Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Prepare yourselves for a very long post!!! We had such a great week and I don't want to forget a minute of it!! It all started Tuesday night when my brother came home from ATL. We went to my mom's to eat pizza and hang out with him for a while. Then on Wednesday while I was at work Forrest and Roy played in their annual "Turkey Bowl" touch football game. Oh I get SO nervous when they do this. I mean, I don't really believe that they are all that safe when they are out there!! :) I know they had a lot of fun though!!
Thursday, of course, was the big day: Thanksgiving!!! Who doesn't love Thanksgiving?? It is all about eating, spending time with family, and thinking about all that you have to be thankful for---doesn't get much better than that!! I was in charge of the deviled eggs this year, which was STRESSFUL because my Aunt Susan's mom usually makes them and they are AMAZING. I had lots to live up to!! When I volunteered to take them over it was only because I wanted to use my cute deviled egg dish, but didn't realize what pressure I had brought upon myself!! ALSO new this year was that the Baileys spent their Thanksgiving with us at my parents'!! It was so nice to have both families together, and while it was sad not to see Mrs. Bailey's family in Selma like we usually do, it was kind of nice to spend the whole day together without being rushed. We will make it up at Christmas, though!!! Davis also brought his mentee from the Community College, Chris, to experience his first Thanksgiving. He is from Ghana and has already attend his first college football party with us a few weeks ago so we were delighted to host him for Thanksgiving!!!Over all, the day was just fantastic!!! The food was delicious (my eggs were ok--they needed to be a little creamier, I think) and of course so was the fellowship.  Once Forrest and I left to go home, I was dead set on taking a Thanksgiving nap, but he convinced me to take a "quick walk" around the neighborhood. This walk was NOT so quick, but it was super fun because we ended up running into our new neighbors and walked with them. We really haven't had time to get to know them which is a shame so we were so happy to get to hang out with them. They are both doctors from India and have invited us over for Indian food! I have NO spice tolerance so this should be interesting!!! Our street is really becoming so much fun. We have lots of young neighbors that we love and of course, we have all of the crazy neighborhood dogs to keep us company!! Speaking of, we also hosted Sullivan, our neighbor's Golden, all of Thanksgiving week while they were out of town. He really missed his family a lot and kept going to their house and barking to be let in, but after a while, he got used to being a Bailey. He even made friends with Stella!! 
After our walk, Forrest had a surprise for me: he had rented The Godfather. Now, my brother and Forrest make fun of me because I haven't seen the majority of the movies they deem as "must watches" and the Godfather was at the top of their list. I have to say, minus the horse head and all the bloody parts, I loved it. My mother's family is Italian (looking at me you would never know, though) and I LOVED all of the Italian traditions and references they included. Plus, most of the actors looked like they belonged in my mother's family!! :)
Friday was also a fun fun day!!! Forrest played golf with Roy and our friends Gusty Gulas and Daniel LeBlanc, which I got to straighten the house and get ready for our annual Old Piano Party!!! (Do you think I got the raw end of that deal!!). For the past 3 years we have had some of our "college" friends over for dinner after Thanksgiving since most of them are from Gadsden. I say "college" because we knew almost all of them before college too! Last year was the first year we had our piano and after dinner Jay went to check it out and it turned into an all night sing along, thus earning the party the name "Old Fashioned Piano Party". Jay and Claire and Katie and Gusty were able to come this year and we feasted on pork tenderloin, beer mac and cheese, salad, beer bread (an apparent theme in the meal), and a delicious pumpkin dump cake made my Katie. Also Claire brought an adorable and delicious cheese ball! After dinner we were eager to get to the singing portion of the evening. Jay's ability to play ANY song by ear did not disappoint. We started off getting him to play some AOII songs, since Claire, Katie, and I are all sorority sisters. It was so funny to hear us blasting "The Rose" at the top of our lungs (other AOII's, you would have been proud!!). We sang everything fro Adele to Counting Crows to TV theme songs. Finally, at about 12:45, everyone realized it was late and we called it a night!! Once everyone was out the door Forrest and I started cleaning up. While he was doing dishes I went around collecting glasses and wine bottles---7 wine bottles later, I understood why we had all become such marvelous singers!!! What a fun fun night!!!

Mmmm, beer bread!

Claire's adorable cheese ball!!! Isn't she talented?

Ridiculous mess I made in the kitchen--not my best day!

Christmas trees and wine bottles--very nice

Katie and Jay trying to work on some Disney songs
On Saturday, obviously, we slept REALLY late!!! However, there was no rest for the weary--it was IRON BOWL day!!! I whipped up some fundamiddles cupcakes (because as Claire would say "they have icing INSIDE them") and we headed over to Jay's to watch the game with him and Claire, Lauren, Patrick and Anna, Justin and Farrah, and our sweet new friends the Le Blancs, who brought precious baby Eloise!!! All of us non-parents were concerned that a baby would not adjust well to our group, considering we were going to be screaming at the tv the whole time. Well, she was fantastic!!! She slept the whole time and didn't mind us cheering or passing her around. I can safely say she is definitely a football baby!!! The whole afternoon was super fun, especially because we creamed Auburn!! Hooray---that never gets old!! Because we won, now we are probably heading to the National Championship to have a rematch against LSU!! Who would have thought? (Well, my dad did. After LSU beat us he kept saying everyone else would lose and we would have a rematch and all of us thought he was crazy. Who's laughing now??) Of course, I am DYING to go to the game, not only because it will be amazing, but because it is right around my BIRTHDAY and you all know how much I love celebrating my birthday!!! We shall see!!!! After the game we had hamburgers and hot dogs with my parents and Justin and Farrah before crashing!!!
Sunday---yes, there is MORE!!! Sunday after church (we got to bring up the gifts!) we went to my grandparents' in Birmingham for our Ross family Thanksgiving. We of course had WAY WAY WAY too much food, but can there ever really be too much Thanksgiving food? Too much equals leftovers (which we've eaten off of all week!) We love going there to celebrate because all of my Birmingham aunts, uncles, and cousins come and it is one big, crazy, Italian family Thanksgiving (with turkey AND spaghetti--although not together).  We also get to draw names for Christmas presents, which I always look forward to! This year was extra special because we got to go see Stevie and Melissa's new house!! Oh it is SO huge and awesome! I can't wait to see it all set up at Christmas.
Whew! Are you tired after reading that?? I am, but I also feel very very blessed to have been able to spend so much time with the people that mean the most to me! It was also just nice to have Forrest in the same city as me, all day long!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!!

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