Monday, October 31, 2011

A Year of Weddings, in Review

This has been the year of the wedding for the Baileys! Basically, since May, we have had something to do every weeekend, and most of those somethings included weddings or football games. I love nothing more than a good wedding. The presents, flowers, dresses, everything!! I really don't understand how you couldn't like a good wedding, myself. Anyway, my sister was asking me how many weddings we had been to this year and if you count the 1 in December 2010, we went to a grand total of 11! Also, we had to miss 2 (sorry Chris and Tammy and Gus and Amy--we love yall!), so that would have brought our total to 13. If you are keeping track, we already have 3 on the agenda for next year!! Here is a recap of our best friends' weddings!

Kendall and Chris. I thought she looked so beautiful!!! The country club has never looked better and her "Christmas in a Glass" dish was a huge hit (with me, anyway!)

Mr. and Mrs. Wills with our law school girlfriends Shelley and Jennifer. Sarah looked stunning!!
Laurie and Bradley, Forrest's fraternity brother. We loved their reception venue--Smith Hall in Ttown!
Me and Becka the lovely bride. We loved going to PA for Frankie and Becka's big day!
2nd Lambda Chi wedding of the year.
Brittany and Jess, another Lambda Chi! They had an awesome fireworks show and we partied it up, college style to Azz Izz!
Isn't my sorority sister Amelia's dress stunning? This is my favorite pic from her wedding day, even if it is of her back side!
Dental School friends Strud and Allison. They gave out toothbrushes as favors--too cute!
Road Trip buddies Farrah and Justin's big day!! When the got back from their honeymoon, they moved in down the street from us!
All the AOII"s at Ashley and Cliff's wedding. They had some pretty amazing lobster macaroni and cheese that I never want to forget!
Another law school wedding for my sweet sweet friend Jennifer, the new Mrs. Dean! I was so honored to be a bridesmaid on her big day!
Last but not least, Zach and Kelly--the last Lambda Chi wedding of the year (or at least, that we are attending)
We were so honored to be a part of our friends' special days!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for each of you!


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