Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

This weekend was packed with fun, starting Thursday. My dad celebrated his 55 birthday that day, and I am a little sad to say that we didn't really get to do much for him on his actual. Mom and I went to my cousin Sara's pageant and OMG was she not gorgeous???

Ignore me, I look awful


I made her show her shoes---now I'm thinking I need to borrow those beauties!
The real celebration was planned for Saturday in Tuscaloosa for Bama's last home game of the season. My brother was coming into town for the game with Laura and since his birthday is the 20th and my dad's was the 17th, we celebrated with them both. I went by myself (well, with Ruffles) because Forrest was doing a bike ride with Davis, but even so, it was a nice day and even nicer to get to be with the fam for such a fun occasion! We spent time in the stadium club and then went into the stadium early to watch Senior Day. We were so excited to cheer on our Gadsden boy, Jerrell Harris. He has been a great player and I hope we get to see him in the NFL soon!!

Ruff is game ready!!
Celebrating Roy's bday, Stadium Club style
(Don't you think it is unfair that I am the shortest, yet oldest??)

On the Jumbotron with his mom and Coach Saban

Davis posing for the camera during their ride
I left the game after half time (we were beating GA Southern but we looked terrible so I left earlier than planned) so I could get home for dinner at the Bailey's. They were doing a big Italian themed send off dinner for Uncle Tommy and Aunt Karen and I didn't want to miss it! While dinner was delicious, the highlight of the night was getting to see baby Brooks! OMG--he didn't look like the same baby to me! He has grown SO much!! We spent the most of the night watching football and after it was all said and done, we realized Bama would definitely be back in the number 2 spot! We just have to win one more game and we should be on our way to the National Championship!! Hooray!! Fingers crossed!!! With all the football going on, I totally forgot to take pics!!
Sunday was a lazy but fun day for us. After church, we went to the Bailey's again for lunch. I left to get some shopping done and even met Mom at the Peppermint Pony for their open house. I LOVE Christmas open houses, probably because of the cider, but I also LOVE seeing all the fun Christmas decor!! Forrest spent the day working on the headboard he is making us. I won't say anything more than that---it is going to be so cool when he finishes and I promise I will post pictures!! We also had dinner with my parents and we celebrated Dad's birthday with him. All in all it was such a fun weekend full of family. Now we are geared up for Thanksgiving this Thursday! Woohoo!!

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