Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the World Brooks!!!

Last night Forrest and I were honored to be able to meet our new cousin, Brooks Gardner Third! Forrest's cousin Leslie and her husband Kevin welcomed the precious little man on Saturday, October 1st. Leslie was in labor for something like 21 hours, God bless her!!! Since we were out of town we decided to wait until the Thirds were home and settled before we descended upon them. Armed with a Halloween basket full of baby goodies and a giant pan of stuffed shells, we headed to Alexandria to celebrate Brooks' arrival.
I have to say that he was the TINIEST baby I have ever seen!! He weighed less than 6 pounds and I promise you he looked like a baby doll--perfect! He let Forrest and I hold and feed him and he even "sat" in my lap and "watched" the replay of the Bama game. I'm pretty sure he will be a huge Bama fan!!

Hi little guy!

He really enjoyed sticking his tounge out at Forrest

Trying to make him smile

Brooks' big sister, Meowser. I felt like she needed a little extra attention since he is no longer the number 1 baby!

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