Monday, October 24, 2011

Third Weekend in October

You all know what that means: TN weekend! Hooray!!!
Let me back up first. This week was very stressful at the Bailey house because Forrest was preparing for his last round of boards. These were the "practical" boards, where he actually performed dental work on real teeth! To prepare, he stayed late at school practicing all week long, so I was alone a lot. I did get lots done on my own, including sending out the Service Guild Newsletter. I had to keep myself busy or I would have been too nervous thinking about his test! He left on Thursday and was in Nashville until Saturday. He should find out today if he passes: CROSS YOUR FINGERS!! I feel sure that he will pass, but the waiting is torture!
While he was in Nashville, I actually had lots of fun things planned. I feel a little bad that I was out and about and he was up there in test mode!! On Friday night I went to the Autumnal Ball at the Country Club. Forrest and I had been invited as new members this year and I hated not to go since we paid anyway. Plus, lots of our friends were new members this time as well, so I knew I would have lots of friends to hang out with. The best part of the night was the BREAKFAST! I love dances with breakfast at the end--I mean, who doesn't like breakfast foods? They also had a pancake and waffle station. I was really disappointed that Forrest was there to enjoy that.

Chaos trying to get all these girls to look at one camera!
Kelly, Holly, Jenny, Amy, Claire, Frances, Claire
Catherine, Me, Kelly, Alie
Yes, that is 2 Claires, 2 Kellys, and 2 Catherines!
On Saturday my parents picked me up at 9am for the ballgame, which wasn't until 6pm but we like to get there early! We stopped at Brunos and imagine my surprise when they had a Blue Bell truck handing out free cups of ice cream. 2? Don't mind if I do! We also celebrated the grand re-opening of the Taco Casa on 15th Street. This was one of the buildings that took a direct hit from the tornado. Luckily, everyone inside was ok, but the people in the surrounding buildings weren't so lucky. We eat Taco Casa every game day and the re-opening was kind of like a symbol of hope in Ttown, like, the rebuilding is going and everything is going to be ok. Maybe that sounds kind of silly, considering it is a fast food chain, but in situations like this, you gotta hold on to something, right??
I spent the afternoon hanging out with many many friends! Hooray!!!

Like my roomie for life, Molly

And the new Mrs. Dean!!! (Yes, she is a TN fan and yes I still love her)

And Randi and Deborah!! What a fun reunion!
The game was NOT so much fun during the 1st half, but after half time, it seemed like our team realized they were actually playing football, and kicked it up a notch! I have to admit, it always feels great to beat TN!! ROLL TIDE!!! Now we have to get ourselves psyched up for LSU. 1 v. 2. Duh duh dun!!!!!!! Oh I am already so nervous I can't stand it!

Surprise! I ran into Wendy at the game! Love her and miss her LOTS!

Since Forrest couldn't be there, MMM got to sit with us.
On Sunday Forrest and I decided we needed to take separate cars to church because we had planned to go eat lunch with his parents and then he and Davis were going biking and I had a baby shower. I left for church first and after about 20 minutes of sitting alone, I got pretty worried about the whereabouts of my husband. I text him and he said that the back tire of his bike fell of while he was driving down the mountain from our house--oh no! He looked for an hour and still couldn't find it. I decided to run home after church to see if I could help and on the way, I found the tire! It was right where I suggested it might be--in the yard of someone at the bottom of the hill. Thankfully they had found it and put it next to their mailbox, making it easy for me to spot! Hooray! I saved the day! Forrest was so relieved!
We had a great chili lunch at his parents' house and then the boys scurried off to ride and I had to head to Kate Tang's baby shower. Although it was Auburn themed (hehehehe) it was so beautiful! She got some gorgeous things for baby Xavier and I can't wait to meet him!
The rest of the day was kind of a wash--grocery store, a quick nap, and dinner at my parents before going to bed early. Forrest and I are both so tired and we still have not recovered from our respective weekends! I don't think there is much rest for the weary, as we have lots more on the horizon. Hope you all have a great week!!

Fun pic to leave you with: Sonny's Halloween costume! He is a banana split! He did not care for the banana hat!

*****UPDATE~Just heard from Forrest--he PASSED!!! Hooray! Thank you all for your support and prayers!!*******

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