Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bal d' Or 2011

 This year, Bal d' Or was the Friday before Christmas. It made things a little hectic, but as always, we had so much fun! Pics below!!

Bal d Or was on the same night as the "Annual Christmas Party", hosted by Laura this year. We made an appearance before, and then showed back up afterwards. This is Kendall, Laura, and me!

Forrest was asked to run the spot light this year. He did a great job!

The Hayes were our guests again this year. Farrah and I had a blast dancing all night!

Sweet girl friends!
Amy, Farrah, Kelly, and me

Me, MMM, and Mom

All of the Supper Club girls. I can't believe we are all so grown up!!
Sarah (UA Law), Paige (UAB Dentistry) Holly (Vandy Law), Susan (UAB Dentistry), MMM (UA Senior), Hannah (Samford Law), Rebecca (UA Grad School), Me

Me and my forever roomie Molly! Can you believe we did Bal d Or together 7 years ago???

Molly, Holly, and I on our Bal d' Or night in 2004!


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