Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catch up

I have had a few people ask me why I haven't posted in a while. Well, honestly I had nothing good to say about the first weekend in November (we will get to that) and so I didn't say anything at all!!  :) After that weekend I have just been so busy at work that I haven't had posting time (which it is always good to be busy at work). Anyway, here in my very favorite form (bullet points, yay!!)  Is a quick recap to get you up to speed!! (It will actually probably be long and I have very few pics…I am warning you in advance!!
* Monday October 31: Halloween! We did not make a big deal out of Halloween this year. In fact, we really did nothing! We never get trick or treaters so I don't decorate or buy candy, although this year Farrah's nephew came and one of the ladies at my office, Cathie, brought her grandson so I bought them cookies. Now, they told me in advance they were coming so I was prepared…otherwise I would have had nothing! After the last one left I took a shower and Forrest went to get himself a Frosty. I usually would have gone but I was too cold for one so I stayed. Bad idea. I had forgotten to turn off the porch light (although no uninvited people ever come so it seemed unnecessary) and when I got out I heard kids at my door. They were ringing the door bell which doesn't work, but then I heard their parent telling them to knock louder! The dogs went crazy and then I had to go with my wet hair and tell them I didn't have candy! I was so sad that I didn't have anything for them but kind of annoyed that they came after 8 to a non trick or treat neighborhood, AND that their parent made them continue knocking. Anyway, I learned my lesson and will be prepared next time!  Sorry kids! I owe you!

* This week was also Forrest's fall break and boy did he deserve it!! He got in some good relaxation time as well as some much needed yard work. We even got to go to lunch one day and breakfast another!

* On Thursday my office called to tell me my uncle was sick and the judge wouldn't continue his case and I had to do it for him. Blind, basically. I had to try half of a case (they had done the other half a few months ago) that I knew nothing about on my own. It was crazy but I think I did ok!! I had time to get familiar with the facts and just dove right in. The sweet client even brought me a present the next day!!

* We were also invited to eat at the Smith's house that week. Julie is a dentist and Lance is a lawyer so we have a lot in common!! They are amazing cooks and made Italian pot roast and risotto and even let me "brulee" the creme brulee. We had a great time hanging out and seeing their lovely new home and meeting their precious baby boy Henry!

*This was also the lead up week to the Gadsden service guild rummage sale, our group's largest fundraiser. In addition to working my shifts, I got to be on 2 morning radio shows. I was nervous at first but ended up loving it! Forrest got to hear me on Friday and said I was excellent!!  :)

* Saturday we went to ttown for the game. We lost. It sucked. We got home at 3am. That sucked too. That is all I have to say about that.

I did run into my sweet friend Chantae, who is Dre Kirpatrick's (#21) sister. My friends Deborah and Jennifer came to visit me too. I'm just sad the game turned out the way it did!
* On Sunday we were exhausted but managed to get to church, lunch at the Bailey's, and dinner at my parents. Then, it was time to get ready for yet another crazy week. More to come!!!

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