Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time is Here!!!

I hope you all read that in your best Charlie Brown singing voice!! Christmas is upon us and I am SO NOT READY! Not that I am not excited, but I just don't have as much finished as I would like!! I am currently sitting in my office surrounded by bags of gifts that I am hoping to wrap this afternoon. Thank you speaker phone!! I feel really behind this year so hopefully I can catch up today. We have had so many fun things to do that I haven't had time to bake or wrap, which I am not saying is a bad thing!!
Last week was SO much fun! On Tuesday we had book club and as a treat we did a dirty santa with books! Everyone brought a book they had already read (not a book club book, obviously) so it didn't cost anything but it was still really fun! Poor Catherine L got her books stolen about 5 times! We also did a Christmas Jar this year, and I was so glad to be able to get it for my nominee. I will be presenting it to him this week and I know it will make such a huge difference in his life. If you haven't read the book the Christmas Jar, you definitely have to!
On Wednesday night Forrest and I attended the Dental School Tacky Christmas party! I had the BEST sweater, thanks to Justin and Farrah, and Forrest wore his Bad Santa outfit from a few  years ago. It was really warm that night so we got to sit outside and enjoy being with our friends. The party was a Julie's house and OMG it was fantastic! She showed me her costume room, which blew me away! We stayed late and had a blast!!

Friday night was the annual Santa Claus dance. I LOVE when Forrest gets to wear his Santa suit, and I think he does too! This year, I had a surprise. I had the bridesmaids dress that I wore in Lauren and Joseph's wedding remade into a Santa dress! I thought I was too adorable!! Before the dance we went out to eat with Justin and Farrah and Jay and Claire. Then, it was off for a a fun fun night!!! The pictures below speak for themselves!!

Some of the book club girls and Jay!
Kate, Farrah, Claire, Brandi, Kelli
Kelly, Jay, and Me
Saturday was a big day for me: I got a new car!!! If you know me, you know that I have been driving the same car since my daddy bought it for me when I was 15 1/2. (1999). It was the best little car and once I got married it was such a blessing: I never had to pay any payments and since it was my dad's, he handled all the other incidentals. Thanks Daddy! Well, we had decided that the time had come to get a new one and so we went to see my cousin Stevie at King Acura Wednesday before the party. I had no intention of getting one now, I was just in town and figured I'd drive it just to see. Well, it was great! Honestly though, so long as it looks cute and drives well, I don't have high standards for cars. I didn't even really care about the color until they practically made me have an opinion (which was a mistake---they had to get real specific after that!!). They were able to work everything out so that I could get it now, so I said YES!! I picked it up on Saturday by myself (while Forrest did lovely things like clean out the gutters) and was beyond excited. I did feel like I was leaving my other car at the pound--sad!! Claire reminded me the night before that "cars don't have feelings" so that made it easier--haha! I spent a lovely day in Birmingham having lunch with Aunt Fran and Mimi, Christmas shopping (which is why I have tons of bags in my office now) and going to Mass. I probably had a million tiny hear attacks driving the new car around town. I was so scared that I would get hit or someone would hit me!!

Saying good bye!

Hello new car!!
On Sunday, we went to church in Duck Springs and it was SO much fun because we got to sing lots and lots of Christmas carols. :) Afterwards we headed to Huntsville to see our sweet friends Lauren and Joseph and their baby boy Hudson, whom I haven't seen since right after he was born. I was having so much fun driving my new car, that is, until I got pulled over! I have only ever received one ticket so I was mortified. The officer was really sweet and told me all about driving school (haha, which of course I know everything about--he didn't realize I am a judge). I honestly had NO idea what speed I was going, which is I guess where the problem lies, but my old car vibrated when I got to a certain speed and the new one didn't! Of course, everyone laughed at me all day, but I guess I have now learned a valuable lesson in the need to use cruise control!!!
Despite the ticket, we had a fabulous day with the Pucketts. Lauren prepared a tasty lunch, complete with the BEST mashed potatoes ever (Pioneer Woman, I'm there!), and we had a blast playing with baby Hudson!!

Trying to open his present from us.

Who knew books tasted so delicious!
That night we had dinner with my parents and then decorated Christmas Cookies! We were just like little kids! Forrest actually was pretty good at it (those steady dentist hands are handy in all sorts of situations) and everyone, even my dad, got into it. I hope that is a tradition we can keep going!! Also, mom and MMM had found a little present for Ruffles, which she loves!!!

Cookie Mayhem

Some of my creations

Forrest's masterpieces

Ruff loved her Miss Claws dress! She is still wearing it!
Wish me luck on my wrapping today---I will feel 1000% better if I can get that taken care of! Merry Christmas too all!

***Also, if you would, please pray for my sweet friend Kristen. She was in a car accident and sustained a head injury. It looks like she is going to be fine, but it will be a long road to recovery. Thanks!***


  1. So much fun! Is one of Forrest's cookies Spongebob Squarepants?!

  2. Yes! He was making fun of my cookie shapes. It was really a present but he said it looked more like Spongebob. Isn't he charming??


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