decorated tents. These people are dedicated!!

The AOII's had a tent!
On the way into the stadium, we noticed that the security people were taking up the Bama fan's shakers---excuse me??? Apparently you can't take in shakers with "stick" handles, which was troubling because of course those are the BEST shakers and the only kind we had. Forrest smuggled ours in in his large jacket pockets (sorry Ole Miss, but there was NO way I was parting with my shakers, even though they cost like 50 cents) and all was right with the world. A little boy in the ticket line behind me was crying because he had to give up his shaker---poor little guy!! If you watched the game, you know that even though Old Miss got up on Bama 7-0 right at the beginning, it was a ridiculous beat down of 7-52. Forrest kept saying "52 unanswered points!!" That kind of domination made the game very exciting to see. I usually get bored at a blow out game but we just looked so powerful! The 3rd quarter was probably the most fun quarter of football I have watched in a long time. Despite the couple in front of us who felt the need to stand the majority of the game (I just don't get that---I mean, there is no need to stand if it isn't an exciting play--have some respect for everyone around you!) we had the BEST time!!

Can you read the score???


Our last road trip of the season (excluding the bowl game, of course!!!)
After the game the traffic was a disaster (which was surprising because nearly all of the Ole Miss fans cleared out very early and only Bama fans were left) so we sat outside the cars in our tailgating chairs (me wrapped in a blanket--it had gotten COLD) for an hour telling college stories until the traffice died down. Then we went with the Hayes to IHOP before turning in at our hotel. On Sunday we got up early again to make it home in time for Farrah's dad's bday party and for us to make it to the Spanish Mass at our church. Afterwards, we went to pick up Ruffles from my parents' house and ended up staying and eating lunch with my mom. Then we went home and slept the afternoon away (despite good intentions of taking a walk and cleaning up the house). When I woke up I had 7 texts---what a surprise---our friends Jonathan and Denise had gotten engaged!!! We are SO excited for them and I am just busting to hear the details of their big day. That puts the Baileys up to 3 weddings so far next year! Bring them on!! You know we love nothing more than a good wedding! After settling down after the excitement we went back to mom and dad's for our regular Sunday dinner. Ribs and potato salad and baked beans? Yes please! We hung around watching the replay of the game for a while before heading home. Despite the long nap I was ready to rest and chill out. Can you blame me???
I hope you all have a fun week ahead! Please be praying for Forrest--he takes the last of his boards at the end of this week and he would really appreciate your support!! If he passes this, then he just has to graduate and he will be a dentist! Hooray!!

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