Monday, October 31, 2011

Zach's Wedding Weekend

Although no one had been looking forward to this past weekend more than Kelley, Forrest and I had also been anxiously awaiting Zach and Kelley's wedding. On Friday I rode down to Montgomery with Jay and Claire (Forrest was reading in the wedding so he left from school early to get to the rehearsal on time) to the rehearsal dinner at the Governor's Mansion. Yep, you read that correctly--the actual Governor's Mansion! Zach and Kelley both work for Governor Bentley and he was gracious enough to host the dinner in the mansion. I was a little disappointed that the only rooms we were able to see were the dining room and the bathroom, but I supposed for matters of security, they couldn't let us run wild around the house. We feasted on a wonderful bbq dinner and afterwards Zach and Kelley's close friends gave told funny and sweet stories that had me in tears. Afterwards, we went to Wes and Taylor's apartment for the "after party". They live in a building that used to be the department store where Rosa Parks worked and the bus stop that she began her journey on was right outside. The history of the building was lost on the group, however, as it party was reminiscent of a Lambda Chi party back in the day, just with cocktail attire! It was so much fun to see old friends and as usual the girls were left alone while the guys talked "guy stuff" or whatever they do. It is a good thing that all of us "Lambda Chi girls" like each other!

Powder room in the Governor's Mansion. I felt it warranted it a photo!

Forrest, Me, Jay, and Claire with the Governor
While the rest of the group spent the night in Montgomery in the Renaissance (where, coincidentally, the entire Auburn football team was staying before the game. I can only imagine how that went down with our die hard Bama group), Forrest and I drove to Selma to stay with his grandmother. We definitely don't get down there as much as we should, but this was the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with Nana Frith! Thanks to her, Saturday was one of the best days ever! I slept until about 9 when Forrest came in to tell me that he had picked up Jack's for breakfast. After eating and chatting for a while my head started to hurt so I decided to lay back down until the headache passed. Forrest had been up early so he wanted a quick cat nap as well. At 11:45, we woke up!! How lazy were we! Then Nana Frith treated us to lunch at Grumbles. Basically, by 1pm, all I had done was sleep and eat! What a fabulous day!
We got to the wedding a little early, which was wonderful because the neighborhood around the First Methodist Church was beautiful and historical! We love old houses so Forrest and I enjoyed driving around the neighborhood picking out the best aspects of each house. If we ever build a house, we will have a pretty detailed "must have" list!! The church itself was magnificent and the wedding ceremony was beautiful. Kelley wore and ivory lace tea length dress and mint green heels with one of those cute nets in her hair. She was stunning and her wedding outfit was so "her". She and Zach were both fighting back tears during their vows and you know I didn't handle that well! I'm such a sucker at weddings! After the wedding we made our way (after getting lost--ooops) to the Wynfield Estate for the reception. Apparently this is the only other home owned by the State and belonged to the Blount family. Now, don't quote me on that, because some one told me that story, but I wouldn't imagine anyone would make that up. The estate itself was lovely. I was freezing all night because the reception was mostly outdoors, but we had such a great time it was hard to worry about that. We love you Zach and Kelley and wish you all the best!! I am trying to find time in our schedule to go out with all of our Lambda Chi friends in Birmingham. Hopefully I can make that happen soon!!
Strawberry cupcakes! Yuummmm!

With the happy couple!

Fraternity friends

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