Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Tour, 2011

We have had so much fun this Christmas season! It seems like we have been just going and going! Last week was no exception. On Monday I had "tea" with Alana, Paige and Susan. What a fun girls' night!! Tuesday was Alie and Michael's Christmas Party which is always a blast. On Wednesday night, Forrest and I had dinner with our friends Emily and Kyle Battles. We went to high school with them and Kyle has just taken a position in Gadsden as a dentist! Then on Thursday night, Farrah hosted us and our neighbors at their house for an Italian supper. It was so much fun to get to spend time with our sweet neighbors! We laughed and laughed til way after 10!! Then on Friday we had our Christmas lunch at McCord and Martin (and exchanged gifts--hooray) and then went on to Bal d Or and the Annual Christmas Party that night. Whew!! Could you keep up!? If that wasn't enough, the real fun started on Saturday, Christmas Eve, when we officially began the Bailey Christmas Tour, 2011.
We started the day with lunch at Aunt Jan's. Seriously, Forrest and I have been counting down the days until Jan's famous 4 layer dessert. After stuffing ourselves, we swung by the Bailey's house to say hi to Mrs. Bailey who was feeling under the weather, and then hurried back to town for Christmas Eve Mass with my family. I was SO excited to get there and be able to sit right behind the Le Blancs. I haven't seen Eloise since the AU game and OMG has she grown! It was so much fun to get to watch her during her first Mass! After Mass, it was off to Aunt Sue and Uncle John's for Christmas Eve dinner and presents!!
Girl cousins at Aunt Sue's

After eating way to much for the 2nd time that day, we headed back out to Duck Springs to Aunt Susan and Uncle Bruce's for a very Bailey Christmas. I was so excited to get to see baby Brooks, who just keeps growing! He was ready for bed when we arrived, but he did get to open his CAT book we gave him, which he of course loved! :)
After snacks and presents at the Bruce Bailey's, we went up to Forrest's parents' house to open family presents. This year, instead of going to Selma, Selma came to Gadsden, so Forrest's grandmother and Aunt Carol were there, as well as our cousin Aaron. We had so much fun opening gifts, and thankfully, NOT eating any more!!! We actually went back by my parents' on the way home to spend a little time with my brother since we haven't seen him much over the break. Then it was home to bed!
Hooray for Christmas Day! We woke up at a dead sprint and rushed to my parents' to open presents with them. We had a yummy breakfast and lots and lots of gifts for all!!

Ruff wondering why there are no more presents
Then we all packed into the car (in between bags of gifts and food) and went to Birmingham for the Ross Family Christmas. Again, we ate and ate and ate! We had lasagna this year, as well as ham, tenderloin, turkey, and I think one more meat! We opened presents and then attempted to squeeze in some dessert before the annual stair step pic!

A sea of presents at the Ross's!

Cousins by age: Stevie, Me, Roy, Ashley, Andrew, MMM, Greg, Ebie, JuJu, Joseph

And now the actual stair steps. I will forever be the first step, now that Joseph made a 4 person jump!
Once we were home, we went back out to Duck Springs for treats at the Baileys again. At one point, I felt so full and tired I had to lay my head down on the table!! WHAT A DAY!!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!
You would think that all of that "Christmas-ing" would have us laid out yesterday, but not us! We spent the day after Christmas exchanging clothes that were too small and shopping at the outlets in Leeds. I got 4 new pairs of shoes--yay!! Over all, Christmas was wonderful and I can't believe that it is already over!! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday together and are getting excited for the New Year! I know we are!!

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