Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SNAKES in the basement??

No, that is not a bad movie title, it is true!!! Oh dear gracious where do I begin? Well I went home a little early yesterday to get ready to go to Birmingham with our friends the Smiths. They were picking me up at 4 and we were leaving right away to meet Forrest so I was in a little bit of a hurry when I got home. I went in the basement to get food for Sonny since we would be getting home late and after I shut and locked the door I turned around to see the cats (who were napping upstairs when I got home) sitting very still and staring at something. I was like "oh great, they got another lizard and I am here all by myself and have to catch him--gross!" Every now and then little salamander lizard things get in the basement and the cats chase them and we have to rescue them and put them outside. I am no fan of these lizards but they are harmless and so long as they don't wind up on me, I just want to rescue them from certain death by cat. I was not looking forward to catching him on my own, as that is Forrest's job. We actually had to catch one over the weekend so I was a little annoyed that another fool lizard tried his hand at coming inside so soon! Well as I got closer I thought to myself that it was an awfully big lizard and whoa, maybe it is a snake, but I talked myself out of it because really, why would a snake be in my house. Mind you, the overhead lights are off because the windows are letting in enough light to let me see to get around, but not to see this creature from far away. Well, on my way across the basement, the "lizard" raises his snakey head and I realize that in fact, it is a snake!! AHHHH! Well about that time Brownie hauls off and slaps the snake in the head. Take that!!! Well then snake coils up like a rattle snake and I lose it. I started screaming like a maniac and clapping at the cats to make them run away. I managed to scare Stella upstairs but Brownie wasn't moving from that snake. I had to dive to pick her up (over the snake, might I add) and she was NO happy camper. She scratched my hand and wrist up pretty badly and was fighting me to put her down but I didn't know if it was a poisonous snake or not so I was not taking any chances. I got them safely upstairs and called Forrest (yes, he was an hour away at school but it seemed logical at the time). When he answered I totally lost it--crying, screaming, the works. I hardly remember what he was saying other than "let the cats kill it" (um, no), "just leave it and I'll take care of it when I get home" (super NO) and "why don't you quit crying and call someone---anyone--that can come help you" (BINGO---he is so wise and calm under pressure). He actually called Davis while I called Justin who was unfortunately working in Lincoln and not able to trot across the street to come save me (although, he said he could come straight there and bring his pistol--no thanks). Davis called and said he was on his way and then I figured I better go make sure the snake was in the same place. I had decided I would throw a laundry basket over it to make sure it didn't hide among the stuff down there and was really proud of how brave I was being. Well, snake was not in the same place and I lost it all over again. This time I called my dad and his response was "how big was it" (not important---it is alive) and "well I will call the exterminator" (no time for that). Ugh---well at this point I text Julie and Lance to say I needed extra time because of my unwanted visitor and Julie said the magic words: "Lance is a great snake killer--we are on the way!" HOORAY!!! Well I was muy embarrassed that the Smiths saw my untidy house and disaster of a basement, but I am SOO glad they came to help me! Lance found the snake under the kayak and used a spade to chop its head off (right in front of me--more screaming ensued). By the time he got it cleaned up Davis had arrived (sorry I forgot to call you off the scent, Davis) and he got a good look at it. Turns out, I had a 2 foot long friendly rat snake in the basement. The cats apparently could and would have killed him and were in no danger, but I didn't know that and was not about to leave it up to them. I mean what if he got away from them and took up residence in my house??? Needless to say, I am not very comfortable with going in the basement right now and didn't sleep well last night. Forrest is going to do some snake proofing and hopefully this will be the last time this happens! Luckily, snakes are nothing to him (an inconvenience, like running out of staples, is what he told me) and he isn't scared so he won't be worried and rattling around in the basement trying to figure out where snakey came from. We have no idea how he got in, but so long as no snakes ever try to get in again, I will be ok. (well, sort of)

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